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Free Child's Bolero Knitting Pattern

Hi everyone!
How about making this lovely pink glittery bolero cardiagan for that special daughter/granddaughter in your life?
My Granddaughter Jess who is now 17 would have loved this when she was a little girl. I think she'd wear it now if it was big enough! 
King Cole tinsel yarn has been around for a couple of years now and last year they brought out the now infamous hedgehog pattern. This pattern was a huge success, I knit it in brown the only difference being I used safety eyes and a safety nose instead of embroidering them on.
The next pattern that was hugely successful is the owl pattern. Anne (who works in the Minerva Craft Centre) has knit the owl in white. She has written a blog post on this because she adapted the pattern by adding some wings and also crocheting the eyes instead of knitting them as the pattern suggests. This blog will be posted shortly giving these new additional instructions or we have some printed ones to give out in the Craft Centre upon request.
And now back to the bolero! I decided to knit this for display in the Minerva Craft Centre and chose pink because to my knowledge most little girls love pink. In my mind pink and glittery...well you couldn't get a better combination! King Cole Tinsel comes in a fantastic variety of colours including a good few that are new for this Christmas. Talking of Christmas and patterns, the new Christmas patterns this year are fabulous...check them out!
I chose to do the biggest size purely because this size would fit our dummy in the shop. The pattern is FREE and you may receive one in your yarn orders if you purchase from us in the near future because King Cole have kindly given us a huge pile of them to giveaway free. Likewise we have them in the Minerva Craft Centre for you to look at too. And we have also included a copy of it here in this blog post (at the bottom) so no-one misses out.
The pattern is really easy to follow and is quite straightforward. Tinsel is a lovely yarn to knit with, it flows through your fingers. Here is what it looks like knitted up, isn't that a fantastic texture and shine...
However beware!! It is really hard to count your rows. So it is a good idea to write your rows down as you knit them. This also helps when doing the fronts because you can just cross through them as you knit them. Alternatively you could use a row counter. The size you would need is for a 6mm needle. I don't see a major problem with recommending this pattern for beginners but definitely have a pen and paper handy. 
Would you believe this pattern took me just 6 evenings to knit and I enjoyed it immensely. I finished it off by sewing a pink button that actually says SELF-MADE on it. 
This range of Dill buttons is available in two sizes and a range of lovely colours, so no matter which colour of Tinsel yarn you choose, there will be a button to go with it.
The free pattern from King Cole also features some scarves and a snood, so why not get knitting these too? The snood takes just 2 balls and the scarves just 3 balls so you can make these for less than £5 and £7 each. Bargain! And what perfect Christmas presents they would make.
Here's your free pattern;
In case that's a bit hard to read we have split it up and made the pattern larger for you below;
Well that's all for now. I hope you enjoy this free pattern and that we get to see some pictures of what you make with it. Don't be shy...share them with us!
I'll be back soon! Bye for now,
Annette xx

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