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Indie Pattern Month

Hey guys!

I can't believe it's May already. Where has the year gone?! The countdown to June is always an exciting time for me as it's my birthday towards the end of the month, but this year brings added June Joy! Our friends over at The Monthly Stitch (TMS) are hosting a great online event by the way of Indie Pattern Month

Every June, TMS dedicate the whole month to celebrating Independent pattern companies and run a series of competitions throughout, each week being dedicated to a different topic. This year we're proud sponsors of the whole thing! It's such an exciting event and something I definitely want to be a part of. I've only sewn with 2 indie pattern companies (my Wedding Party dress with By Hand London and a Simple Sew skater dress) and it's such a refreshing experience. I know Winnie, one of our bloggers, is a big fan of the company Fehr Trade, and many other of our blogger's projects are from indie patterns and I always wondered what the hype was, but now I know. You can almost feel the blood, sweat and passion emanating from the paper! I highly recommend trying one out, even if you don't enter any on the competitions! Share you makes on facebook and twitter with the hashtags #themonthlystitch #TMSindiepatternmonth 

"What are the themes?!" I hear you cry. Well...

Week one is Dresses! Very simple. Any dress!

For an easy start why not go for an Easy pattern with Simple Sew's Batwing Dress. It's a lovely beginner's pattern, so you can get the feel of working with a new style of sewing pattern.

Perfect for light to medium weight knits, a great jersey is the way to go (we have some lovely jersey's starting at just £2.99 by the way ;D) Being such a simple pattern you can really let the fabric do the talking! ?I'm very tempted by this gorgeous Hawaiian Palm Tree Print!

Week 2 is Separates! Very much a "two birds one stone" kind of thing.

The fun thing with this one is that they don't have to be a complete outfit, they just need to be two garments that can be worn together such as a cardigan and a blouse. On my website travels this morning I found a stunning White & Black Spotty Stretch Suiting Dress Fabric that may have to become the By Hand London Victoria Blazer and Simple Sew's Classic Trouser.

Or why not go on an Eliza M binge and match their Pussy Galore Blouse with their Hop and Swing Pants?

Divine, no?

Week 3 is New to Me! Any garment you like, as long as you haven't worked with that company before, INCLUDING UFO's AND MUSLINS! Has to be a totally new experience.

There are so many great companies to choose from here. If you want some inspiration, check out the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network, the gang love an Indie Pattern! My favourite recent post being Louise at Sew Sensational's 'Tilly Francois' Dress


If I was to recommend from my experience I would always recommend By Hand London. Their designs are fresh, their approach to pattern instructions are even fresher and their pattern packs look GORGEOUS, (skillfully modeled by Vicki below!)

Now Week 4 is One Pattern, Two takes! This is a 'sit back and watch' theme in that this comp. is only for contributors to TM but this is certainly one to pay attention too. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the competitors will go with this one. Will they make the same thing in two different fabrics, or two different views?

Fehr Trades Surf to Summit Top is a good example. Different views to make, but also a good chance to mix up fabrics!

So as you can see The Monthly Stitch is definitely the place to be this June. Even if you're not partaking in the competition or any makes it's certainly going to be a great place to pick up some hints, tips, advice and inspiration for future projects! I'm inspired already (as if I need anything else to make this summer!)

If you make anything inspired by the indie pattern month get on facebook and twitter! Use the hashtags #themonthlystitch #TMSindiepatternmonth to stay in the loop and keep your eye on them to see everyone else's makes!

Keep Sewing!

Katie Betty xo

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