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Archives: November 2014


Little Girls Icicle and Christmas Dress

Oh my goodness...have you seen this months issue of Love Sewing magazine??
A little while ago Helen (the lovely editor of Love Sewing magazine) contacted me about an idea for a project. It sounded fantastic! Helen wanted to create a little girls party dress along an icicle theme and a traditional Christmas theme. I loved dressing up as a girl. I didn't need any excuse to wear a party dress or something fancy, whatever the occasion! So this idea really appealed as here must be lots of girls this Christmas who would love to dress up in either of these dresses - I imagine the icicle dress will be the most popular thanks to Disney's Frozen.
So we sent off the fabrics needed to make these two beautiful dresses and the hugely talented team at Love Sewing magazine got to work on creating these dresses. I love them. They have kept them simple enough to make, so you don't need masses of sewing experience to put either of these together, but the little touches make these dresses extra special. I think simply the choice of fabrics make the icicle dress adorable. Who wouldn't love to dress up in this satin-sequin-chiffon dress-come-cape as a little girl and pretend to be a princess for the day? I also love the white fur edging used on the traditionally theme Christmas dress.
Anyway, enough talking, here's the pictures of what they've created...
And here's the project shown in the magazine (pg 46);
If you would like to have a go at making either of these dresses, first grab yourself a copy of Love Sewing and here's the materials list you will need;
Icicle Dress
Liquid Satin Fabric in Turquoise
Sequins Fabric in Turquoise
Cationic Chiffon in Turquoise
Christmas Dress
Pale Gold Gloss Finish Satin Fabric
Holly Print Christmas Satin Fabric
This project has made me feel all Christmassy - it's definitely that time of year! :)
Bye for now,