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Fabric Friday - The Spanish Influence

Today's Fabric Friday is all about Extravagance! Specifically our Spanish Dress Fabrics
These are the fabrics a sewist would dream of using one day, and it's easy to see why! Choosing just a handful was difficult but I just managed, so here we go.
Starting at the calmer end of the scale we have our Woven Print Spanish Dress Fabric Cream & Indigo Blue. A lovely woven polyester with a gorgeous drape, covered in Mandala-like print in Navy Blue, on Cream. Any garment made in this fabric will be instantly gorgeous.
Next, a fabric than can be described as nothing short of divine! Our Woven Jacquard Spanish Dress Fabric
Just look at that! This is pure elegance in a single fabric. The woven Paisley just cries beauty and the way the light catches the ivory is just exquisite! Also available in white, this also falls under the category of our Couture Bridal Fabrics, and is already on my Dream Wedding Pinterest board!
Moving onto one of the slightly more outlandish Spanish fabrics, our All over Sequins on Lace Spanish Dress Fabric in Black is subtle and over the top at the same time!
Now it may seem contradictory for a fabric to be called subtle and over the top at the same time, but this fabric manages it. Out of the corner of your eye, a simple black fabric but as it moves and you move with it the sequins spark into life and create a wonderful elegance! Not for the faint of heart, great for those wanting to make an effortless impact.
These are my top 3 from our Spanish Fabric range. I am waiting with deep anticipation for an event where I can use ANY of these fabrics!
Have you ever used any?
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Katie B x

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