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Win Cross Stitch Patterns from PatternSass plus a Free Pattern for Everyone!

Hi everyone,

We’re happy to team up with PatternSass Cross Stitch to bring you a collection of unique cross stitch patterns, an interesting story and guest blog post from them, a fun contest so you can win a free bundle of 45+ cross stitch patterns, and a free bonus pattern for everyone, all for being a reader of the Minerva Crafts blog!

Now I will pass over to the team at PatternSass Cross Stitch to tell you more....

People often ask about our interest in needlework. I feel comfortable to say for all of us that our love for needlework is borne from the accessibility of the art and the culturally rich traditions. I mean, any person, of any age and skill level can easily reap the rewards of a tradition spanning literally hundreds of years.  

Yet, we are amazed that modern digital artists have ignored the crafting art forms. They are creating world-class artwork for markets that I would consider crowded and so they are under-appreciated.

So we set out to show digital artists how numerous and passionate stitchers and crafters really are. 

The Digital Artists

I wish we could tell you more about Irene Cvetnaya of Russia. She’s a very gifted illustrator but just had her first baby, so she hard to reach right now.

Her work is featured in many digital design markets and used in website design, t-shirts, and marketing materials throughout Russia. Irene has a wonderful series of pin up girls and another called birds in winter hats that we’ve converted to cross stitch patterns.

We'll share more about Christopher King of Bath, England. Chris owns and operates his digital design business, Wing's Art & Design, for 10+ years in the United Kingdom. His work is featured in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, Computer Arts Magazine, and Advanced Photoshop Magazine and throughout the local UK market. 

Chris is an avid reader and researcher of all things artistic...

Should you ever visit my studio, one of the things you’ll notice are all of the books. Row after row, covering everything from art history to comics, film, fashion, music and popular culture. You can bet that if I’m reading about Art Nouveau artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec or Alphonse Mucha, they’ll be some sort of themed design pack not far behind.”

Chris believes the exposure to the work of others is key and he digs deep for inspiration...

Google is great for a bit of quick reference, but should never be your only resource. Bear in mind that whatever information you find on the web is already heavily curated and second-hand, so you’ll need to dig a little deeper for that spark of originality.” 

He’ll soak up anything and everything that captures his interest, and you can definitely see authenticity and a signature design style that is uniquely Chris...

Once I have an idea in mind, I’ll immerse myself in everything I can find on that topic”. 

If he’s designing a collection of works in an 80’s theme, then he’ll dig into vintage magazines, video games, music artwork and he’s a movie buff, so plenty of 80s movies...

Over the course of a week or month, I’ll make piles of notes and sketches to distil all of this information into recurring themes and elements that act as a starting point for my own design work.”  

It’s easy to see the care and professionalism Chris dedicates to his illustration skills. Here are some of Chris’s illustrations. 

Another art style we’re exploring is Indonesian WPAP portraits. WPAP (Wedhas’ Pop Art Portrait) originates with a legendary artist from Indonesia, Wedha Abdul Rasyid. We love applying this modern technique to very iconic and historic portraits.

A Free Pattern

We are often asked what is included with a pattern. It’s just easier to give you a free pattern to review, so here is a free cross stitch pattern on us.

Our patterns contain a full-color chart indicating individual floss colors both visually and with an icon, image dimensions for different Aida fabrics so you can choose the correct size of stitching fabric, and a color photo for reference. All your supplies of Embroidery Threads and Aida Cross Stitch Fabric can be bought here at Minerva Crafts.

Please enjoy the pattern and do share you’re comments with us.

Enter To Win The Collection For Free

If you’ve downloaded the free pattern then you’re already entered. If not, you can download the free pattern and enter the contest here to win 45+ cross stitch patterns from us. We’ll end the giveaway contest in one week (the 11th of August 2017) and announce a randomly picked winner.

Here’s what you can win:

  • 7 x "Pin Up Girl" Patterns from Irene Cvetnaya

  • 10 x "Birds with Winter Hats" Patterns from Irene Cvetnaya

  • 8 x "Peaceful Protestor & Peek a Boo" Patterns from Wing's Art & Design

  • 9 x "Indonesian WPAP Portraits" including JFK, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Former President Obama, etc.

  • 15 x "Japanese Calligraphy" Patterns

You can see more details here.

Thanks for reading,

Happy Stitching!

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