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A Beginners Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics by Wendy Ward by Hila

The tag line of this Book is “Everything you need to know to make 20 essential garments” and Wendy has divided her book into two sections: Techniques and Projects. The first section is written in a chatty way which demystifies sewing with knit fabrics. The techniques covered among others include how to find the grain, identifying the right and wrong side of knitted fabric and much to my delight, a quick guide to choosing the right seam for your project. Even the sizing is easy to choose – Wendy has included finished garment measurements with the sizing guide table.

The pictures are bright and light. The layout is fun and uncluttered. I really appreciated that every picture in this book adds value in the sense that there aren’t pictures of random haberdashery stuff. There are plenty of close up photos and illustrations. The patterns were easy to trace out as the pattern sheets have different colours for each project. The projects in this book are all modern and wearable.

What did I make? 

Let me preface by saying that choosing what to sew was very challenging as I would make every single garment in the book. Every. Single. One.

In the end it was the fabric that decided for me. While browsing the Minerva site for fabric I stumbled upon some hot pink Silk Jersey Fabric. Suddenly, it was decided that I would be making the Winnats tank and Longshaw skirt. 

Longshaw Skirt

The skirt is an unusual and bold design that attracted me with its drapey silhouette. I chose a bright pink beautifully soft silk jersey which has a soft lustre. Having a fluid drape and buttery texture it was perfect for the Romanesque draped sides. Very simple to sew it took less than an hour to finish. It is made up of just 2 pattern pieces and a waist band. I used an overlocker on all the seams and hemmed with a zigzag stitch.

Winnats Tank

I made the tank in size 88cm without any alterations and the fit is exactly what I like on a tank! The instructions are well written – care has been taken to ensure that even the newest novice to sewing can tackle this. Another point that impressed me was the neckband and armholes; the band snaps perfectly flat against my body. I love that these 2 garments can be worn together to create the look of a dress and also separately.

Will I be sewing more from this book? Definitely! (I already have a Kinder cardigan cut out.)

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely!

This book to me comes across as something that will be a classic in the cannon of sewing books. Not only because it covers essential techniques for working with an oft feared fabric but also for the stylish patterns that come with the book. A Beginner’s Guide to Sewing with Knitted Fabrics is a great sewing book and a welcome addition to any library.

Thanks for reading,

Hila @ Saturday Night Stitch

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