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Bees Knees Postcard Pattern Review by Emma

Sometimes it's nice as a sew-person to have really simple instructions on a little card so you are not battling through reams of paper instructions or pausing and starting YouTube. However, sometimes a simple piece of card can leave you a little confused too. 

The Villa Rosa Designs Quilting Patterns are just that, a little postcard with all you need to make this quilt.

It tells you what you need (8 fat quarters and 2 and a quarter yards of fabric). Then has some very basic instructions on putting it together. 

Away I went, I sliced my fat quarters up. I love using Fat Quarters for Quilts, they are so readily available and usually so well coordinated. I know you see lots of tutorials about what to make with fat quarters but I find quilts the most satisfying by far. I chose a lovely bundle in spring greens which came as a pack of 7 so I added one more from a woodland themed pack I had. 

I sliced and labelled, determined to be organised so the simple instructions didnt catch me out.

I really enjoy the process of sewing up strips like this, I find it one of the most relaxing parts of sewing, something that takes little concentration and you can do whilst the TV or radio is on. It was slightly overshadowed here by my nerves though as I was worried I would get the placements wrong and I could see that this is would be crucial to the design. It meant that I didn't manage to do much chain stitching, as I wanted to get it right but I'm sure a more experienced quilter would be able to whiz through this. 

At this point the pieces look like this... 

I then sliced them in to five inch pieces, this is where it got sticky because it says to make 4 lots of 5 inches from each strip, I'm not sure if I did it wrong or the fat quarters were not to be relied upon but I could only get three lots of 5 inch squares out of some of my Strips. However, I've made it work so don't give up on this just yet!! I suspect that there is a direction in which to cut the fat quarters and in it's determination to be concise there isn't any tips like this on the card. 

I am not an experienced quilter so I don't want to patronise anyone but the trick to getting this right is to continually label up and make sure everything is facing the right direction. 

I began to piece together the strips using the code on the card and luckily, because of the way the blocks line up I managed to skip around the 'not enough blocks' situation and sewed the patterns in place. It has just meant that the quilt is shorter than it should be. Not the end of the world. Luckily, I left the theme fabric until the end so I was able to cut it to size.

However, I was unable to get the pattern running throughout like the mirror image it shows on the card as I didn't have enough pieces but I still think it looks effective. You can still see a pattern between the block, I feel. 

As you can see, there's quite a lot of doing as you see best or that fits.

I quilted it by using chunky straight lines as I don't have the equipment, time or patience to freehand or motion quilt and I think it looks really smart. 

As much as the colours I chose are pretty, I think to really make the most of the pattern it needs really bright or contrasting colours. I think it would help the pattern and make it look a little bit more modern. What do you think? 

In conclusion, whilst I think it's a charming little quilt and a quick way to make a really effective pattern for a cute quilt, my warning would be that it is definitely not for beginners! Measure, measure again and label the life out of it!

Thanks for reading,

Emma @ Emma and her Machine


Review: Crafty Pompoms by Sylvia!

Who doesn’t love pompoms? I was so excited to receive these Clover Pompom Makers from Minerva Crafts to review. In this review, I’ll be giving a few tips on how to make the use of these tools easier. The advantage of making your own pompoms versus buying store bought pompoms is you can make it as fluffy, as big or small and as colorful as you want.

I started doing ‘research’ right away (pinterest, instagram, etc) to figure out what to make with these treasures. I was so overwhelmed with all the crafts you can make with pompoms, I finally decided to make something I’ll actually use regularly so to try I decided to make bookmarks and a wall art.

Tip #1: Use a small scissors such as an embroidery scissors especially if you have an extra small maker. 

I received a small and an extra small package. One advice I have for anyone planning to buy these makers especially in the extra small size is make sure you have small scissors (such as embroidery scissors) as well. This will make cutting the yarn once it’s wrapped around the tool easy to cut. I struggled with my scissors for a while but once I switched over to my Embroidery Scissors, I was in pompom heaven!

Tip #2: The more yarn you wrap around, the fluffier your pompom gets.

I wanted medium fluffiness for my bookmark, which was inspired by several pinterest posts. I used the small pompom tool to make these, cut out hearts from felts to cover the knot on the other end by sewing a pair of the felt hearts together and voila! You have yourself a fun, diy, and functional craft!

Tip #3: Tie more than one knot when securing your pompom. 

This helps ensure that the yarn is strongly in place. I made a wall art piece using all the sizes I received, another pinterest inspired project. This will find a home in my sewing room soon.

The instructions on the back on the pompom packaging are great but it still took me three pompoms to get used to making perfect pompoms. So don’t expect to have a perfect one the first time. Just keep at it and you’ll find you get better with each pompom you make. Enjoy and go crazy with these little treasures!

Sylvia from The Ravel Out



#PatternoftheWeek - McCalls 7566

Summer is in full bloom (I saw that on a bill board this morning and thought mmmm is it?) and what better way to celebrate it than to wear something soft and floaty. Whether you are going to a summer barbecue with friends or simply lounging around, sipping a cocktail, on your long awaited holiday. McCalls Sewing Pattern 7566 fits the bill perfectly.
This is such a pretty style and shows femininity at its best. Version C and D have a gorgeous full cape down to the waist. This cape is all in one piece across the back as the following photo of the lineart shows, therefore the zip for this is sewn within the seam. 
The following photo shows how the neck edge of the back seam is sewn together with the zip starting about 2" down...
This allows the cape to be sewn in one piece and therefore flow freely.
After the cape is pinned on to the bodice the lining is then attached and the neckline then sewn all in one go. 
When the lining is turned to the inside the cape is enclosed between the two layers. My choice of fabrics for today are Georgette Fabrics and our generic description for these beautiful fabrics on our website is as follows...
"Georgette fabric is distinctive for its crinkly crepe-like texture, which feels slightly rough and dull, but gives the fabric a bouncy, flowing look. The overall appearance is slightly sheer, since the threads are very thin. The crepe-like texture of georgette fabric makes it very springy, so that the fabric almost appears to move on its own. It also drapes very well, making it a popular choice for women's clothing. Since georgette fabric is thin, it is also lightweight, and can be used as a layer in a larger garment without being heavy or bulky. Layers of georgette fabric may be used for a fanciful effect, especially in gowns and special occasion wear. Bridal gowns, evening dresses, and other formal wear are often made with georgette fabric because of these beautiful qualities. At Minerva Crafts we stock a lovely range of plain georgette fabrics with an ever changing range of georgette prints throughout the year".
My first choice for today is this Floral Fabric. This also comes in blues, so pretty.
This would look lovely made up as version C and is £5.99 per mt. I love those Rose Gold Scissors that just happened to appear in the photo, these are a very traditional scissor but have a very modern twist with the rose gold handles. The fabric is a slightly heavier fabric than the others I am showing you today but it is still very soft and flowing.
My choice for version D is this fab Paisley Fabric, a little higher in price at £8.99 per mt.
This is quite a large design so I feel it is quite suited to a maxi dress.
I love the frill on version A and this is sewn in a similar way to the cape version, the frill enclosed within the neckline seam but this time the zip goes straight to the top. Yes of course we have lots of self-coloured georgettes (as it looks on the pattern) but I wanted to show you something a little different. So I have chose this spotty Georgette Fabric. This is on offer at an amazing price of just £2.99 per mt. Yes you read that right!!
Take a look at some new sewing bits and bobs all from the Prym range....
I love the colour, a very pretty turquoise with white spots. My favourites are the Magnetic Pin Tray and the Magnetic Needle Holder. If you have never seen one of these before you 'wind up' the needle case to choose your needle and even if you tip it upside down they will not fall out. These two items are invaluable to me.
Last but not least for fabric today is this gorgeous multicoloured print Fabric... 
This is simply stunning and for me would make up perfectly as version B. This is the same basic dress but has been kept quite simple. Perfect for this very bright fabric because there are no frills or capes, just a V-neck, sleeveless and falling to the floor. 
Hope you've enjoyed today's picks and thanks for reading,
Annette xx

#FabricFriday - Cheap and Cheerful Polycottons

Cheap and Cheerful certainly applies to our vast collection of Polycotton Fabrics here at Minerva. There is virtually something for every subject under the sun. I thought today we would look at a few childrens designs and some ways of using this never-ending choice. My first choice would be to make Simplicity Pattern 8098.
The sizes on this range from XXS which would be a prem size up to L which is for approx 18 months old or up to 24lb. Remember you must measure! I adore version D and would use polycotton Gingham Fabric at £3.99 per mt (this is the most expensive fabric for today) together with our Pretty Flower Print Fabric at £2.99 per mt. 
Instead of making a bow out of another length of blue gingham (unless you have any in your stash that is) I would make my bow out of Berisfords Gingham Ribbon. For this combination I would use 40mm wide and colour 5 which is a pretty pale blue. Don't you think this would look absolutely stunning. If you prefer the colour a little bolder try the Royal gingham ribbon.
Yet another Simplicity Sewing Pattern has 'jumped' out of the pages at me and that is no 1449...
The fabric I have chose to show you is our 'Ditzy Daisy' print Polycotton Fabric...
I love the colours of the little flowers especially the mustard one. Mmmmmm that's a thought for another day! Version A and B is the one made up on the model and just look at that hat. What little girl wouldn't like that? And remember this is a fab sunhat. You may even get the little one to actually wear it with it matching the pretty dress. The dress (version A and B) is layered in gathered panels, just like we used to make gypsy skirts! But you can make it with just one frill around the bottom or without a frill altogether. The gathers round the neckline and those little puff sleeves look so cute.
Florals aren't everybodys choice so how about our Alphabet Print Polycotton Fabric. Again this would lend itself perfectly to this pattern.
Right, next on the agenda is the older girl. Ok so they would probably run a mile if you suggested either of the last 2 fabrics but I will not be beat! Take a look at Simplicity Pattern 8354...
Especially look at version D...
The pattern for the little cropped top is also included in this pattern but made in jersey. Among the suggested fabrics for the shorts are cottons and denims so why not choose a Denim Coloured Polycotton Fabric
My Grandaughter Jess, who is now 19 says she would love this outfit for her hols. So I think I've chose OK.
Hey I must not forget the young men out there. Check out Burda Pattern 9436...
What do you think of this combination below? This is the Car Print Fabric and this also comes in blue where the dominant car colour is blue but still on a white background. I've teamed this with red polycotton again all at £2.99 per mt.
Here's something worth mentioning about this combination - this polycotton is very fine and quite see-through as in when you place it over the red you can sort of see the red through it. So my thoughts are as follows; this fabric would be absolutely ideal for a holiday shirt for your little boy and apart from looking quite cool (hehe) it would actually be quite cool. So the problem is those knee patches, why not use some iron-on interfacing, this would make it less see-through and also give it a little more strength in 'that' area. Likewise you could use some bondaweb and bond the car fabric onto some plain white cotton from your stash. I know I'm not focusing on patterns today as such but I must show you the line art of this little boys outfit...
You may have noticed while looking at the pattern a ribbed border has been used on version B and D. For this I would use Prym Ribbing and while on an adults garment this would be just enough for round the bottom edge, I'm pretty sure 1 pk would be enough for everything on this pattern, even round the armholes on the little shirt. The following is a photo of a 'rough' drawing of how I would divide the piece.
The bigger piece would be folded in half along the length for the waistband of the trousers and the rest would be divided into 4 smaller pieces, again folded in half along the length, for the bottoms of the legs and for the sleeve edgings.
I feel todays post shows you don't have to spend a fortune to dress your little ones in something special. Apart from the gingham, everything is priced at just £2.99 per mt and I feel the patterns I have mentioned could each be used to make various outfits. Plus, all the patterns I have mentioned today are currently on sale at Half price in our Biggest Ever Sewing Pattern Sale here at Minerva Crafts, so that will save you even more!
And yet again thanks for reading,
Annette xx

Embroidered Border Vintage Style Circle Skirt by Harriet

Hello to you reading this – I'm Harriet and I blog over at and am a sewing vlogger on YouTube! 

I'd been looking for Dressmaking Fabric to use for a Simplicity Sewing Pattern for ages, but couldn't find anything wide enough (or pretty enough) so when I got an email from Vicki and saw that this beautiful Cotton Lawn Fabric was up for grabs, I couldn't resist it!

The Sewing Pattern that I wanted it for had a very big full circle skirt, which was where the issue of fitting the pattern pieces onto the fabric presented itself. Before I popped this lovely broderie fabric in the wash, I had a trial run of fitting the pattern piece onto the material and – thank goodness - it fit perfectly and it meant that I could have a stunning border print along the bottom of my skirt.

It did occur to me as soon as I heard the water start running in the machine that really I should've measured the fabric before and after washing it, so that I could report back on the shrinkage – but I think that the amount that it did shrink was so small that it wouldn't have been much of a percentage at all. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't pre-wash this fabric though!

As I was cutting out this lovely polycotton, I noticed that there was hardly any fraying going on at the raw edges, which was definitely a big bonus! Although it is always a good idea to do something to the edges of cut fabric (whether that's using pinking shears, overlocking or using a zig-zag stitch), the exposed raw edges of a garment in this fabric would probably survive okay without any kind of edge finishing.

Another thing that I noticed was that, unless you accidentally press a massive fold into it with an iron, the fabric does not crease. This is due to the polyester percentage in the fabric – it means that it's less likely to crease because of the man-made polyester component, but that its percentage of the fabric isn't so high that it feels at all synthetic! A win-win.

The material was so lovely to work with – gathers were easy to put in, pleats, it dealt with unpicking well, but it is slightly see through when you wear it; something I didn't notice until I started to take my photos! This isn't a massive problem, though, and can easily be fixed by wearing lighter coloured underwear, a slip, or adding a lining underneath.

I did intend on using this fabric to make the dress from the patern above, but I had a fitting nightmare with the bodice and ended up abandoning it and just using the skirt pieces from the pattern, and added my own waistband. The fitting issues were through no fault of the fabric – it was the pattern, and it's made me cross that I've wasted some of the material!

I'm so pleased with the finished skirt – it has a beautiful drape, the colour is very sophisticated, and the border broderie anglaise detail adds interest without detracting from the simplicity of the skirt. I know that I'll be wearing it a lot – and buying the fabric in the creamy blush colour as well!  


#FabricFriday - Random Fabric Picks!

Inspiration comes from unusual places at times. However this morning I just couldn't think what to write about. Then hey, I dived among my new samples, closed my eyes and picked 3 randoms. What beauts have I come up with!! 

First up is this Lace Applique & Pintuck Cotton Lawn Fabric

This is 100% cotton lawn fabric with fab pin tucks sewn in the fabric and a beautiful white braid sewn on at intervals. I am visualizing a white cotton shirt making full use of that braid for the collar and cuffs. My first pattern choice would be Vogue Shirt Pattern 8927.

This is a traditional shirt style with a two piece collar (easy to do a grandad collar, see version C) and various sleeve options. If you fancy something a little easier try Vogue Pattern 9226.

That collar is so easy and if you don't fancy the dipped hemline, it would be quite easy with this pattern to just straighten it. You will notice on both patterns that the back and front pieces don't have any seams just darts. I think this is a must when choosing this fabric because you don't want to stop the flow of these pintucks and braid. There are 3 lengths of the braid across the width of the fabric which is 140cm wide so care should be taken when cutting out these randomly placed tucks and braid. Possibly an extra half metre would come in handy bearing in mind it is priced at £8.99 per mt so not too expensive.

My next 'random' pick is this beautiful shimmer Linen Fabric. This also comes in a lovely salmon shade of pink.

This fabric is made from 55% linen and 45% rayon and the shimmer side of the fabric really glistens. It is from our range of clearance fabrics and is priced at just £2.99 per mt while stocks last. Last year I bought myself a beach cover up/dress in a peach linen that looks exactly like this apart from the colour obviously! As is usual with me I washed it in the machine and dried it in the tumble dryer after my holiday and yes, as was expected, it shrunk a little. It was a little too long to begin with but hey now it's perfect. So where I am going with this is please wash it first, my dress from last year only shrunk in the length but this fabric could shrink in just the width or even both. 

Something like New Look Pattern 6500 would be gorgeous for this fabric, quite a simple shape dress. 

Last of my 'random' fabrics is this beautiful Felted Coat Fabric...

This is brand new in stock! Last year we had a tremendous response to our 'felted' fabrics and now we find lots more coming into stock for the coming months. This is simply stunning. It does say handwash only so beware, I feel it must be because of the felted areas because the whole fabric is made from 100% polyester which is usually very easy to wash. 

I think this is perfect for a coat, to take us through those Autumn months and continue on into the Winter. How about Butterick Pattern 6423...

With this fabric being priced at £19.99 per mt, I think I've covered a few price ranges today in my 'random' pick. I may do this again!!

Thanks for reading and please comment to let me know if you enjoyed it,

Annette xx


Product Review: Patterned Felt Fabrics by Cynthia


I've recently been product testing Hard and Soft Felt Squares for Minerva Crafts and my major observation is if there were no limit to the day, to my time available to work with this product life would be so joyous, well life is full of more than this BUT - I have so many ideas and considerations that I still haven't gotten to!!!!

I've created a keepsake, trinket box out of the Hard Felt, with some embroidery for added surface design....

It's bright and cheery..... I then used the Soft Felt as a building block for a mixed media postcard - you can see the blue felt on the edges. This postcard represents Hope and Dreams, where as we move from one to the other a window opens while the other closes....

My most recent creation used both hard and soft Felt to make some studio decor using block lettering, some other fabric scraps and paper - decoupaging it to the lettering....

I haven't stopped yet though, I am assembling pieces using the hard felt to make a small book journal....

I also plan on making some whimsical succulent type flowers/plants by cutting petal shapes and layering them on top of each other to create the actual succulent shape..... I believe my own creativity or ideas are my limit, I can make these items realistic or whimsical based upon the colour/design of the felt I choose!! The hard felt has a nice firmness or stiffness to it that makes it perfect for applications or crafts that you might want to construct a shape or design that holds...for that reason I used the hard felt when making my keepsake box, because it needed to maintain its shape on its own. While the soft felt I really could use in almost any application, especially if I used another product to decoupage over it or firmness didn't matter. I urge you to let your imagination go wild as you come up with your own ideas to make with these terrific felt squares!!! Have fun, I am.

Clover Pompom Makers with Dinushi

Hello! My name’s Dinushi, I’m a sewing blogger at I regularly sew and occasionally knit. I’m excited to be trying out the Clover Pom Pom Makers as although I love adding pom poms to my knits, making them is always a chore!

The two sizes I’m trying out are 35mm, 45mm and 20mm, 25mm.

After ripping open my pom pom makers from their packaging I was pretty excited and a tad confused… Mostly because I hadn’t used anything similar to this product before, but also because the instructions on the back were pretty basic and don’t go into much detail (though I should say I’m not the best with reading instructions and following diagrams).

So I jumped right in, and after some experimental pom pom making, my first few attempts turned out a bit wonky and disappointing (despite the technique behind the pom pom making being quite simple).

But before writing off these little gadgets, I looked up a tutorial for the clover pom pom makers. Fortunately, I quickly found this video explaining how to make even and fluffy pom poms. (And by the way, there are loads of creative tutorial videos for Clover pom pom makers, including ones to make heart-shaped and even panda-shaped pom poms!)

I learnt that I was skimping with my wool (wrapping them around the arms only once), and to end up with beautiful fluffy pom poms just make sure you wrap your wool several times around the arms, adding multiple layers of wrapped wool (the more wool the fluffier). Then trim your pom pom after you remove it from the maker to make sure it’s all even.

I ended up making loads of these pom poms for a couple sewing projects, and would recommend these to anyone. It’s good if you want to quickly and painlessly add a pom pom to a knitting project, but also great if you’re making several at a time (though my arm did start to hurt after repeatedly winding wool :P). I did find making the smaller pom poms a bit trickier, as you need big sharp scissors to cut the wool and maneuvering these around the little pom pom maker is not easy.   

The only thing I’d find annoying about buying the product is that I think it would be better if you could buy each size individually (instead of buying 2 similar sizes each time). However, this isn’t a fault with the actual product.

To conclude, these little things are a fool-proof and fast way to make pretty pom poms (as long as you wrap enough wool around your pom pom maker)!

I’ll end my post with what I made with my pom pom makers… (hoping to add tutorials to my blog soon).

The cushions were made using the 35mm and 45mm pom poms, and the zipper case was made using the 20mm and 25mm pom poms.

Thanks for reading,

Dinushi x


#PatternoftheWeek - Kwik Sew 4111

It's #PatternoftheWeek time again, doesn't it come round quick. Yes time flies by too quick but I'd better not get on that subject or I'll be here all day!! I've chose for you lovely sewists this week Sewing Pattern 4111 by Kwiksew.
Incidentally I would love to know your thoughts on the word 'sewist'. So far, some people love it and some people hate it from those I talk to. For those of you who don't like it, it is worth mentioning that it is apparently a combination of the words 'sewer' and 'artist'. Personally I think it sums us sewers up perfectly!! But as I say I would love to know your thoughts.
Anyway back to the subject of today! Kwiksew 4111 is a fairly easy straightforward pattern. The top has a slight blouson effect so quite comfortable to wear.
Added to this is a mock wrap skirt which is 'caught' in at the side seams.
The top is gathered at various points along the bottom edge and then attached to the skirt part in one continuous seam. 
View A is sleeveless with a little split at the front neckline and view B has a plain neckline along with the tiniest cap sleeves. And now for some fabrics hehe!
In keeping with the theme on the pattern I have chosen this John Kaldor Crepe Fabric. I love this fabric and have a piece at the ready to make a shift dress (I'll show you that another time). Much as I like this pattern, this pattern does not like my waistline at the moment so I thought a simple shift dress would be more appropriate!!!
Now I am on a roll at the moment in showing you something to knit that would compliment the featured pattern/fabric and today is no exception. For me, something light and summery would be ideal, so immediately I think of Wendy Air Yarn, this is so pretty and lightweight (much lighter in weight than Mohairs of previous years) and each design takes so few balls of the yarn that even though it is £5.29 per ball, it is quite economical to knit with. Take a look at the next photo...
Look at all those little buttons up the front of the cardigan. 10 altogether, I have to say I think I would choose my favourite Flower Buttons from Dill in the smaller of the 2 sizes available. Don't they look adorable?
The richness of this red mohair yarn is beautiful and it really brings out the dark tones of red in the fabric. However we don't all like strong colours so the peach likewise brings out all the pale tones. Something for everyone.
Wow look at this next combination showing our gorgeous Crepe Fabric at its best. Both this and the previous fabric are perfect for this style of pattern, they will hang and drape beautifully. Wendy Air Knitting Pattern 5726 is the pattern I've chose to show you here alongside the fabric.
No buttons this time just a lovely tie neckband which will hang perfect just above the neckline of the dress. As with the previous yarn and fabric these two shades of mohair capture the beauty of this fabric. What do you think?
I can't resist showing you 2 more knitting patterns for Wendy Air. First up is 5764, such a pretty crossover design that I feel would compliment the wrapover skirt of the dress.
And last but certainly not least I must show you this stunning shawl Wendy 5727. Just look at all that detail, I don't think it's far removed from a 'shetland shawl'. Whether it would fit through a wedding ring? Well, that's to find out!!
Thanks for reading,
Annette xx

Minerva Crafts Lucky Dip Fabric Bag Review by Frankie

I love surprises! Especially when I know I’m going to like the surprise, so when Minerva Crafts was looking for people to review their Fabric Lucky Dip Bags I jumped at the chance. I mean what could be better getting a lovely parcel of fabrics delivered and it being a surprise!!!

So I ordered the 5 metre Summer Fabrics bundle. At £9.99 which works out as roughly £2 per metre. Now its a lucky dip of what you get but the minimum length you will receive is half a metre. So you might get a 5m length of one type of fabric or you might get 10 half metre lengths of fabric. And all of the fabrics are brand new! Which is brillant especially considering most other fabric bundles contain seconds or soiled fabrics!

Which bring me to the important bit!!! what did I receive? Well I got 2.15m of apple green cotton gingham by rose and hubble (this Fabric alone sells for £7.99 on Minerva's website, so I got over £17 worth of fabric in this one piece), 2m of a cotton flowers and hearts print also by rose and hubble and 1m of a very floaty boarder print fabric! Now the eagle eyed of you will notice that I ended up 15cm over the 5m advertised! So you could say I was feeling pretty smug!

So my first impressions were that I loved the smallest piece which was the boarder print! I loved the weight of the fabric and the print and colours were beautiful. I'm a huge fan of gingham [who isn’t?] so I liked the 2.15m of apple green gingham I received although the colour threw me at first because I don’t really “do” green, but I guess that’s what fabric bundles are all about! Pushing boundaries! Now the last print is definitely not something I’d choose for myself, In fact my hubby mentioned that it reminds him of some of the prints that Screech used to wear on saved by the bell! That said I think I’ll be able to use it as lining or to make a pair of pjs! Actually I think its quite a nice fun fabric for pjs!

But seen as the boarder print was my favourite that’s what I decided to test!

Seen as it was such a small length I knew I’d have to do something really simple so I opted for a hack of the camisole pattern from the third Great British Sewing Bee book!

And I even had enough left to add a cute ruffle to the bottom of the dress! The fabric itself was a pleasure to sew and the cost of the dress worked out at just £2!

So would I recommend the bundles? Well I think it depends on what sort of person you are! If you are very organised with your sewing and only buy fabric with projects in mind and are generally quite fussy then I’m not sure you’ll like the surprise factor as much as I did! However if your a new sewer who wants to try different fabrics or someone who wants to jump-start their sewing mojo then I think this is a great product for you. In fact I’ve already suggested it as a birthday/Christmas present option for myself, that way I get the joy of fabric but he doesn’t have to deal with the pressure of choosing things!

And there are lots of options if you don’t like the fabrics you receive, you could make a gift for family/friend, you could use it for lining clothes or bags, making muslins or for pyjamas, because lets face it no one really sees you in your pjs do they? But if you really do hate them Minerva even offers an opportunity to send them back [but you pay postage].

But to be honest looking at the beautiful selection of fabrics that are on the Minerva crafts website I’m not sure you could really go wrong with one of their fabric bundles!!!

Frankie Baldwin @ KnitwitsOwls

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