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Archives: June 2014


Round up of the Minerva Crafts Meet Up Event - 14th June 2014

Thank you to everybody who attended the Minerva Crafts Meet-Up! It was a fun packed day filled with activities for every type of crafter! Almost 400 people came on the day - it was fantastic to have such a great turn out! Thank you to everyone who came.

We held 3 Workshops, 4 Demonstrations, a Guest Speaker, a Presentation, a Craft Quiz, a Competition, a Prize Draw and a Golden Ticket Treasure Hunt.

The demonstrators where working tirelessly all day showing various techniques to attendees of the event;

Sue demonstrated Bag Making Techniques.

Hayley demonstrated the range of proggy craft kits and tools.

Denise demonstrated Sew Easy patchwork and quilting templates.

Claire demonstrated the fabulous new range of Eliza M and Sew Simple sewing patterns.

At 9.30am we held a Crochet Workshop and everyone who took part learnt how to make a Shopping Bag.

Next Vicki made her introduction to the day explaining all the activities we had planned

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Then Karen Ball of didyoumakethat made a fantastic speech about the perfect sewist and took questions from all who attended.

Claire Louise then taught us how to make a Cover Button Necklace!

Next up we held a Crafty Quiz...

The results where marked on the day, please see the winners of the quiz below

1st Place - Alison Chapman

Joint 2nd and 3rd Place - Debbie Smith and Jacqui Smith

There was also a day in the life presentation by the girls at By Hand London

At 3.00pm we held a felting workshop where everyone made a Felted Christmas Bauble

We also held a competition where each entrant stuck a VOTE FOR ME sticker on their garment and you then voted for your favourite and runner up by sticking a yellow star or a pink star sticker on the garment. Here are some pictures of some of the entrants...

At the end of the day the results for the competition where counted and the winners where as follows...

1st Place - Cindy Mellor

2nd Place - Pheobe

3rd Place - Louise Zborowski

4th Place - Samantha Gill

5th Place - Gina Pau

6th Place - Jacob

The prize draw was drawn by our lovely helper Pheobe, and the winner of this £600 prize was Miss Lorna Figures who traveled all the way from Edinburgh to be with us on the day!

And of course all the lovely ladies from the Minerva Craft-Daft Group helped with all the free refreshments - a huge thank you to them.

Thank you to everybody who took part in the Competition and who attended the Minerva Crafts Meet-Up, it was absolutely fantastic to see such a huge turn out of lovely ladies, gents and children.

The evening dinner party for the Minerva Crafts Bloggers allowed us to see all their amazing creations - what do you think to these gorgeous dresses! More details of each dress will be revealed on the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network over the next couple of weeks so keep tuned!

It was such a fantastic day and evening - one that I will never forget! 

Thank you so much to everyone who came along and to all of our helpers on the day!