Minerva Crafts Blogger Network

Minerva Crafts Blogger Network

Welcome to the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network

Welcome to the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, a collection of amazing bloggers from across the world. The people we've chosen for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network represent a cross-section of crafting stars! Some are completely new to the world of craft and have amazing new ideas with a fresh perspective, whilst others have a lifetime of knowledge to share. No matter where they fall, their enthusiasm for sewing, knitting and craft inspires us and we hope it will inspire you too.

How the Blogger Network Works

Every month each blogger creates a 'wish list' from the 1000's of craft products on our website that they would love to work with. We then create a unique kit designed for every blogger which are available to purchase here. The bloggers in turn get creative and wow us with their makes every month! Every project can be viewed on the Bloggers profiles below, on our craft community website Look What Ive Made and on each bloggers own blog respectively.

To be considered as a future Minerva Crafts Network blogger, please send an email to network@minervacrafts.com with a link to your blog. The network has launched with predominantly sewing bloggers but please note we are open to knitters, crocheters, embroiderers, paper crafters, quilters, jewellery makers, pretty much crafters of any kind!

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Meet the Bloggers
Lounging In Style Pyjamas by Amy

Amy (Almond Rock)

Hi, I'm Amy and I was a fool. For years I convinced myself I wouldn't be any good at sewing until I finally bought a machine in 2010 and realised what amazing fun it is. I love giving myself a challenge by sewing with a variety...

March Matryoshka Skirt by Amy

Amy (That's Sew Amy)

My name is Amy and I run the That's Sew Amy blog. I have been sewing on and off since I was 6 years old but became totally obsessed with it summer of 2012. I feel like sewing gives me a way to express my creativity and accomplish goals...

Bow Blouse by Anna Prato

Anna (Paunnet)

Hi! My name is Anna and I'm from Italy. My grandma and my mother are both seamstresses, so sewing is in my blood, but I only began making my own clothes 7 years ago. My style is feminine and girly with a touch of vintage. I don?t have any favorite fabric...

Hollywood Bag by Annette

Annette (Minerva Crafts)

Hello, My name is Annette Ormerod. I am the retail director of Minerva Crafts, a family run business in Darwen, Lancs. Most days you can find me in the Minerva Craft Centre where I spend my days serving and helping customers, organizing workshops and all the...

Felix the Fox by Charlotte

Charlotte (Mushaville)

Hello! My name is Charlotte and I run the blog Mushaville. I've been a crafter for as long as I can remember and love everything from candle making to wood work to decoupage. I'll try my hand at anything once but always come back to sewing as one of my...

Sequin Hanger by Claire

Claire (Heart Handmade)

I'm a blogger, crafter and all things pastel coloured. Everything I make is usually for my home or to be used in my home. I have a passion for interiors and home accessories are a love of mine. I own more blankets than could ever be possibly needed and I'm sure I...

Day to Night LBD by Clare Szabo

Clare (Sew Dixie Lou)

Ever since I was young I have always loved making things. Fast-forward to 2006 and I learnt to make a simple A-line skirt and never looked back. My biggest achievement to date was to make my wedding dress from scratch. I love 60s fashion, bright and bold...

Dibs (Miss Dibs)

I love sewing dresses, which is strange because I was quite the tomboy growing up. When I am not sewing, I spend my time devising ways of concealing my ever expending fabric stash from my husband. I am addicted to fabric shopping, and I have gone as far...

Emmie B
Animal Instinct Dress by Emmie B

Emmie B (My Oh Sew Vintage Life)

Hi, I'm Emmie! I have wanted to sew and create my own clothes all my life, but I kept putting it off until a year ago. Now I don't know how I lived without it! I dress in a vintage style, and sewing gives me the freedom to create the looks I want (at a price I can...

Tribal Print Jacket & Bag by Erin

Erin (Seamstress Erin)

Hi! I'm SeamstressErin. I Sew-Knit-Quilt-Craft-Needlework and blog about it at SeamstressErin.com. I live in San Francisco and am finishing up my Ph.D. in biochemistry. I look at every day as another chance to play dress-up. I love bright colors...

Jane (Handmade Jane)

Hi, I'm Jane. I've been sewing since 2009 and am now at the stage where I make most of my own clothes. I love fitted, vintage styles, especially from the 1940's and 1950's. I have a great weakness for gingham, polka dots and retro floral prints, as well as red and navy...

Cosy Crochet Cushion by Jo

Jo (Three Stories High)

Hi I am Jo. I am a crafter, any craft, I like to try as many different things as possible. I write a blog called Three Stories High about what I make because I make something everyday - it could be knitting, crochet, sewing, card making or something completely new...

Liberty Lawn Scout by Joanne

Joanne (Sew Little Time)

Hi, I'm Joanne. After trying out a variety of crafts since i was a child, I started garment sewing in 2012 when I discovered the world of sewing blogs. All these clever people were making these gorgeous clothes that fit perfectly and i wanted in...

Leopard Print T-Shirt by Kathryn Green

Kathryn (Yes I Like That)

Hi, I'm Kathryn, and I write the blog Yes I Like That, which is all about sewing, fashion, and trips to the V&A. I read a whole lot of sewing blogs, and I love being part of such a friendly community. I like bright colours and bold prints, and my greatest sewing...

Peacock Archer Shirt by Katie

Katie (What Katie Sew's)

I'm a London-based freelance web designer by day, amateur but enthusiastic sewist by night. I only started sewing seriously earlier this year when a pattern-making class at Ray Stitch ignited my interest...

Katie Betty
'myboshi' Beanie Bundle by Katie Betty

Katie Betty (Crafty Crafter)

Hello All! I'm Katie Betty, Jewellery Maker and all around general crafter. If it's D.I.Y., I love it. If it's thrifty, I adore it! In my blog I'll be sharing some thrifty tips to help you become crafty with your crafting...

Pinstripe Dress by Laura

Laura (Behind the Hedgerow)

If I had to sum up my style of sewing in 8 words they would be: beauty, function, colour, texture, classic lines, modern design, small subtle details, and clean finishes. If you allowed me more than 8 words I would tell you that my name is Laura and I'm the...

The Almost Designer Wrap Dress by Lizzy

Lizzy (Sew Busy Lizzy)

Hi I'm Lizzy of SewBusyLizzy and live in Australia! I live in the gloriously beautiful Port Macquarie about four hours drive north of Sydney. My town is nestled on the east coast of Australia with oodles of beaches, koalas (sometimes in my front or back garden!) and...

Chinese Satin Kimono by Louise

Louise (Sew Sensational)

I'm Louise, I'm 25 and I live in the North of England! I'd describe myself as a sew-er, knitter, stitcher, crafter, baker, cutter & sticker and budding seamstress who loves nothing more than burying her head in yards and yards of lovely fabric....

Toiletry bags for Teenagers by Lucie

Lucie (Love Lucie)

I am Lucie. I'm a full-time working mother of a soon-to-be-teenager and a partner of a soon-to-be-husband. In between I love to craft. I cannot sit without something in my hands to sew, crochet, knit, sketch, cut etc. This has become something of an addiction. In fact...

Jumpin' Polka Dots by Maria

Maria (How Good Is That)

G'day. I'm Maria (Velosewer) of How good is that? and live in Australia. Being part of the Minerva Blogger Network is a real honour. I love to sew a lot and bike ride. Sometimes these two interests collide in a fun way of course. I've always sewn because I like...

Faux Quilted Leather Skirt by Marie

Marie (A Stitching Odyssey)

I accidentally 'discovered' sewing at the end of 2009 and I've been hooked ever since! Despite being inexplicably attracted to bold colours and busy prints, thankfully I do sometimes succumb to elegance. I'm endlessly inspired by the unique details only....

Albion Duffle Coat by Mary

Mary (Young, Broke & Fabulous)

I'm a 23-year-old college student and relatively a baby in the world of sewing. For years, I had been telling myself that I needed to learn how sew, and then last year I finally made it happen. To my mother's chagrin, I dug her old sewing machine out of the closet and...

Stars Dress by Nicole

Nicole (Nicole Needles)

'Hello!' fellow sewists, knitters, crocheters, and anyone else who has a go at anything involving fabric, needles, yarn and the like! I've been sewing on and off for about 30 years. I come from a family of diy-ers...

Rachel Pinheiro
Jersey Dress by Rachel Pinheiro

Rachel (House of Pinheiro)

Brazilian born, I'm highly opinionated and energetic. Unlike many, I'm 'new' to the sewing world, although my grandma used to sew my passion wasn't stimulated until 3 years ago when I got a sewing machine for Christmas. When I'm not sewing fashionable outfits I...

Cosy Burda Dress by Sam

Sam (A Little Of What You Fancy)

Hi I'm Sam (well actually Samantha, but almost no one calls me that). I've been blogging for just over a year at "A Little of What You Fancy", but I've been sewing for almost all my life. I've dabbled in many different crafts over the years, but sewing and knitting are my...

Shivani Atkinson
Quilted Overnight Bag by Shivani Atkinson

Shivani (Pins & Needles)

I'm Shivani and I started sewing and blogging in 2011. I've done a little bit of quilting and some other types of textile crafting, but sewing is my main love. I love sewing with cotton ? in particular lawns and voiles. I'd describe my style as "classic casual", and as I often...

Cobalt Dress by Stevie

Stevie (Beebee's Vintage Dress)

Hi I'm Stevie, Blogger at Beebee's Vintage Dress. Self Confessed Fabricaholic, I live near Brighton UK in a little house with a very energetic pug. I've been sewing since 2006 and love dressing in my own style. I adore working with Jersey and Cotton Sateen has to...

Sock-sessful Magic Loop Socks by Stevie

Trina (Will Cook for Shoes)

Greetings from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada! I'm Trina of Will Cook for Shoes, a lifestyle blog that covers everything from bassets to baking to knitting to sewing, and even (just recently) to spinning! Ever since I can remember I have been one of those people who...

New Look Dress by Vicki

Vicki (Minerva Crafts)

Hello! My name is Vicki Ormerod and I am the sales director at Minerva Crafts. I've loved textiles, art and craft for as long as I can remember. In fact the house where I first lived was a knitting shop that my mum and dad owned ? I think this means I was destined...

Winnie Longhurst
Retro Lawn Blouse by Winnie

Winnie (Scruffy Badger)

Sewing is for me. Filling my wardrobe with me made clothes is my mission. Give me the chance to put an individual twist on something I make and I will. I'm an adorer of fitted vintage styles, with defined waists & cute details but also strive for a stylish easy life and...