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Competitions and Giveaways



Christmas Gift Winners!

It's time to announce the winners of our latest competition! 
We recently held a competition on our newsletter and social media pages where we had 20 gorgeous crafty prizes up for grabs! The competition is open to everyone, wherever you live in the world and the idea is the 20 lucky winners will have an extra treat to open from us at Christmas time :)
To enter, all you needed to do is leave us a testimonial on our website to sum up your experience of Minerva in 2017. Have you bought any gorgeous products from us? Did you make something amazing from any of our products? Have our amazing team of bloggers inspired you or tempted you to try a new craft this year? Let us know, we would love to hear your story! *Share your story on social media with #MinervaStory and you will have double the chance of winning! Each prize is worth between £25-£100 and will be selected at random for each winner. 
As promised the winners are being announced today and here is the list of 20 names who have won a prize! 
Margaret Elsden
Charlene Parrish
Andrea Thompson
Lynne Clark
Jenny Slater
Sarah Baker
Patricia Hudgell
Joan Barket
Angela Foster
Helen Metcalfe
Sarah Homewood
Denise Oxberry
Christine Robertson
Hazel Playford
Susan Reiher
Edel Duffy
Victoria Hall
Natalie Wales
Jennifer Willis
Ella Barker
Each name was pulled out at random from all your entries. Thank you to everyone who entered! If your name is here on the list, please contact me on with your address details and we will arrange to send you your prize!
And lastly, from all of us at Minerva Crafts, we would like to say another HUGE thank you to all of our customers of 2017. Thank you so much for all your support this year. We have so many exciting plans for 2018 and can't wait to share them all with you.
We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Vicki and all the team at Minerva x

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to team up with PatternSass Cross Stitch to bring you a collection of unique cross stitch patterns, an interesting story and guest blog post from them, a fun contest so you can win a free bundle of 45+ cross stitch patterns, and a free bonus pattern for everyone, all for being a reader of the Minerva Crafts blog!

Now I will pass over to the team at PatternSass Cross Stitch to tell you more....

People often ask about our interest in needlework. I feel comfortable to say for all of us that our love for needlework is borne from the accessibility of the art and the culturally rich traditions. I mean, any person, of any age and skill level can easily reap the rewards of a tradition spanning literally hundreds of years.  

Yet, we are amazed that modern digital artists have ignored the crafting art forms. They are creating world-class artwork for markets that I would consider crowded and so they are under-appreciated.

So we set out to show digital artists how numerous and passionate stitchers and crafters really are. 

The Digital Artists

I wish we could tell you more about Irene Cvetnaya of Russia. She’s a very gifted illustrator but just had her first baby, so she hard to reach right now.

Her work is featured in many digital design markets and used in website design, t-shirts, and marketing materials throughout Russia. Irene has a wonderful series of pin up girls and another called birds in winter hats that we’ve converted to cross stitch patterns.

We'll share more about Christopher King of Bath, England. Chris owns and operates his digital design business, Wing's Art & Design, for 10+ years in the United Kingdom. His work is featured in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Computer Arts Magazine, and Advanced Photoshop Magazine and throughout the local UK market. 

Chris is an avid reader and researcher of all things artistic...

Should you ever visit my studio, one of the things you’ll notice are all of the books. Row after row, covering everything from art history to comics, film, fashion, music and popular culture. You can bet that if I’m reading about Art Nouveau artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec or Alphonse Mucha, they’ll be some sort of themed design pack not far behind.”

Chris believes the exposure to the work of others is key and he digs deep for inspiration...

Google is great for a bit of quick reference, but should never be your only resource. Bear in mind that whatever information you find on the web is already heavily curated and second-hand, so you’ll need to dig a little deeper for that spark of originality.” 

He’ll soak up anything and everything that captures his interest, and you can definitely see authenticity and a signature design style that is uniquely Chris...

Once I have an idea in mind, I’ll immerse myself in everything I can find on that topic”. 

If he’s designing a collection of works in an 80’s theme, then he’ll dig into vintage magazines, video games, music artwork and he’s a movie buff, so plenty of 80s movies...

Over the course of a week or month, I’ll make piles of notes and sketches to distil all of this information into recurring themes and elements that act as a starting point for my own design work.”  

It’s easy to see the care and professionalism Chris dedicates to his illustration skills. Here are some of Chris’s illustrations. 

Another art style we’re exploring is Indonesian WPAP portraits. WPAP (Wedhas’ Pop Art Portrait) originates with a legendary artist from Indonesia, Wedha Abdul Rasyid. We love applying this modern technique to very iconic and historic portraits.

A Free Pattern

We are often asked what is included with a pattern. It’s just easier to give you a free pattern to review, so here is a free cross stitch pattern on us.

Our patterns contain a full-color chart indicating individual floss colors both visually and with an icon, image dimensions for different Aida fabrics so you can choose the correct size of stitching fabric, and a color photo for reference. All your supplies of Embroidery Threads and Aida Cross Stitch Fabric can be bought here at Minerva Crafts.

Please enjoy the pattern and do share you’re comments with us.

Enter To Win The Collection For Free

If you’ve downloaded the free pattern then you’re already entered. If not, you can download the free pattern and enter the contest here to win 45+ cross stitch patterns from us. We’ll end the giveaway contest in one week (the 11th of August 2017) and announce a randomly picked winner.

Here’s what you can win:

  • 7 x "Pin Up Girl" Patterns from Irene Cvetnaya

  • 10 x "Birds with Winter Hats" Patterns from Irene Cvetnaya

  • 8 x "Peaceful Protestor & Peek a Boo" Patterns from Wing's Art & Design

  • 9 x "Indonesian WPAP Portraits" including JFK, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Former President Obama, etc.

  • 15 x "Japanese Calligraphy" Patterns

You can see more details here.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Stitching!


Win 10 Sewing, Knitting or Crochet Patterns from Minerva Crafts!

It's competition time at Minerva HQ! 
Kick start your crafting this March by entering our competition to win 10 sewingknitting or crochet patterns of your choice from the Minerva Crafts website!
All you have to do to enter is leave us a review on our Facebook page. It's as simple as that!
The winner will be announced at the end of March on Facebook. 
Good luck to everyone!
P.S. If you don't have a Facebook account you can still take part by leaving us a testimonial here on the Minerva Crafts website.

Win Your Christmas Wishlist

This Christmas we have teamed up with the Sewing Directory to let several of you win your wish list to celebrate the festive season. 

With over 50,000 products to choose from you are sure to find plenty of sewing/quilting or craft supplies that you’ll want from the Minerva Crafts website.

How to Enter

To enter simply comment on this blog post letting us know what you would put on your wish list (up to the value of £100). You can choose anything you like from the Minerva Crafts website. 

You will need to create an account if you don't have one already to be able to leave your comment. This will tell us your name and address, so we can send your prize out to you straight away should you be one of the winners!

3 people will be chosen at random to receive the goodies on their wish list! It’s as simple as that!

Terms & Conditions

3 winners will be chosen at random to win their wish list to the value of £100. 

If your wish list is over £100 Minerva Crafts will chose which of the items on it to send to you. 

If any of the products chosen by the winners are out of stock Minerva will contact you to choose a substitute. The prizes can only be shipped to address in the UK or Ireland. 

 All entries must be received by 6pm on Tuesday 22nd December.

Good Luck!


Sew Magazine British Sewing Awards 2015

They're back! 
We're always really excited around this time because we love seeing the who's who and what's what of the sewing world for that year and 2015 is no exception! Season 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee was bigger and better than ever, and with the good old "Make do and mend" in full swing crafting is on the up and we love seeing everyone realizing how amazing making your own really is. I am in a very privileged working here at Minerva because I get to see and work in so many different aspects of the business so I'd like to share my insider knowledge with you all to let you know why I think you should head over to the Sew Magazine Awards page and cast your ballot for Minerva!

  • Best Online Retailer

I work with our website every day. Literally! Working with the correspondence from customers means I need to be able to see what they see and know how best to use the selling platforms to find them exactly what they want and let me tell you, our website is smooth as silk for finding just what you want. The idea behind has always been to be the one stop shop for all your crafting needs and to get them to your door so you can open your package and get making straight away! Our capacity for stock has doubled and it's filling fast with 1000s of new lines nearly every day. Need to colour match your thread to your fabric? We've done it. Need a cable needle for your Knitting Pattern? We've got 3 different types. Always wanted to try Punch Needle Embroidery? We've got kits, and extras! Snapped your last Sharps needle but don't want to pay over the odds to get something that cheap delivered? We've got shipping from just £0.99. Online shopping should be fast and easy and we think we're pretty good at it so if you agree please, Vote Minerva!

  • Best for Customer Service

As a Customer Service Rep. I'm going to be a bit biased on this one! What's makes the customer service great at Minerva is also what makes it challenging. We're all Human! No "press 1 for X, press 2 for Y". You call, we answer. You email, we type. You're always going to get a response as tailored as your hand-made blouse! This challenge comes with our rising popularity. Tailoring responses can take time so we're always working hard to get our little fingers typing faster! Customer feedback is key to our positions here and we've had so much from you all and Catherine, Rebecca and I love hearing it, both good and constructive! It's a real team effort here, sometimes you'll even reach the Office Manager Janine or the Sales Director Vicki if you call! Our service has gone from strength to strength in the past year, and our testimonials page shows it! I'll share a secret with you now; earlier this year our correspondence tripled!  We don't know what happened, but we knew what had to be done. All of us, everyday, stayed until 6, 7, 8 pm getting these messages answered. You guys are so important to us and we always want to do our best, and when you have management like Vicki who's amazing at everything she touches we always have to up our ante! 
We aim to excel, so even on our bad days we're still better than the rest. If you agree please, Vote Minerva!

  • Best Sewing Blog

Now I'm definitely biased on this one! Not only do I have the joy of working here with Vicki and Annette on the Minerva Blog I'm also Crafty Crafter for the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. During the last Sew B.S.A. our Minerva Blog was just starting out as a little place for Vicki and Annette to communicate with the world about our blossoming company. Then the creativity exploded and we blossomed into a cacophony of crafting, with Guest Bloggers such as myself, Thalbobbins, and a special star rising soon! Our Tutorials page is bursting with tips and free patterns every week, and with the launch of our Pattern of the Week feature there's even more to write home about! Each week I post a product spotlight, scanning the blogesphere for fresh ideas for you all to try! Plus, with the new comments section you can all get involved in the fun. I love doing work for the Minerva Blog because it gives you all a chance to see a little side of us and what we do, what we're passionate about. It's a personal insight into the Minerva world that can only really be seen through the things we make and the giddiness that ensues!
Setting our sights higher is the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. Our bustling online community of worldwide crafters, each one posting monthly projects so you have something to read everyday. Us here at Minerva HQ are nothing short of addicted! Vicki gets the sneak previews of each of the posts so teases us when she walks in! As soon as our lunch breaks start we're straight on the page, "OO have you seen this?! OMG look at that applique!" and we can just hear Vicki giggling to herself in her office. She knows us too well! What I truly love about the Network is that it is a true community. Working at Minerva I always feel part of something much bigger than myself and when I joined the M.C.B.N. that feeling just intensified! To be rubbing cyber shoulders with some of the worlds best hobbyists is a true honour and to be featured next to them each month always surprises me! 
The Minerva Blogesphere is a place of pure inspiration for me. After reading through, or researching for posts, I always want to be better! With crafting you're only ever limited by your own imagination so to be able to go and read what people have made, and seen, and learnt, just widens your perspective and gives you ideas you'd never have earlier! I truly love the Minerva Blogesphere and if you do too please, Vote Minerva!

  • Best Independent Haberdashery Shop - North of England

 "You're an Office Bod, surely you can't be a Shop Asst., too?" I can, and don't call me Shirley ;) All Office staff are trained Store Assistants so if you think you recognize us in store but not sure why, it's our voices! This means we can work seamlessly between distance sales and local customer queries and get the best of Minerva to everyone. Now we obviously think we're the Best Craft Shop in the world, but unfortunately the Awards aren't that general so we'll stick with "North of England" for now! Last year we had a big Meet Up Day and it was such a delight to meet customers and bloggers from all over the UK, and the World! We got feedback from so many people and it was an absolute honour to meet these people and knowing we've been part of their crafting journey was a really humbling experience. What was also amazing that year was winning "Best Independent Shop" in our local town in a competition run by our Local MP! 
If you've not had the chance to pop into store, or you a bit live too far away for a flying visit, do read all about us and have a gander at our Meet Up Day and please, Vote Minerva!
So there you have it. My insider perspective on our company! Oh, did I mention that if you vote you have the chance to win £250 worth of sewing goodies?!
So that's a thing! 
As a crafter you have so much power in your hands, so use it to make the online crafting community harder, better, faster, stronger by voting in the British Sewing Awards, and if you think we deserve it, type Minerva into the boxes!
Must Dash, Sew you Soon!
Katie B xo

Giveaway with the Sewing Directory

We have teamed up with Fiona from the Sewing Directory to bring you a fantastic giveaway this Christmas! One lucky winner will receive this whopping selection of quilting supplies and fabric, worth over £250!

The prize includes all of this:

OLFA 12" x 18" (30cm x 40cm) Cutting Mat

OLFA 45mm Rotary Cutter

OLFA 6" Quilting Template Ruler

Annie's Attic Jelly Roll Quilts Book

Annie's Attic Learn to make a Foundation-Pieces Quilt Book

McCalls Home Decoration Patchwork Quilt pattern for a quilt and cushions

Sew Easy Tonal Estimator Tool - Colour and Tone Guide

Clover pack of Wonder Clips

Sew Easy Template Marking Pencil

Sew Easy Quilters Glass Head Pins

Hemline Quilting Needles Size 9

Clover Quilting Needles Size 10

Clover Finger Presser

Clover Mesh Layout Transfer Canvas Sheet

Elbesee 8" Wooden Quilting Hoop

Over 4 metres of Timeless Treasures Quilting Fabric in assorted designs and colours

Timeless Treasure Tonga Treats pack of 40 10" squares of fabric - in bright 'Lollipop Colours'

Timeless Treasure Tonga Treats pack of 40 10" squares of fabric - in soft muted 'Meringue Colours'

So to enter all you need to do is visit the Minerva Craft’s Blogger Network which is full of ideas and inspiration from top bloggers and have a look at the posts. Then head to the Sewing Directory website and fill in the competition entry form telling Fiona which of the posts is your favourite.

All entries must be received by 6pm on Tuesday the 13th January 2015. For full terms and conditions please visit the Sewing Directory website.
Bye for now,