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Quilting Fabrics Galore

We're all very excited here at Minerva HQ. For a few weeks bolts and bolts of gloriously colourful fabric have been paraded past our desks to Vicki's photo studio where she photographed over 1000 brand new Quilting Fabrics! The selection is truly outstanding with new lines from Timeless Treasures and Camelot Fabrics to brand new Designers such as Michael Miller and Tim Holtz! We're all so very giddy and we thought we'd share some of our favourites!
Starting with our old favourites, Camelot have some marvelous prints anyway as well as featuring free tutorials. Their Fresh Solids range is a breath of fresh air to the quilting game. The quality of the 100% cotton poplin has to be felt to be believed and the colours pop beautifully.
Their patterned fabrics are to die for, too! With Marvel and DC (Including special Wonder Woman Fabrics) prints for comic fans and Star Wars for Sci-Fi lovers, Camelot Fabrics are turning to the Geek Side (you should come, too, we have cookies).
BREAKING NEWS! Our suppliers have been in touch and due to lots of legal licensing stuff this fabric can no longer be supplied to the U.K.! We can sell what we have but then that's it! So get it whilst you can, I have ;D
Another favourite of ours is the Timeless Treasures. They have a great range of subtle, brights, traditional and funny fabrics and my top choices are a great example of that.
First up is their gorgeous Allover Butterflies Metallic Poplin, available in Turquoise, Cream, and my personal favourite Black. It reminds me of scenes from Fantasia; equal parts beautiful and dark!
Next is something I've already begged Vicki to include in my Blogger Network pack, Mustache Organic Poplin. Available in with Blue mustaches or Brown (below) this is a real winner! Especially with it's great quality.
Mustache dress anyone?
Moving on to our newer ranges, Michael Millar is a name I was totally oblivious to, until Catherine and Vicki schooled me and introduced me to the wonders of these designs! A lovely modern design, the Chrome Brush print is a great abstract design with paint brush strokes of bright or sorbet colours. My favourite is obviously the bright.
Going slightly more to the fashionable retro is the Rustique Trophey Print. Now I'm not a fan of hunting, but I am a fan of this fabric - all the style and no animals harmed! Available in four rustic shades, the Leaf Green is my personal fave.
Moving on to the cuter side of things, this adorable Camp Out Poplin. Available in three shades, this pale blue just steals my heart.
Another new face to the Minerva warehouse, Free Spirit have a great range of fabric and one that really stands out to me is their Victoria and Albert Museum collection. Working with the V&A Museum to research through their archives, this range has taken inspiration through time and place, including the Jacobean period, India and Indonesia. My top pick being their Bhandari Toraja Poplin in Indigo.
 A range that we've featured briefly before Rowan fabrics are beautifully bright, which I of course love, but what I really like about them are their Pre-Made Jelly Rolls and Fat Quarter Packs! For when you just can't make your mind up, these packs are brilliant at treats for yourself, or a gift for the quilter in your life. Trina recently made a gorgeous quilt from the red jelly roll over on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, take a look at it - it is amazing!
Another big player in the Quilting Fabrics game, Tim Holtz has some of the most unique designs I've ever seen, taking inspiration from old and new. His Eclectic Elements Butterflight stole my heart with its anatomical text book design.
Another design that takes my breathe away is the Mercentile print. I love the vintage till numbers, it reminds me of Open All Hours!
A brand spanking new range from Sew Simple, featuring some truly outstanding Marble Prints. A great way to use block colours with a bit of character, or throwing a cheeky bit of tie dye effect in to the mix!
Yes, you read that correctly. Gutermann have introduced a truly fantastic range of fabrics and their Shabby Chic designs are to die for! The Ring a Roses Long Island Rose Quilting Fabric is divine. Available in three shades, the grey is the one for me.
Tugging on my heart strings is the Lizzy's Garden Tree & Dog design. Dog and Master sitting on a bench, looking out at the beautiful garden and weeping willow in front. Too beautiful! Of the three soft shades, the soft green wins out for me.
and if there's too much to choose from, Gutermann have made some darling Fat Quarter bundles to take the touch decision making out of the equation!
So that's my run down of what's new in our quilting game! What's great is, it's only getting better! There's lots happening here at Minerva HQ so keep your eyes peels for updates!
Be sure to share your makes! 
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Sew ya later,'gaters!
Katie B xo

Q&A with Kelly of KayCeecreates Craft Blog

Hi Guys,
I recently met Kelly from KayCeecreates and her lovely blog! I asked Kelly if she would be interested in doing a Q&A for our readers, she said yes and so here we go!'
Can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?
I’m 24 & I’ve been blogging now for just 3 months & loving it. I’m all about the 1950s pin up vintage style &I love to blog about this as well as all of my creative projects.
When did you start crafting and what inspired you to start? What was your first project?
I’ve always liked crafting but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I started taking it seriously – particularly when I moved in to my first home with my other half – I wanted to kit out our home for as little & as unique as possible. My first project was a distressed TV cabinet. 
What do you love most about crafting?
I having the time to myself, I find it really therapeutic & I really love doing it! 
Who do you make things for?
I have made several pieces of upcycled bespoke jewelry for friends but at the moment most of my projects are for my home. 
What made you decide to start to blog about your crafting?
It was the main idea for my blog really; I wanted to do something besides just focusing on makeup & fashion. 
What 3 sewing or craft items/tools could you not live without? 
It’s really funny this question should come up as I have this featured on my website as my “creative essentials” 1. A Good Selection of Buttons  2. Hot Glue Gun  3.A Good Set Of Pliers 
How many projects do you have on the go at one time?
It really depends, but no more than one what I call big project & then a couple of mini ones ie, upcycling jars or bunting. 
Whats your favourite thing you have ever made?
At the moment it would be my upcycled end table – made from an old 1950's suitcase.
What is your latest WIP (Work in progress)? Do you have a photo?
My current project is coffee which I’m making from wooded crates & pallets – nearly finished! Just need to make the bottom & add the wheels! 
Do you watch TV or listen to music while you craft?
I love anything old school, Jazz, funk/Soul or Motown. I also love current stuff too, Alt J are one of my all-time faves along with Paloma Faith. 
Do you have a crafty tip you would like to share?
If it’s getting too much, too fiddly or “just not going right” put it down step back & have a cuppa & come back to it afterward! 
Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Just be yourself! It sounds so cliché but no one does “you” better than you! & also remember to take time out for yourself as well, blogging/YouTube has to my surprise really consumed my life (which I love) but it’s easy to forget you’re a human sometimes.
Thanks so much for that Kelly. If you would like to find out more about Kelly and watch her future projects evolve, be sure to hop over to her blog to find out more.
Until next time,
Vicki x

Pattern of the Week Vogue 1414 - Smart Blouse and Trousers

Hello Again Gang!
Now, I'll admit I was a bit underwhelmed when I looked at the title of this week's POW. Smart Blouse and Trousers? Really? Then I saw it. I. Saw. IT! I held my hands up, atoned for my disrespect to the Pattern House Vogue and the Goddess Minerva and began looking into this joy of a pattern.
Look at that Blouse! The Cravat effect ruffle. The floating bodice. The Grandad collar! I was in awe. Who doesn't love a bit of androgyny in the work place, right?! With recommended fabrics of Crepe De Chine, Challis, Charmeuse (think slinky fabrics) you're going to get a lovely floaty top. I'm coveting this in our Red 'Stretch' Satin Backed Crepe. It's self lined, with a gorgeous drape. Very femme fatale!
You may be fooled into thinking that the trousers aren't holding their side of the pattern up, but you'd be wrong. So very wrong!
Semi fitted with a slight taper they give just enough shape to avoid being boxy but not so fitted that it counteracts the androgyny of the blouse. 
With a curved waistband and feature pockets, this look really uses the best features of gender fashions and blends them to create a marvelous garment. With recommend fabrics of WoolCrepeGaberdineGaberchino, and Linen you can find something to suit your style. I think a no nonsense Black Gaberchino would work wonders for this look.
With it being a Vogue pattern you know the fit is going to be spot on. The cut and the attention to detail is always amazing, even with a simpler pattern like this.
So why not treat yourself to a designer pattern for just £6.50 this week?! I may start dressing like this in the office just so I can use this pattern! Though I'm sure the rest of the Office will wonder who I am and what I'd done with Katie Betty!
Be sure to share your makes! 
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Keep on Sewing on!
Katie B xo

FLASH SALE - New Look and Simplicity Patterns

Who doesn't like a nice surprise now and then?! Imagine our joy when we walked in to the offices today to the announcement of a sale on the entire range of New Look and Simplicity Patterns! We're a bit excited, and we think you should be too. Just look at the range of items on sale!
Shirts, Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, Accessories, Women's, Babies',  Dolls', Costumes, Big ones, Small ones, and some as big as your head!
There's the Amazing Fit collection of patterns, too, as well as Cynthia RowleyProject Runway and the Vintage range. Not forgetting the Very Easy and Easy patterns meaning you quickly can sew yourself a last minute sarong for your beach holiday, a new apron for the Great British Bake Off Wednesdays, or get your costume planning in for Halloween. The only thing stopping you is your own imagination because with 50% off it won't even hurt your bank account ;)
We're under strict instruction at Minerva HQ not to buy one of everything but we don't know if we can hold out the whole week so you'd better grab them up quick!

Q&A with Ashley of SewnByAshley Sewing Blog

Hi Guys!,

I recently came across this lovely blog called 'SewnByAshley', got in touch with the lovely lady who writes it and asked if she would like to do a quick Q&A so you can all find out a bit more about her! Please follow the link to her blog and you can find out more!

So here goes...please meet Ashley..

Can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?

Well, I’m freshly 30 (yikes!), and I live in Ohio. I like to think my blog is fairly accurate representation of myself, unabashedly nerdy and a bit snarky. I always try to be frank, and being able to laugh at myself and my blunders is one of my favorite traits.

When did you start crafting and what inspired you to start? What was your first project?

I like started sewing as a child, I think perhaps around 8 years old. I grew up in a very rural area of the US, and in that part of the country, something called 4h is prevalent for children. It’s kind of something to get kids involved, whether it be in farming, sewing, baking, etc. Whatever tickles your fancy. I couldn’t tell you the pattern company of my first project, but I remember I used maroon quilting cotton and black bias tape to make a simple dress. I also remember being absolutely PETRIFIED of the sewing machine.

What is your favourite craft?

Oh hands down sewing, though I’m quite the baker, if that even counts. I attempted to take up knitting, but I failed miserably. One day, though, I will conquer knitting! :)

What do you love most about crafting?

Without a doubt, my favorite part is just transforming a flat piece of fabric into a garment. There’s something magical about being a maker.

Do your friends or family craft along with you?

Amy of That’s Sew Amy and I sew together nearly every week. It’s an invaluable thing, having someone to bounce ideas off of and to help you when you’re stumped.

Who do you make things for?

I’m a single girl, so I must confess, most of my sewing is selfishly for me. I do, however, make bandanas for my doggies, and I have made a few garments for friends and family.

What made you decide to start to blog about your crafting?

I’m actually fairly new to the blogging world, having just started my blog last year. I started blogging after looking (let’s face it, stalking) other blogs for a few years. I love how supportive and helpful the sewing community is, and I just really wanted to contribute.

Do you have a favourite snack when crafting?

Oh not really, it all depends on the season. I’ve never been known to skip a meal, so there are usually always snacks at hand. Always coffee in the morning, wine in the evening ;)

What 3 sewing or craft items/tools could you not live without?

Always and forever, in order;

-Iron (I love a good press)

-Seam Gauge

-A good seam ripper, because let’s face it…you’re going to make mistakes!

What are your favourite fabrics to sew with any why?

I love cotton lawn, but the Holy Grail is stretch cotton sateen. For my person style, I tend to prefer with a bit of structure, and not so much draping and flowing. I love the lightness of cotton lawn, but stretch sateen is so forgiving.

How many projects do you have on the go at one time?

I really try to only have one project going at a time, my sewing space is teeny, so having too many things going at once creates utter chaos.

Whats your favourite thing you have ever made?

Oh that’s a tough one. I suppose I would have to say a frankenpattern dress I made, using Simplicity 1426 and the Gertie pencil skirt from her first book. I went at it without making a muslin (gasp!), and still somehow managed to make it in one day, and the fit is perfect!

What is your latest WIP (Work in progress)? Do you have a photo?

I’m currently working on a Colette Lilly dress, in polyester satin, because I am possibly insane.

Do you watch TV or listen to music while you craft?

If I’m sewing at home, I always, without fail, sew while watching Doctor Who.

What/who do you go to for inspiration before you start crafting?

I love to browse fabrics or patterns online. Invariably, I stumble upon something that I can’t resist.

Do you have a crafty tip you would like to share?

There are so many sewing tips I could give, but I think the main thing is to not rush yourself. Have patience, and try to work through fit issues, tricky fabrics, whatever the problem happens to be. When I take the time to do it properly, I’m always so much happier with the result.

Do you follow other blogs? If so which blogs?

Oh, so many, I can’t even begin to count them all. Off the top of my head, there’s:

Handmade by Heather B

Emerald Erin




And so, so many more!

Do you have any advice for new bloggers?

Just keep at it, don’t get discouraged. I definitely think there’s a learning curve to blogging, but it is so much fun. Reach out to other bloggers, everyone is friendly!

Could you sum yourself up as a crafter in 3 words?

Oh my! I could try lol. Perhaps…affable, determined, and chaotic. If that makes any sense at all!

Thanks so much Ashley! Be sure to pop over to Ashley's blog to find out more and see future projects come to life!

Vicki x


NEW from Camelot Fabrics - Felts, Felts, FELTS!

Yet MORE excitement here at Minerva HQ! Camelot Fabrics have released a new range of Hard and Soft patterned felts and they AMAZING!
"Hard and Soft Felts?" I hear you say? We said the same thing. The soft felt is just like craft felt, but as the name suggests so very soft. The hard felt is nifty and interesting. It's fuzzy like felt but stiff like card! We were amaaaaaaazed! Then we got thinking...what could you actually do with this stuff?! A blog post was born, so let me show you exactly what you can do with our new felts!
Larissa at mmmcrafts has a pattern for an adorable Needlebook
How cute is this?
What sewist doesn't need this? Somewhere nice and neat to keep your needles together. You could have a different page for each type! If you used the hard felt for the outside cover it could make this look like a real little book, with the soft felt for the pages, which I think just adds to the charm. 
 Rina at Oomanoot's tutorial for a 10 Minute DIY Felt Storage Box is almost tailor made for a Hard felt!
The great thing about the Camelot Felts is that they're available per metre as well as A4 sheets, so you can make these boxes as big as you want! Muahaha SUPER BOXES! Or, y' boxes....carrying on!
Again, another crafting essential. I've said this before but I love Nik Naks, and Nik Naks need Nik Nak storage and these are pretty perfect. You could line them with a soft felt or fabric, too, and use a bias binding on the top to neaten it all up! Cute or what?
Now this is something that pops up on my Pinterest feed all the time and I'm so happy I've finally tracked it down! Zaira of Mango and Passion Fruit has stolen my heart with this little one!
HOW CUTE IS THIS! I think a Chevron Felt would be great for this and really add to that retro feel! We've even got the Mini Buttons and Ribbon Bows, too! As you can guess, this is on my "To Make" list :)
This was the first thing I saw when I had the seedlings on an idea for this post and it spurred me on to create it as is it gorgeous, and I really think the patterned soft felts would be perfect for it.
How truly beautiful are these wings? Such a simple premise but so beautiful. Chelsey from Buggy and Buddy is the clever bod behind these stunners. As soon as I saw these, the Mandala Felt came straight to mind, with the Plain Solid Felt as the base.
Well I hope you enjoyed this little round up as much as I did! Keep an eye on the Tutorials page for more ideas of what to do with the Camelot Felts, with the Free Pattern features!
Be sure to share your makes! 
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Keep crafting!
Katie B xo

Knitting and Crocheting with Heart!

Hey Gang!
I'm here with a quick one today to let you know about the latest from King Cole.
They got in touch with us recently to explain their new charity initiative. Now don't all start falling asleep, this really is way more exciting than it sounds! From the 1st of July, a contribution from every single pattern sold will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation. Every. Single. Pattern! How amazing is that?! So now we really can shop guilt free when we pick up that extra pattern. "It's for charity!"
In all seriousness, this is a truly amazing thing. Too many of us know how every little helps when it comes to charities, particularly ones such as these. What also really helps is that donations made to the Pink Ribbon Foundation go directly to the cause and not to cover administration costs, so you can be safe in the knowledge that every penny donated from your purchase goes straight to where it's needed. The new patterns printed will all have the logo and information on them, but even the older patterns without the logo will still have donations made against them! 
It's really nice to see companies doing their bit in such a big way and raising awareness as well as funds, and we're so proud we're able to be part of it. I've included their press release below so you can read all about it for yourself!
So go on, Knit and Crochet with heart!
Katie B xo

Pattern of the Week Butterick 6025 - Top,Tunic, and Dress

This week we've got another great multi functional pattern in for our POW! with a classic 3-in-1  from Butterick in the form of Pattern 6025 - Top, Tunic, and Dress! A lovely opportunity to use some very pretty fabrics with recommended fabrics including Broadcloth, LinenChallis, Faille, Crepe.
To get the full effect of the peplum top I think our Purple, Navy & Cream Print Linen & Cotton Designer Dress Fabric (Now out of stock but we have lots of Cotton and Linen Print Fabric!) would really hold the structure well without being too rigid. The colours are fabulous, too, and would carry you right through to Autumn!
There's a subtle high-low hem to the top as well which I am a big fan of!
I think a tunic is a great way to change up your wardrobe and this pattern in particular is a chance to use one of our new designer fabrics in the form of our Kate Moss Design House Black Crepe and really utilize  the lovely drape of the fabric.
Great for office wear, too, me thinks!
Extend the tunic down and you get a lovely summer dress with a full skirt. For this, it has to be a Challis, and for me nothing would show off this pattern better than our Bright and Bold Floral Print Viscose Challis, a beautiful soft fabric with a gorgeous drape.A little bit of luxury for your wardrobe!
A great mix of a pattern for just £4 this week!
Be sure to share your makes! 
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Crochet ya later,'gaters!
Katie B xo

Sew Magazine British Sewing Awards 2015

They're back! 
We're always really excited around this time because we love seeing the who's who and what's what of the sewing world for that year and 2015 is no exception! Season 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee was bigger and better than ever, and with the good old "Make do and mend" in full swing crafting is on the up and we love seeing everyone realizing how amazing making your own really is. I am in a very privileged working here at Minerva because I get to see and work in so many different aspects of the business so I'd like to share my insider knowledge with you all to let you know why I think you should head over to the Sew Magazine Awards page and cast your ballot for Minerva!

  • Best Online Retailer

I work with our website every day. Literally! Working with the correspondence from customers means I need to be able to see what they see and know how best to use the selling platforms to find them exactly what they want and let me tell you, our website is smooth as silk for finding just what you want. The idea behind has always been to be the one stop shop for all your crafting needs and to get them to your door so you can open your package and get making straight away! Our capacity for stock has doubled and it's filling fast with 1000s of new lines nearly every day. Need to colour match your thread to your fabric? We've done it. Need a cable needle for your Knitting Pattern? We've got 3 different types. Always wanted to try Punch Needle Embroidery? We've got kits, and extras! Snapped your last Sharps needle but don't want to pay over the odds to get something that cheap delivered? We've got shipping from just £0.99. Online shopping should be fast and easy and we think we're pretty good at it so if you agree please, Vote Minerva!

  • Best for Customer Service

As a Customer Service Rep. I'm going to be a bit biased on this one! What's makes the customer service great at Minerva is also what makes it challenging. We're all Human! No "press 1 for X, press 2 for Y". You call, we answer. You email, we type. You're always going to get a response as tailored as your hand-made blouse! This challenge comes with our rising popularity. Tailoring responses can take time so we're always working hard to get our little fingers typing faster! Customer feedback is key to our positions here and we've had so much from you all and Catherine, Rebecca and I love hearing it, both good and constructive! It's a real team effort here, sometimes you'll even reach the Office Manager Janine or the Sales Director Vicki if you call! Our service has gone from strength to strength in the past year, and our testimonials page shows it! I'll share a secret with you now; earlier this year our correspondence tripled!  We don't know what happened, but we knew what had to be done. All of us, everyday, stayed until 6, 7, 8 pm getting these messages answered. You guys are so important to us and we always want to do our best, and when you have management like Vicki who's amazing at everything she touches we always have to up our ante! 
We aim to excel, so even on our bad days we're still better than the rest. If you agree please, Vote Minerva!

  • Best Sewing Blog

Now I'm definitely biased on this one! Not only do I have the joy of working here with Vicki and Annette on the Minerva Blog I'm also Crafty Crafter for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. During the last Sew B.S.A. our Minerva Blog was just starting out as a little place for Vicki and Annette to communicate with the world about our blossoming company. Then the creativity exploded and we blossomed into a cacophony of crafting, with Guest Bloggers such as myself, Thalbobbins, and a special star rising soon! Our Tutorials page is bursting with tips and free patterns every week, and with the launch of our Pattern of the Week feature there's even more to write home about! Each week I post a product spotlight, scanning the blogesphere for fresh ideas for you all to try! Plus, with the new comments section you can all get involved in the fun. I love doing work for the Minerva Blog because it gives you all a chance to see a little side of us and what we do, what we're passionate about. It's a personal insight into the Minerva world that can only really be seen through the things we make and the giddiness that ensues!
Setting our sights higher is the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. Our bustling online community of worldwide crafters, each one posting monthly projects so you have something to read everyday. Us here at Minerva HQ are nothing short of addicted! Vicki gets the sneak previews of each of the posts so teases us when she walks in! As soon as our lunch breaks start we're straight on the page, "OO have you seen this?! OMG look at that applique!" and we can just hear Vicki giggling to herself in her office. She knows us too well! What I truly love about the Network is that it is a true community. Working at Minerva I always feel part of something much bigger than myself and when I joined the M.C.B.N. that feeling just intensified! To be rubbing cyber shoulders with some of the worlds best hobbyists is a true honour and to be featured next to them each month always surprises me! 
The Minerva Blogesphere is a place of pure inspiration for me. After reading through, or researching for posts, I always want to be better! With crafting you're only ever limited by your own imagination so to be able to go and read what people have made, and seen, and learnt, just widens your perspective and gives you ideas you'd never have earlier! I truly love the Minerva Blogesphere and if you do too please, Vote Minerva!

  • Best Independent Haberdashery Shop - North of England

 "You're an Office Bod, surely you can't be a Shop Asst., too?" I can, and don't call me Shirley ;) All Office staff are trained Store Assistants so if you think you recognize us in store but not sure why, it's our voices! This means we can work seamlessly between distance sales and local customer queries and get the best of Minerva to everyone. Now we obviously think we're the Best Craft Shop in the world, but unfortunately the Awards aren't that general so we'll stick with "North of England" for now! Last year we had a big Meet Up Day and it was such a delight to meet customers and bloggers from all over the UK, and the World! We got feedback from so many people and it was an absolute honour to meet these people and knowing we've been part of their crafting journey was a really humbling experience. What was also amazing that year was winning "Best Independent Shop" in our local town in a competition run by our Local MP! 
If you've not had the chance to pop into store, or you a bit live too far away for a flying visit, do read all about us and have a gander at our Meet Up Day and please, Vote Minerva!
So there you have it. My insider perspective on our company! Oh, did I mention that if you vote you have the chance to win £250 worth of sewing goodies?!
So that's a thing! 
As a crafter you have so much power in your hands, so use it to make the online crafting community harder, better, faster, stronger by voting in the British Sewing Awards, and if you think we deserve it, type Minerva into the boxes!
Must Dash, Sew you Soon!
Katie B xo

Zpagetti Yarn and 10 Top things do to with it

Zpagtti! No, I haven't forgotton how to spell or lost the concept the tasty tasty traditional Italian food stuff. Zpagetti is a great yarn from DMC that's been around for a little while, and even longer in its homemade form. T Shirt yarn is a big craze over in the States and very basically it's splicing and dicing your old clothing to make a super duper Super Chunky (or Super Bulky as it's called across the pond) yarn. Now I imagine Zpegetti was born from the same issues I'm thinking of. You're only going to be able to get so much in one shade from a garment. Even if you want a big multi coloured batch there's only so much you can make from your old wardrobe (even though I did trade in 35KG of clothing when I moved home!) Thus Zpagetti was born! By taking off cuts and scraps from the fashion industry, they're able to make MASSIVE batches of this stuff and sell them all in lovely pre-wound 1KG skeins where you know how much you get and roughly what colour you're going to get! 
Something I really love is that, due to the nature of the yarn, the shade can change from batch to batch so what you see on the screen may not be the exact shade you get! I find this really fun ha! Knitters and Crocheters will be used to this with Dye Lot matching et c. but it can be a bit of an issue when it comes to the mixes (most sellers with make sure they send all skeins from the same batch if you order more than one, don't worry!)
The thing that got me with this stuff is there seemed to be a limited amount of things you could actually make with this. A Rug? A Bag? That seemed to be it. So I set myself a mission to find new and fun stuff so make with Zpagetti, because I really love this stuff! I've found a few interesting twists on the old favorites and some fun new ideas. Without further ado, here it is! 10 things to make with Zpagetti Yarn.
1 - Rugs
I thought we'd start with a basic. I found this lovely pattern for a Spiral Rug from By Number 19 and it really is so very lovely! Constructed from 5 spirals, this pattern is 'Easy' for Beginners so a great place to start if you've never used this stuff before, and it only takes one 1 KG skein!
Another great rug example comes from the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network's very own Seamstress Erin! She crocheted up this lovely rug and even had enough left for some baskets!
Now speaking of Baskets...
2 - Baskets!
I have a thing for storage, it's a real problem. I love having nik naks, and nik naks need nik nak storage and these Crochet Nesting Baskets by Cintia at My Poppet Makes are just the ticket! Big, Chunky, and Colourful. Boom!
3 - Bags
A crocheted/knitted bag is one of those old school things that everyone seems to love right now. Even if you're not into the whole Grandparent Chic that's going around, DMC have great free patterns on their website for some really stylish bags
4 - Wine Carrier
We're getting onto slightly 'out of the box thinking' now and Tamara over at Moogly is a girl from my own heart! She's devised this DARLING Wine Carrier which is not only handy, bump proof, and saving the earth from the evil that is the plastic bag, but if you're not too sure what to buy someone then this is that excellent personal touch to buying a bottle of wine! Being super quick to whip it's a great last minute gift, too! Spiffing!
5 - Ottomans and Floor Cushions
Nothing takes you back to your youth like sitting on the floor! I still do it often and even I have to admit it can get uncomfortable if someone has laminate flooring. Enter the Ottoman! Perfect for resting your feet on or for kicking over to the youngest member of the family in the room to sit on because all the proper chairs are occupied and Grandparents and extended family! If you're looking for a lightly less structured version a big ol' floor cushion is perfect. Kicking back on one of these is a great way to spend the evening in the den. Head over to the DMC Website (again) for either of these great makes.
6 - Blankets
Arm knitting is slowly becoming one of the biggest things in yarn hobbies since Acrylic yarns! The quickest way to make anything ever, really, and it sounds so fun! Using two strands of Zpagetti at the same time you twist and weave the strands into a wonderfully cuddly throw or blanket! The gauge would be lovely and wide, trapping all the air and making it supper toasty, but being cotton it would be great to sit on in the summer months. Yarnspirations has a great how-to to get you started. Jen from Pink When has a lovely pattern for a DIY Arm Knitting Blanket. She uses 3 skeins, but I think that would be too heavy with the Zpagetti so I'd probably try just two.
Now don't feel left out crocheters! Yarnspirations also has a video on how to ARM-CROCHET!
7 - Shawls
FINALLY! A clothing pattern for Zpagetti! I've been hunting for nearly a year to find something like this. Staying with the Arm Knitting theme, Laura of Creating Laura has his divine wide gauge Triplet Shawl that's she's made up using multiple aran weight yarns, but I think a lovely Zpagetti Mix would work wonders!
8 - Toys!
Now I was completely blind to this concept until I started researching my Amigurumi post (which you have all of course read) and whilst on the Hoooked website I stumbled across their Amigurimi XL page. O. My. DAYS! I was in heaven. I was squeeing around the office like a mad woman. These things are adorable! SO Maxigurimi is a thing and Zpagetti is perfect for it. Check out some of these gems!
I could go on but I shan't. I'm sure their cuteness is 100% apparent by now!
9 - Lampshades
Now you don't need to be able to knit or crochet for these bad boys! I stumbled across this in a book leant to me by my partner's mum and I've hunted out out an online tute for you all courtesy of Heidi at HoneyBear Lane. This DIY Shabby Chic lampshade is so simple, it's silly! Simply weave your yarn around an old wire lamp shade to completely revamp it, keeping it loose enough for some light to come though and create a lovely atmosphere; ooooooo.
Now with all these lovely things you've made, you're going to need a way to decorate them. Last but by no means least...
Of course flowers. The staple in every crafter's arsenal. Back to the DMC Free Patterns page for this bad boy, to create a lovely spray of flowers to decorate anything and everything! Another great one for the Zpagetti Mix skeins me thinks!
So that's my top ten things to do with Zpagetti. If you have anymore, get in touch! If we get enough you could be featured in a Part 2. Who knows?!
Be sure to share your makes! 
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Keep crafting!
Katie B xo

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