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#FabricFriday - Spanish Tweed with Faux Leather

Surely we can start talking about our spring wardrobe. Yes of course we can! Just take a look at this Fabric...
Is that gorgeous or what? Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered a Simplicity Sewing Pattern (No 1324). And yes when I've looked at the pattern again this fabric fits the bill! 
But what to put with it for the trim? The pattern suggests a Faux Leather Fabric. I must admit I have never sewn in faux leather but would love to give it a try. Have any of you lovely fellow sewists got any tips for me? I would love you to share them with me. 
And so I think our burgandy Soft Faux Leather teams perfectly with the chosen tweed.
Last but not least the top calls for a jersey fabric and I thought ivory would look nice. One of my favourites is the Revue Jersey Fabric and here is two photo's of all three fabrics together. 
This next photo is showing the wrong side of the tweed fabric. I think this also looks good.
Just to throw a spanner in the works how about John Kaldor Isabella in claret. This is our stunning Jersey Fabric that has a wool feel and indeed has got 20% wool in it. So put next to your skin under this beautiful suit...what more could you ask for?!
Until next week my sewing buddies,
Annette xx

#POW Pattern of the Week - McCalls 6803

Now this is quite an interesting sewing pattern
Firstly because it is a cardigan that is sewn. Lots of people don't put the two together, they usually think of knitted cardigans. And secondly I love that there are 3 different styles of pocket to suit all levels of skill. The first pocket is the old faithfull patch pocket. 
The pattern envelope shows design A in a diamond check fabric. I know this is only a drawing but don't the pockets look wrong? I feel the checks should always be lined up but if you can't for whatever reason then try cutting them on the cross as I've suggested in the past.
View B has pockets that are sewn into the side seam. These are quite useful if you have a very busy pattern and feel that patch pockets could give a confused look to the pockets. And on that point these would be ideal for check fabrics.
The third style of pocket is a welt pocket. These are harder to sew so maybe for the more experienced sewer or you could set yourself a challenge!
My favourite fabric for this cardigan would have to be Ponte Roma. How many times do you wish you had a plain coloured cardigan to go with that certain dress. It was fine in the summer months but now in the midst of winter you need that extra layer over the dress. Lets say for instance you need it in turquoise. You haven't time to knit one, you've looked on line and you've searched the shops. Well for a few hours sewing you could have one. Look at all these brilliant colours.
I recently talked about fleece fabrics for fabric friday. Fleece Fabric would be absolutely superb for this pattern. Or how about Sweatshirt Fabric? This fabric has the most glorious soft underside and would feel fabulous against your skin.
This is a really quick sew pattern. All the bands I.e - cuffs, bottom and front band are just folded in half and sewn on with just the one seam. For those of you that have an overlocker even quicker! 
Design C has elbow patches although you wouldn't think so at first glance at the pattern. These are made out of a contrast fabric. However I would use our Elbow Patches. Most of these are iron-on and there are lots of designs.
I love these star patterned ones!
Just before I finish for today how about this idea. Make all the bands in a contrasting fabric eg ponte roma. Quite a busy fabric with plain bands would look good. If you are not feeling happy about sewing the welt pockets how about just sewing on the welt itself, in other words an imitation pocket. You could still sew the pockets within the seam. Or how about 2 shades of ponte roma and use buttons the colour of the main fabric. Endless possibilites!
Until next time happy sewing
Annette x

#FabricFriday - New Look 6315 Inspiration

Hi Everybody! 
I've just sold New Look pattern 6315 to one of our lovely customers in the Minerva Craft Centre and I just love how they have used purple and black fabrics together. I thought I will use this pattern to guide me through some fabrics for fabric friday!
I immediately thought of this Fabric. This is a gorgeous all-way stretch jersey with a lovely drape and handle. It would lend itself perfectly to this waterfall neckline of this cardigan/jacket.
The pattern is straight forward and I must say I like how they have constructed the waterfall neckline. Sometimes waterfall necklines are made using a single layer of fabric but this is not always suitable because the wrong side of your fabric shows within the waterfall effect. In this pattern two layers are used (facing) and there is also a facing band used on the hemline. When finished this will add weight to the garment and will make it hang better. 
I love the idea of co-ordinating fabrics and especially how they look on this pattern, so I have chosen a heavier weight jersey for the trousers. This as you probably know is one of my favourites... Ponte Roma!
The trousers are very easily constructed. The fronts and backs have darts. A band is then attached round the waist in which elastic is inserted. The finished trousers are quite fitted due to the darts etc and the elasticated waist is just to make sure you can get them on and off. As you will now gather there is no zip. (The skirt is constructed in the same way).
What can I say about the top apart from this is super easy. I have chosen our John Kaldor Isabella Jersey Fabric in shade Violet
This is 72% viscose, 20% wool and 8% elastane. It is described as a 'Wool feel knit' and yes it feels fabulous. I've put the three fabrics together to get a feel for how they wood look...
And yes I am liking hehe!
I was going to end this blog post for now but I've just thought of another combination for this pattern and had to share it with you!
For the jacket I have chose n this gorgeous soft touch Jersey Fabric
There is no wool content in this fabric however it certainly has a wool feel to it. It is described as being wonderfully soft and melts in your hands. Because of its softness it has a lovely drape and would be perfect for loose fitting and unstructured styles. 100% perfect for this jacket! 
Although you could use the contrasting fabrics as before I am now thinking to make the trousers in purple ponte roma fabric as is matches really well and the top in another John Kaldor Fabric which is called Roanne in Amethyst. 
I am sure you will be thinking "they are both purple, why not the same fabric for both". The jersey for the top would be too lightweight for these trousers. Likewise the ponte roma is a superb weight for the trousers but maybe a little too heavy for this top if it is being worn with this jacket. 
Just think you could mix and match all these fabrics and don't forget the skirt pattern too!
Happy Sewing,
Annette xx

#POW Pattern of the Week - Butterick 6028

I just love, love, love this week's Sewing Pattern of the week!
These trousers are semi-fitted, tapered at the bottom with a mock waistband at the front and an elasticated back. The fly fastening is in fact a mock fly fastening which indeed looks like the real thing but is much easier to sew. There is a seam down the back of each leg which is top-stitched to match the side seams. Overall quite an easy sew and very stylish. 
Looking at the cream trousers I am drawn towards our Gaberchino fabric which as the name suggests is a fabric inbetween gaberdine and chino. It has a twill weave, is non stretch and machine washable. It comes in 16 colours but my favourite for this pattern of the week would be Beige, Brown, Ivory or Khaki. 
Winnie (aka ScruffyBadger) made some trousers in this fabric a little while ago for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. I love her choice of colour and it shows how perfectly suited this fabric is to trousers.
The next fabric I would recommend is Our Vintage Style Floral Stretch Cotton Fabric. If you picture these trousers made in this fabric the style seems to have a vintage style and look to it. There are 2 colours, blue and fushcia or pink and lavender. They are both beautiful and remind me of a summer day.
My last fabric choice to share with you is our Aztec print stretch cotton Fabric!
This reminds me of the fabric used on the pattern. It is an aztec design, again is a stretch cotton and comes in 2 colours. Multicoloured 1 leans towards oranges with a little turquoise thrown in whereas multicoloured 2 leans towards turquoise with a little red and black thrown in. Pretty cool or what!
Until next time my fellow sewists
Annette x

#FabricFriday - Simplicity 1699 Inspiration!

Hi Everyone!
Well it's Fabric Friday again. Where do the weeks go? I know it is still pretty cold but I thought I would group some fabrics together that make me think of spring. 
I had in mind pattern Simplicity 1699. It is quite a versatile pattern for a dress, top, trousers and a jacket.
The first fabric I have in mind is this gorgeous cotton cord print. The background colour is ivory and the stand out colours are peach and black.
On looking at the pattern it is pretty obvious that the dress would look good in this. With needlecord, as with all cords, you must cut all the pieces the same way.This usually requires a little more fabric. When you run your hands first one way then the other it isn't very obvious with this particular fabric which way the pile runs but I would still advise cutting the same way. I would also advise to make a small alteration on pattern pieces 8 and 9. Piece 8 (the front skirt) is placed on the fold and piece 9 (the back skirt) against the selvedge. My recommendation is to draw a new grain line down the centre of each piece. This offsets the pieces to a different angle as in my drawing.
Because we will now have a seam down the front we need to add 15mm (5/8") onto the front edge of piece 8 in order to give us a seam allowance. The straight of the grain now runs down the centre of the pattern piece and so must be cut accordingly. To be honest I much prefare skirt pieces cut this way, they hang much better. When skirt pieces are cut as this pattern suggests then the side seams are on the bias of the grain and can sometimes stretch a little making the skirt hang longer at the sides.
I so like the idea of an ivory lace jacket and I've chosen this beautiful rayon blend crochet effect fabric to showcase today. The shade blends perfectly with the background shade of the above fabric. 
I also love Clare Ivory Guipure Lace Couture Bridal Lace. This is a more expensive fabric but if this outfit was for a wedding then I would go for this;
The pattern suggests lining this jacket and yes it will give it some body and therefore I would recommend our anti static dress lining as the best thing for the job;
However both lace fabrics would look good not lined. In order to do this you could bind all the edges with satin bias binding.
For the trousers I have chose a black needlecord fabric which when put against the patterned fabric looks and feels really good. 
Whereas the patterned one is 100% cotton, this cord fabric is 74% polyester, 23% viscose and 3% lycra but I can assure you they go together really well. I must point out though wash them first and with one being solid black maybe seperately. The lycra in this fabric would lend itself beautifully to these trousers because there are no pockets so a good tight fit could be achieved. 
I have chose a stretch cotton fabric for the top in peach;
For the purpose of display on my original picture I chose this colour because it all blends so well. However you obviously wouldn't be wearing the dress and the top together so any colour more or less would go with black trousers and the ivory jacket (remembering that the top will show through the jacket if you choose not to line it). If wearing as an outfit, the collar could be made in the ivory lace or have a self coloured collar or even a black one. Quite a lot of possibilites with just one pattern and a small group of fabrics!
Happy New Year to all my fellow sewists
Annette xx

#POW Pattern of the Week - Vogue 8945

This weeks sewng pattern of the week has a distinct 1970's look to it mainly because of the shape of the sleeves.
And here is a picture of the line drawing for this pattern;
One of the suggested fabrics is crepe and immediately our gorgeous Triple Crepe Fabric comes to mind. This is a plain fabric that comes in 22 stunning colours. It is a heavier weight polyester crepe with a textured appearance and a slight 'give' which makes this fabric drape and sew beautifully. It is perfect for dresses and this pattern especially because of the sleeves, in particular design A. 
My second choice of fabric would be our beautiful Linear Floral Print Soft Dress Fabric.
This is a beautiful directional print so care should be taken to cut all your pieces the same way. That isn't too much trouble with this pattern as there are only 3 main pieces. There are 4 colours in this fabric. The background colours are Black, Navy (as shown in picture above), Brown and Wine. 
How about something quite striking with this stripy print Georgette Fabric;
This really does have a sixties look to it. It is a fine georgette so would need lining but a soft lining like our anti-static stretch lining would blend really well. I would leave the sleeves in just georgette and at just £1.99 from our clearance section this fabric is a must buy!
Thanks for reading,
Annette xx

Pattern of the Week Kwik Sew 2858 - Toddlers Pants, Shorts & Waistcoat Jacket

Hello All!
We've got a POW for the small people this week in the form of Kwik Sew 2858 , Pants, Shorts & Waistcoat Jacket for Toddlers!
How adorable are these? The vest is fully lined, as well as having myriad of pockets on the pants and shorts to keep the tiny ones ready for play and action at all times! Teamed with an elasticated waist this patten is pretty spot on for toddlers. As well as having recommended fabrics along the lines of CottonsTwillsLinensChinosDenims and Corduroys, you can make these outfits rough and hard-wearing as they need to be! 
For me the clear choice for this pattern is Gaberchino. Machine washable, easy to care for, easy to sew, and comes is a great range of vivid colours!
Of course you can't go wrong with an Indigo Denim Fabric! 100% Cotton, this good old fashion favourite will certainly survive though many a play time!
Now with the vest being lined, I'd be tempted to try out our light weight Rip Stop Tear Resistant Fabric. Not only for the hardiness of it, an the challenge of testing it against a hyperactive toddler, but the colours are so bright and vivid that any child would fall madly in love with it, and you'll be able to spot them on the playground a mile off!
Do you sew for children? I so, what's your go to?
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Katie B x

Pattern of the Week McCalls 6801- Dresses with Waist Gather Detail

Our POW this week is a WOW-wee what a pattern! 
An absolutely amazing Stretch Jersey dress with a gathered midriff detailing.
The samples really don't do it justice. With two main views, this pattern is really easy to mix and match. Between long and short sleeves or a Crossover Bodice you can really mix and match for a tailored look
For the plain bodice you can really let the fabric work and our Black, Lilac & Grey Viscose & Lycra Stretch Jersey would work perfectly, creating truly unique patterns throughout the gathers 
Or, for a slightly more subtle design, our Diamonds Pattern Stretch Jersey will deliver a lovely textured effect
Now if you really want to go wild, take inspiration from the pattern sketch and work that crossover bodice with contrasts of plan jersey! The John Kaldor Roanne range has the rich colours needed to pull this off
McCalls are certainly letting you all make an impact this Christmas! That gathered bodice will hide even the mot substantial food bby at the dinner table ;) a winter winner at just £4.35 this week, so get your skates on!
Remember - Sharing is caring!
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Katie B x

Orla Dress Pattern Hack in Triple Crepe

Have you seen this recent post on the Tilly and the Buttons blog?
The beautiful 'Orla' pattern by Tilly and the Buttons has been hacked into a dress by Vanessa (one of the team over at 'Tilly Towers'). It has been made in our beautiful Triple Crepe Fabric in the ivory shade.
Doesn't it look wonderful? I just had to share it with you to show how beautiful this fabric is when made up, and to show what a great pattern hack this is. If you already have the Orla pattern you could give this a try!
One more shot of the dress...
I love how the weight of this Crepe Fabric makes the dress hang. And even the ivory shade didn't need lining!
To find out how to make this, be sure to pop over to Tilly and the Buttons to read more!
Til next time,
Vicki x

Minerva Craft Club Members VIP Day!

Hi everyone,
Just a quick post today to let you know its the Minerva Craft Club Members VIP day! That means if you a member of our Craft Club, you get 20% off everything on the Minerva Crafts website (or in store too).
You can claim your discount from now until the end of Monday the 21st December (this year we have extended the offer over 3 days for you). All you need to do is add products to basket and the discount will automatically be deducted.
If your not a member of the Craft Club then this is the ideal time to sign up!
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Sign up here and stat saving straight away!
Bye for now,
Vicki x

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