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Pattern of the Week Butterick 4443- Sew Easy Dresses and Belts

It's Pattern of the Week time! This week features a perfect pattern for those looking to venture in to making party Dresses!
Butterick 4443 features SIX views, including a 3 bodice variations,trims, belts, all sorts! What they all have in common is a lovely just below-knee length and close fit around he bodice.
Views A and B are the Strapless Bodice views, with varying trim. Certainly overtly the Party Dresses of the pack, I can see these at weddings and most certainly in Woven Stretch Jacquard Dress Fabric Gold.
The high cotton content of this Jacquard make it fit with this pattern well, and would hold structure of the skirt well. Perfect for the simplicity of View A with it's Baroque Patterned Texture. It also has Lycra so will give and take with all the dancing (or expanding stomachs) of the up and coming season! 
If you're looking to replicate the crisp lines of View B, Jardin Stretch Cotton Sateen Dress Fabric would most certainly be the way to go
I'd swap the Black for a lovely Navy for a slightly more gentle contrast.
View C, D, and E are the sleeveless bodices with various trims and necklines. These are more Summery Garden Party to me so I can only see these in gorgeous florals such as Floral Print Liberty Cotton Poplin Dress Fabric in Bright Pink
or even our Black/White Zebra Animal Print Cotton Poplin Fabric! (I think this would be super jazzy) 
View F is the lovely Sunny Day dress with the gorgeous sleeves. 
To me this cries bright and breezy so a lovely cotton lawn like our Floral Print Liberty Cotton Lawn Dress Fabric in Blue & White
What I really like about this pattern is you an take any of the factors and mix and match to make your perfect dress. When you read the recommended fabrics of Lightweight LinenCotton, Cotton Blends and Gingham, it can seem a bit of a limited range but actually you can move from a structred brocade to a light weight lawn and still be within the pattern requirements. A true testament to the lovely nature of cotton, really! You could even use a Poly/Cotton Georgette! I'd love to try this pattern with this Dimensional Floral Cotton & Georgette Dress Fabric
At just £4 this week, you can really get adventurous with this lovely simple and easy pattern. If you do, let us know! Get on ye olde social media
@minervafabrics on Twitter
@minervacrafts on Instagram on Facebook on Pinterest
See you Sew-n! (I do not regret this pun!)
Katie B xo

Sirdar Noah's Ark Knit Along Part 2 - Elephants!

It's that time again! Expand the menagerie with Pattern #2 of the Noah's Ark Sirdar Knit-a-long!
To centre Back 17cm (6¾in) 
F071 Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK main shades 116 or 109 2 x 50g balls Oddments of shades 120 and 170 
1 Pair of 3¼mm Knitting Needles 
Small amount of black yarn for eyes.
cm centimetres, mm millimetres, in inches, M main, C contrast, k knit, p purl, inc increase, psso pass slipped stitch over, rem remain, rep repeat, sts stitches, s1 slip one stitch knitways, tbl through back of loop, tog together. M1 make 1 stitch - pick up loop between last and next stitch and work into the back of this loop. st-st stocking stitch -1st Row. Knit. 2nd Row. Purl. Rep these 2 rows.
(Worked in 1 piece commencing from back end) 
Using M cast on 30 sts. 
Working in st-st (throughout) proceed as follows:- 
Next Row. Knit. 
Next Row. Purl. 
Next Row. K2, * m1, k2 rep from * to end. 44 sts. 
Next and Every Alternate Row. Purl. Next Row. Inc in 1 st st, k20, m1, k2, m1, k19, inc in next st, k1. 48 sts. 
Next Row. Inc in 1st st, knit to last 2sts, inc in next st, k1. 50 sts. Next Row. Inc in 1st st, k23, m1, k2, m1, k22, inc in next st, k1. 54 sts. 
Next Row. Inc in 1st st, knit to last 2 sts, inc in next st, k1. 56 sts. Work 13 rows without shaping. 
Next Row. K25, k2togtbl, k2, k2tog, k25. 54 sts. Work 3 rows without shaping. Rep last 4 rows 3 times more. 48 sts. Work 4 rows without shaping. 
Next Row. (K2tog) 24 times. 24 sts. 
Next Row. (P2tog) 12 times. 12 sts. Break off yarn and thread through rem sts and fasten off. 
Using M cast on 25 sts. 
Working in st-st (throughout) proceed as follows:- 
Next Row. K11, m1, k3, m1, k11. 27 sts.
Next Row. Purl. 
Next Row. K11, m1, k5, m1, k11. 29 sts. 
Next Row. Purl. 
Next Row. K11, m1, k7, m1, k11. 31 sts. 
Next Row. Purl.
 Next Row. K11, m1, k9, m1, k11. 33 sts. 
Next Row. Purl. 
Next Row. K11, m1, k11, m1, k11. 35 sts. 
Next Row. Purl. 
Next Row. K11, m1, k13, m1, k11. 37 sts.
 Next Row. Purl. 
Next Row. K11, m1, k15, m1, k11. 39 sts. 
Next Row. Purl. Work 8 rows without shaping, placing a marker at each end of last row. 
Next Row. K2tog, k16, s1, k2tog, psso, k16, k2tog. 35 sts. 
Next Row. P2tog, purl to last 2 sts, p2tog. 33 sts. 
Next Row. K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, k2tog. 31 sts. Rep last 2 rows 3 times more.19 sts. Work 7 rows without shaping. 
Next Row. K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, k2tog. 17 sts. Work 5 rows without shaping. 
Next Row. K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, k2tog. 15 sts. Work 3 rows without shaping. Break off M and join in C. Knit 2 rows. 
Next Row. (K2tog) 3 times, k3, (k2tog) 3 times. 11 sts. Next Row. P2tog, purl to last 2 sts, p2tog. 9 sts. Break off yarn and thread through rem sts and fasten off.
(Make 4) Using M cast on 16 sts. Work 22 rows in st-st. Break off M and join in C. Knit 2 rows. 
Next Row. K1, (k2tog) 7 times, k1. 9 sts. Next Row. Purl. Next Row. (K2tog) twice, k1, (k2tog) twice. 5 sts. Break off yarn and thread through rem sts and fasten off. 
(Make 4 pieces) Using M cast on 12 sts. Next Row. Inc in each st to last st, k1. 23 sts. Work 7 rows without shaping. 
Next Row. K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, k2tog. 21 sts. Work 3 rows without shaping. 
Next Row. K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, k2tog. 19 sts. 
Next Row. Purl. Rep last 2 rows 3 times more. 13 sts. Next Row. (K2tog) 3 times, k1, (k2tog) 3 times. 7 sts. Cast off purlways.
Working from given spot diagram (below), using C, randomly Swiss darn each SIRDAR piece with the spots. 
Join side edges and stuff Back working towards the cast on edge. Fold cast on edge in half and sew edges together. Join side edges of legs and stuff. 
Sew side edges of trunk and stuff to marker. Fold cast on edge at top of head in half, sew together and stuff. Place open end of head around gathered end of body and sew in place. Sew sides edges of 2 sections of ear, together leaving cast on edge open. 
Sew ears approximately 7 stitches back from head shaping, leaving a 2cm, (¾in) gap between ears. 
Using black yarn work a French knot with a straight stitch to each side for eyes. 
Cut 8 lengths of main yarn 40cm, (15¾in) long to make a twisted cord tail. Make a knot in tail leaving 3cm, 1¼in) fringe and cut across straight. Fasten to top of cast on edge of Back. Cut 8 lengths of yarn 10cm, (¾in) long and fasten together, sewing to centre of head to form tuft. Trim to about 2cm, (¾in)

Q&A with Victoria of Very Blissful

Hello Crafters!
We've got someone pretty special to introduce today. Victoria from Very Blissful is soon to be one of the gang over at the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network! So before we see her fist make, let's learn a little bit about her...
Can you tell us a little bit about you and your blog?
My name is Victoria and I’m a 20-something gal from Pennsylvania where I live with my husband, Josh and our dog, Brinkley. I blog over at Very Blissful. It’s my place where I share my handmade makes, from sewing to papercrafts to home DIYs (and everything in between). I’ve been blogging for as long as I can remember, but this is the first blog that I’ve consistently kept up with.
When did you start crafting and what inspired you to start? What was your first project?
I can’t even remember when I started crafting it’s been so long! If I really think about it, I was probably in high school when I first started scrapbooking with my mom. She’s the one who got me into everything I love. She taught me how to sew, knit and be creative--she’s definitely a huge inspiration in my life!
What is your favourite craft?
That is such a hard question because I have a LOT of crafts I love, but I would have to say it’s a tie between sewing and cardmaking. I love sewing my own clothes because it allows me to be creative and still stay on trend (and on budget). Card making gives me the ability to make other people smile. I love to make cards for coworkers, family and friends, and I’m always find new ideas to create something that stands out.
What do you love most about crafting?
You can do anything with crafting, and you can do it yourself. I often times find myself in a department store thinking “why spend $$$ on this cardigan/card/scarf when I can make it?” That kind of thinking opens up a world of possibilities for me!
Do your friends or family craft along with you?
Yes! My mom and I love to spend time creating cards when we are together. We also both love to knit/crochet, and if we are sitting with our family watching a movie we usually have a project in hand, too.
Who do you make things for?
Selfishly I sew a lot for myself, but I’ve made it my goal to start making things (other than cards) for other people. I have a couple projects and ideas to create something for my husband in the next few months.
What made you decide to start to blog about your crafting?
I stumbled upon the sewing blogosphere randomly one day back in 2012, and I’ve really never looked back. After reading a lot of what other sewists were sharing about the craft I decided that I wanted an outlet to do the same, too. My ultimate motivation is just to inspire others to know that they can create anything they want. Anyone can be a crafter!
Do you have a favourite snack when crafting?
I don’t really snack while I’m sewing or crafting, but I always have water or tea on hand.
What 3 sewing or craft items/tools could you not live without?
My Gingher shears for cutting fabric, my iron and my iPad. I sew a lot of PDF patterns, and I keep all of the instructions on Google Drive and read them from my tablet.
What are your favourite fabrics to sew with any why?
Knits are my ultimate favorite! I didn’t start out sewing with them though--there used to be such a stigma about sewing with knits. But they are so quick, so forgiving and I just can’t stop!
How many projects do you have on the go at one time?
I try to sew one thing at a time. I do have about 4-5 unfinished projects that just need finishings that I sometimes leave for later if I want to get on to something else. As far as cards go, I make anywhere from one to 10+ at a time. Additionally, I have a lot of knit and crochet projects going on at once.
Whats your favourite thing you have ever made?
This is a hard one, but I’d have to say my first Out and About Dress by Sew Caroline. It was the project that made me fall in love with sewing knits, and I still wear it over two years later!
What is your latest WIP (Work in progress)? Do you have a photo?
I’m working on some awesome projects for my Minerva posts...I don’t want to spoil the surprise!
Do you watch TV or listen to music while you craft?
Yes. I usually put Netflix on, but the shows/movies vary. Usually I’ll watch Home/DIY shows or an old classic movie while I sew. Nothing too serious that I have to pay attention to!
What/who do you go to for inspiration before you start crafting?
I’m always on my Bloglovin feed and Pinterest for inspiration prior to crafting. I love seeing what other people create and then taking that to create something made by me.
Do you have a crafty tip you would like to share?
Make a mess and clean it up whenever it starts to bother you! How can you create without chaos?
Do you follow other blogs? If so which blogs?
I follow a lot of other blogs. You can click here to check out my Bloglovin profile with the blogs I follow!
Do you have any advice for new bloggers?
Don’t worry about how much you post. Quality vs. quantity is always better in my mind!
Could you sum yourself up as a crafter in 3 words?
Nonstop, Innovative, Passionate
Thanks Victoria for sharing your story. Her first post goes live Tuesday 20th October so be sure to check her out! If you can't wait that long, you can get your fill over at Very Blissful. I've already been over, a perfect read! Also, my heart is pining for Brinkley!
Speak soon gang
Katie B x

Pattern of the Week Vogue 9069 - Loose Fit Wrap Coats & Belt

Well, it's that time of year. It's most certainly Autumn. The winter woolens are slowly and surely coming out of retirement, and the thick tights are sneaking their way into our daily wardrobes. There is hope, though! It's not quite big wooly coat time and this week's POW certainly reflects that! 
Vogue 9069 is a 'Vogue Very Easy' pattern so is a great starting point for anyone just breaking into coat making. Even the fabrics are there to help you. Designed for fabrics such as Lightweight WoolensFleece, and Gabardine (as well as it's sister fabric Gaberchino) they are all relatively easy to sew, particularly the Light Wools which will ease you in genteley for anything heavier you'd like to work with in the future. Even with the introduction of Satin and Taffeta for the contrast, these are small pieces which will give you some insight to future sews (Taffeta is GORGEOUS to work with!). The coat itself is loose fitting, to, so even fitting won't be too much of an issue. As if all that wasn't enough, it's a designer pattern so you know everything will be just so.
Looking at the rear pattern information, you'd be forgiven for thinking this is a Dressing Gown pattern! The simple cut of the pattern means you can be brave with your fabric choices as this is really going to be the focus of the piece.
I mentioned this fabric in last week's POW but it really bears repeating. Our Camel/Brown Tweed 100% Wool Suiting Designer would really make this coat something special. 100% wool to make it hardy against the strong British Winds, but being a suiting fabric is will be light enough to work with the flow in the pattern. Team this with our Camel Circles Jacquard Patterned Lining and you're onto a winner!
You could also go for something slight more mac-like with the Gabers. Our Polycotton Gaberdine would be really easy to care for, and its polyester content would prevent epic creasing when it's draped over your arm in the sporadic Autumn sunshine! The benefit to the staple colours this comes in is you can really play with contrasts. A flash of Cerise Pink Habotai Lining certainly wouldn't go amiss!
Now if you really want to go to town, our Gaberchino comes in some truly stunning colours and I'm quite taken with the Turquoise! Mix with a Lemon Yellow Anti Static Lining and you can brighten anyone's rainy October day!
If you're looking for a little luxury and want your coat to really take you through into early winter, our Navy Blue Cashmere Wool Coat Fabric is certainly for you. Some say you can't have luxury without a contrast in satin, and our Satin Backed Crepe in navy is the perfect match. Choose from the shimmery satin or the matte crepe side for a truly stunning coat that will be sure to turn heads!
Now just when this couldn't get better, for this week this pattern is just £6.50. Six Pounds and Fifty Pence for a designer pattern! Get in my pattern stash!
Be sure to share your makes! This pattern is a blank canvas and I want to see what you can paint!
@minervafabrics on Twitter
@minervacrafts on Instagram on Facebook on Pinterest
Katie B xo

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Sew British Sewing Awards! #VoteMinerva

Sewists! Crafters! Hear our cry!
Yes, everyone, the British Sewing Awards are back and Minerva has been nominated again, and again...and again! That's right, we have three nominations;
  • Best Online Retailer 
  • Best Sewing Blog 
  • Best Independent Haberdashery Shop: North of England Category
Quite simply, just to be nominated is amazing because it's your votes that have got us into the shortlist, and for that...
Now we of course think we should win these titles, but we need to convince you to go back and Vote Minerva!
I'm in a very lucky position to be able to work in all the categories we've been nominated in so I'm in the best position to give you some behind the scenes info into why we think we're the best!
  • Online Retailer
Well, I'm going to have to try and show you! 
Our expansion over the last year has been phenomenal. Our gang has expanded to 10 more Team Members, so out with the old packing tables and in with brand spanking new tailored stations! 
Haberdashery has a brand new home in the second warehouse...
...meaning we could expand our fabric range which now takes over a whopping 8 aisles! (and we're not done yet!)
...and our Yarn department is bursting at the seams!
With all this going on Vicki, Daniel, and the Warehouse Team have worked on tailored software to streamline everything to get orders out even faster. Yep, that's right. We've written new software to provide the best service. If you thought we were good last year, you've not seen anything yet! 
The team behind the screens answering your queries are seasoned crafters living the dream. We're like kids in a candy store, we can't get enough! Researching products isn't our job, it's our passion. We want to know the width of the stripes on the mini-stripe polycotton, and the difference between KnitPro Nova and the Nova Cubics Knitting Needles, and if 28 Gauge Wire is better for earrings than the 20 Gauge . This information is important to us, so we know it's important to you. We sweat Sewing Machine Oil and bleed Glitter because that's what we'd want from our craft supplier, so we do it to be your craft supplier.
If you think this means we're the best, Vote Minerva!
  • Best Sewing Blog 
Well, what can I say about our blog. "The Minerva Blog" is the umbrella that covers our Craft Blog and the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. Each fantastic in its own right, this community of crafters strive to bring you the most comprehensive 'go-to' on the blogesphere!
The Minerva Crafts Blogger Network has expanded to 43 of the finest bloggers from across the world to bring you unbridled inspiration and unparalleled expertise. We've got Knitters, Crocheters, Sewers, Jewellery Makers, Quilters, Homemakers, all sorts! All brimming with excitement at being able to share their passion with you and the online community. Just when you think you know them, they always pull out a showstopper! How can we forget Nicole and her Red Vinyl Valentine Coat?! 
or that time some weirdo called Katie B wore fluorescent yellow trousers to work ;)
Nine shiny new bloggers have joined the fold since March, and it's so exciting to see their work! 
We've seen Amy return with her best make yet..a son! 
Plus, we have our first gentleman blogger
Then of course we have our home grown talent on our Craft Blog
The dynamic duo that is Annette and Vicki! There's no stopping them. Not even a Royal Wedding! I am, of course, referring to the Minerva Royal Couple Vicki and Richard!
The lead up to July 4th was a great time around here as the blog was flooded with images of Annette and Vicki sewing up a storm! The only person in the blogesphere who didn't see it was the Groom, Richard, under strict instructions not to sneak a peek at the 4 Bridesmaid's Dresses, Flower Girl's Dress, Mother of the Bride Outfit AND The Wedding Dress, all sewn by Annette's fair hands!
Looking back through the blog almost brings me to tears. This is just a snippet! It's been such a great year to have shared, and if you think this means we're the best, Vote Minerva!
  • Best Independent Haberdashery Shop: North of England Category
Last, but certainly by no means least, we have our award winning Craft Centre nestled in the Pennines of the North of England
This is another category where I need to show, rather than tell you, why we think we're the best
We're a bit bigger than people think! When we explain we're a Craft Shop based in a small Lancashire town just north of Manchester, people expect a little shop, with a wooden front, in a converted terrace house. Not quite! 
First, on your right, there's Quilters corner! "How can you fulfil a quilters needs from just one corner?!" Quite simply...we can't! This is just the tip of the Quilting Iceberg. The Shop Staff work closely with the Office and Warehouse teams to display and rotate the vast array of fabrics and accessories from our warehouse to find exactly what our customer desires! Can't see what you need? Just Ask! Our staff are always more than happy to bring anything you require from the warehouse.
Carring on to the right wall we have fabrics....lots and lots of fabrics! From Polycotton to Bridal Silk, we have it in abundance!
And of course with the wide range of fabrics we carry we need to make sure we have a thread to suit each one...
...and of course the necessary trimmings! This is just one aisle, we didn't want to show off too much ;)
Then of course we have our yarn and patterns...
...lots of yarns and patterns! (this is just chunky and super chunky!) From the chunkiest Scarf Yarn to the finest Lace Yarn we have you covered. On a budget? Try the Big Value! Need something hardy? Premium Acryllic, naturally. Allergic to wool, but want something special? Try the Alpaca! We've got you covered for Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks, too! From Budget Bamboo to Premium Wood, and everything in between.
Then there's Needlework and Crochet Corner! For those who want the finest lace threads, the latest embroidery floss, or the purest white aida!
From Bundles... bags.
and just plain inspiration we have everything covered at the Minerva Craft Centre, and this is why we think we're the best! If you agree, Vote Minerva!
And if all that doesn't convince you to go and Vote Minerva, maybe this will
That's right! When you Vote, Sew Magazine enters you into a draw to win £500 worth of sewing goodies! Too good of a chance to miss, right?
If you could Vote Minerva and show us your support, it would be the most amazing thing for us as these are awards from the sewing community, voted for by YOU so if we win we know we're on the track to being the best we can be for you crafty lot! Voting is open until Sunday 20th December so be sure to spread the word (with he hashtag #VoteMinerva) and cast your vote!
See you soon you crafty lot!
Katie B x 

The Best of the Simplicity Sewing Pattern Sale!

Boo, it's Tuesday, but do not despair! Minerva is here to keep you powering through until Friday with a run down of the Simplicity Sewing Pattern Sale
My bank balance lives for when these patterns are on sale, because I crush on these pattern so hard I could buy the whole catalogue! These patterns work hard for their money, so when they're on sale they are an absolute steal. Here's why... 
Starting as we mean to go on, Simplicity 1280 is everything I love a pattern to be; Stylish, and Value for Money. This is a capsule wardrobe in a single pattern. Even if you can't wear leggings to work the 3 top variations are spot on, particularly now the weather is cooling down they're easy to layer! Designed for Stretch Knits and Jerseys, you can tailor this to your own style so easily, and at just £3.99 whilst the sale is on it can suit every budget.
Moving onto another capsule wardrobe pattern, Simplicity 1104 includes Dress, Top, Skirt, & Leggings designed by Cynthia Rowley and is a brilliant Smart Casual night out wardrobe. With Views A, B, and C being  designed for Batiks, BrocadesCrepes, Damasks, Failles, Linen Types, Piques, PoplinsSateensTaffetas, Double Knits, and Ponte Romas this is another hard working pattern that at just £3.99 is too good to pass up!
Another Gem in the Simplicity Crown is their Amazing Fit Collection. Featuring separate pieces for Cup Sizes B-DD, these patterns live up to their name and Simplicity 1102 is crying to be yours! A great pattern with 3 variations, it's the little things on this dress that make it magic, such as the inverted V midriff with ruching, and the soft shoulder pleats. Another Stretch Knit wonder, I would opt for a plain Jersey and let the pattern do the work. Another £3.99 stunner working hard for your money!
Simplicity 1286 is a multi size pattern with a difference, offering male-cut clothing in Adult and Children sizes! Perfect for the family on a budget at £3.99, these are timeless classic garments that can be worked to any style and any occasion. Choose from Casual or Smart stretch knits for the tops, and ChinoDenimCorduroyPoplin or Twill for the trousers to suit your needs! 
A great family pattern now in the form of Simplicity 2481, a lovely Pyjama Top and Bottom combination designed by Karen Zunich. Suitable for the lounge-wear favourites; Cottonsflannel, and chambray, as well as Batiks and Calico. Choose to utilise contrasts and/or pockets for a unique style an to keep loved ones toasty! Great for Christmas presents, too, I think! Another value winner at £3.99
Another collection that cannot be ignored in the Simplicity repertoire is the Project Runway collection, particularly the patterns designed for the little fashionistas! Simplicity 1123 is a great pattern which includes 2 skirt variations as well as a short playsuit view and 3 different shoulder choices! I particularly like the triangle cut out detail on the bodice. Very trendy, but still age appropriate keeping even the most fashion conscious young ones on trend. A gem at £3.19!
Now Simplicity 1351 gets us all jealous here at HQ because we want an adult size version! I'm pretty sure a colleague bought this "for her daughter", but also bought an adult onesie pattern at the same time so I think she bought it for the templates to make her own! Though at £2.79 whilst the sale is on I can't say I blame her. My nephew already has a Shark Dressing Gown, so maybe a contrasting Owl onesie should be next...
Now my nephew is most definitely going to have this little joy of an outfit to wear! Simplicity 1206 is just £3.19 at the moment and  perfect way to experiment with our Linen-Look Polyester Crepe Soft Suiting Dress Fabric that I've been dying to find a use for!
Now babies grow up fast, but not fast enough for my liking. My niece needs a serious growth spurt so I can make her this darling Coat and Jacket outfit (complete with bonnet of course!) from Simplicity 1207. This is a star pattern for me and at £3.19 I may just need to invest early
There's certainly enough patterns I can work on in the mean time, like Simplicity 1204. Including a view to make a bodysuit, this pattern is the gift that keeps on giving with Dungarees, Dunga-dress, numerous collar and sleeve variations, and even hats! At £3.19 you can keep the tiny ones clothed for all occasions. 
Another £3.19 Baby all-star pattern is Simplicity 1330 which includes adorable pull on pants with elastic at the ankles, jacket, long sleeve knit top, short sleeve knit bodysuit with snap closure, booties and blanket!  a perfect baby shower  hamper or charity bundle.
No Simplicity run down is complete without featuring their Vintage Sewing Patterns Reprints and Simplicity 1609 is an all time favourite! At just £3.99, this is a perfect shift dress, which can be worked up quickly and easily for almost instant fashion! Add the bow or collar detailing as desired, and why not try on our Suede Fabric for a garment that's bang on trend?
Be sure to keep in touch and share your Sale makes!
@minervafabrics on Twitter
@minervacrafts on Instagram on Facebook on Pinterest
Katie B xo

Pattern of the Week Kwik Sew 3311 - Pet Coat, Dress, and Carrier

Now this is a rather strange POW for me to write about this week! It contains one very practical thing, one kind of practical thing, and one very silly thing indeed! None of those are bad things in my book so allow me to present Kwik Sew 3311:
I really don't know where to start! As darling as the little dress is the dog carrier really caught my eye. My S.O.'s family have a Jack Russell cross called Milly and she was once attacked by a Rottweiler! She had to have a lot of surgery and was soon back to her boisterous self but now she's getting older she has arthritis coming on. She loves going on big walks but her little legs won't be able to take it for much longer so I think this little carrier may have to be on her Christmas list! 
The pattern calls for medium to heavyweight woven fabrics such as cotton types, decorator fabrics, pre-quilted fabrics, and canvas - I think you could even venture for a Drill or a Denim!
With anything that is designed for Cottons the world is your oyster! You only need a metre of fabric in total so you could definitely delve in with some quilting fabrics! Timeless Treasures have us covered with their Multicoloured Paws Quilting Fabric. Team this with a Klona Cotton for extra structure and you're on to a winner!
Though I have to say I am tempted by a double denim ensemble. 8oz Washed Denim in Light Blue for the base and our Spot Print Cotton Chambray in Sky Blue for the contrast. I've been dying to use our Chambray but I never expected this...
For the inside is has to be a quilted fabric, and our Pre-Quilted range is certainly comes into it's own here! The 45" Wide Quilted Broderie Anglais is absolutely adorable and definitely my top pick!
This may make me a terrible person but I am a fan dog putting animals in coats (please don't judge me!)
Look at him, he's so happy to be in that coat!
 This jacket is designed for woven fabrics such as wooltweedsuitingslinenbrocadejacquard. Now, I know what you're thinking. "Those are a bit grand for a dog coat!" and I thought this. Then I thought to myself, what better way to practice using these fabrics than  on something small! They're not going to mind if you have a few odd stitches here and there, are they? 
I've been dying to use our Elgin Wool Blend Fabric since I saw Deborah's Purple Kilt on GBSB! As Claudia would say, "Divine!"
The winner for me here is our Camel/Brown Tweed 100% Wool Suiting Designer Dress Fabric. It ticks all the boxes! Wool, Suiting, Tweed, it was practically made for this pattern! (Also, 100% Wool Designer fabric for just £6.99 p/m? I'd find ANY excuse to use this!)
If you're looking for something a little more fancy, you can't miss our Gold Woven Stretch Jacquard or our Black and Gold Woven Brocade. I have big plans for these fabrics and would appreciate the practice!
Now onto the silliness. The Dress!
Something about this screams "Dog Ring Bearer"! The patter is designed for  cottonsatintaffetacrepe, velveteen, seersucker so much like the coat's recommended fabrics, this is a great chance to practice with various fabrics and techniques to really make something special when the time comes! Liquid Satin would be my go to for this as the polyester content would make it easy to wash. Pushing the boat out a little, I'd definitely use this as a chance to practice with our French Crepe Soft Suiting Fabric.
Many customers I've spoken to praise Kwik Sew for their ease and straight forward nature, so what better pattern to pick up to practice with any tricky fabrics you'd like to tackle? And, being just £4.50 this week it's real steal!
Be sure to keep in touch, I'd really like to see what you guys do with this one!
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Katie B xo

KayCee Creates video tutorial featuring Minerva Crafts!

Today we're introducing a lovely person who is known as KayCee creates and she's made these frankly adorable little brooches using some of our very own supplies!
How CUTE are these?
Getting excited while unpacking her supplies!
I don't want to give too much away so if you'e intrigued follow this link to the video and you can find a list of featured items below!
We even have the Glue Gun and Accessories if you fancy!
See you all soon!
Katie B x

The Best of the Kwik Sew Sewing Pattern Sale!

Yes, It's that time again. Pattern Sale time!
It's the turn of Kwik Sew this time around so here's my run down!
First up is Pattern 4075 - Long Sleeve Smart Shirts.
I really like  Kwik Sew mens fit patterns as they feature classic lines, with subtle style touches, in larger sizes (up to 50 - 52" chest!) so if you're broad chested, you can still look on point!
Complete with optional epaulettes...
...and sleeve ties. 
At just £4.49 whilst the sale is on, this is a great chance to perfect your shirt game!
Keeping on the Smart/Casual theme, Pattern 3485 is a great Blazer pattern with two pocket options.
There's a long list of recommended fabrics for this classic, ranging from denim to silk! For me I'd love a chance to play with colour with our Gaberchino. A Rich Green or maybe  Navy?
Again, a great size range from 34-52" included in one pack this is a steal at £4.49 while the sale is on.
Autumn is most defiantly upon us and it's time to get our Knit on and this Pullover Dress is where we need to be. 
Pattern 4081 features long or short sleeves with a feature waistband to create a lovely shape to suit almost every one! With two skirt variations you can suit to your style easily. 
Not what you thought when you read pullover? Me neither. I love the wrap V Neck feature of the bodice, too. Lovely at £4.49
Perfect for Jerseys, I'd like to see this in our Dogtooth Ponte Roma 
Another chance to play with colour, Kwik Sew 4087 is an excellent Jacket pattern at £4.49 with either a 4  closure...
..or 1 button for more of a Blazer look.
With recommended fabrics of  CottonGabardineGarberchino and Crepe you can really go to town with your own style using the collar contrasts. Why not mix our Kate Moss Design House Crepe with a Camelot Fabrics Cove Hexagons Poplin in Zinc?
Moving on to the tiny people we have Kwik Sew 3982
A perfect unisex patten for babies, complete with Top, Romper, Elasticated Trousers, and Cheeky Monkey Appliqués!
Jersey once again is the wonder material for this pattern and I think our Thick 'n' Thin Stripe Stretch Jersey Dress Fabric would be sew cute!
A Gem at £4.49.
Now Kwik Sew 4091 is one of the best Child's patterns I've ever seen!
Based around the Tale of Jonah and the Whale, this pattern is a great way to let tiny ones experience texture and colour. Each character included can be sewn with Zips, Buttons, Ribbons, all sorts to open a world of sensory exploration! All for £4.49
Kwik Sew 0111 is simply adorable!
Designed by Ellie Mae, these "Cozy Comforts" are perfect for fleeceflannel, Minkie, cuddle fleece, cotton, and cotton types so the fabric world is you oyster of colour and comfort!
Featuring a Bunny Teddy and Two Blanket designs, this is a star pattern at £4.49
Kwik Sew's Home-ware pattens are also astonishingly pretty, and with party season on the horizon I'm drawn in by pattern 0123 - Placemat, Coaster & Silverware Case
A gorgeous mix of star and floral designed I'm tempted by View A in Red and Green to create poinsettias!
Now these are my favourites, but remember the whole Kwik Sew range is on sale right now so take a look!
Be sure to share your makes! 
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Keep Crafting!
Katie B xo

It's beginning to look a lot like...

It's the beginning of October and even the more laid back crafters are starting to sweat! With a mere 3 handmade months left until St. Nick arrives we need to get our Jingle on! Have no fear, we at Minerva HQ are on hand to provide Christmas Inspiration! Let's start with..Fabric!
To say we have a wide selection of Christmas Fabric here at Minerva is a slight understatement. The Minerva Office gang have seen metres and metres of joy paraded past our desks for the past few months and stacked high in Vicki's "to photograph" file. I'm actually a little proud of the selection we have on offer because there is something for every budget (and we all know about budgets when it comes to Christmas, am I right?!). As I said, we have a great range so I'm just going to feature my top picks!
Starting simply, I adore our Christmas Polka Dot Print Polycotton Fabric.
A good polka dot has to be appreciated and at just £2.99 p/m these are real winners! Perfectly applicable for a wide range of crafts, they'd make great subtle complimentary pieces to any Christmas project.
Going slightly more overtly Christmassy, our Patterned Stars Print Christmas Cotton comes in Green, Red, and - my favourite- Cream!
One of our luxury range at £8.99, this 100% cotton begs to be worked into a quilt or throw, or maybe even a tree skirt!
Keeping it classy, our Christmas Wishes Polycotton Fabric
I really love the font of this fabric, and the little stars and snowflakes are so darling! I'd love to mod podge these on to boxes for gift hampers! At £2.99 p/m these are economical ways to personalise gifts 
Another Green and Red Duo is our Snowflake Christmas Print Polycotton Fabrics. White print on Red or Green backing, these snowflakes are perfectly festive!
The mix of sizes makes it seem like a real snow storm! Two more winners at £2.99
Keeping the contemporary theme our Christmas Tree Print Polycotton, available in Red and Green!
I love the curls of the trees, and the gentle snowflakes. Very whimsical! Again, just £2.99!
Speaking of Whimsy...
 How lovely is this Red and White Merry Christmas Print Polycotton Fabric?! The print is really modern, and I love the little baubles! Another £2.99 winner.
Staying modern, our Santa, Rudolph and Snowman Print Polycotton Fabric are really widening the Christmas colour field, and their adorable characters are great for the young (and of course young at heart!). Easy on the Christmas purse strings at £2.99 p/m 
psst! We also now have it in Grey!
Now these last few are my absolute favourite, to the point where I will most certainly be making clothing with these to wear around the office!
I'm going to start big and O.T.T. and show you our Pink and Green Xmas Baubles Christmas Cotton Fabric.
I am completely in love with this fabric. One of our premium Christmas fabrics at £8.99 p/m, this 100% cotton is 100% Christmas Joy! I love the classic bauble designs with such contemporary colours! This my become  tie for Christmas Day ;)
I can confess that the Minerva HQ gang have been planning uses for he following two fabrics for MONTHS! We've been counting down until these fabrics were available fo purchase and the time has come!
Our Stags Print Christmas Cotton Fabric is another dreamy £8.99 100% cotton that we're all dying to whip up into various Christmas garbs! I love the subtle gold snowflakes, particularly against the Cream. Simply divine! 
From Classic to Contemporary, our Silhouette Stags Christmas Cotton Fabric is ram packed with Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen! Ok, I know they're not reindeer but some of them are prancing!
As you can guess we're al a bit excited here! Our Christmas crafting lists are written, and stitching begins soon! How organised are you?
Be sure to share your makes! 
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Keep Crafting!
Katie B xo
p.s Don' forget the Ribbons and Trimmings!

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