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Adding some Sparkle to the House!

I was lucky enough to get to review the Mermaid Sequin Fabric from Minerva Crafts this month.  This stuff is mesmerising; stroke it one way and you get one colour of sparkles, stroke it the other and it changes. Or just do what my children do, and make pictures in it!

I was sent some of the blue/silver combination and it’s gorgeous.  I was surprised by quite how soft it feels, I kind of expected the sequins to have hard edges and feel uncomfortable as they are obviously not all always lying in the same direction, but it just isn’t the case.

Having been subjected to far too many adverts on children’s TV channels, I decided when the fabric arrived to do a blatant copy of some cushions I’d seen advertised.  The theory on the advert was that children would sit and concentrate better if they were playing with something soothing; I just liked the idea of sparkly cushions!

To make the cushions, I cut a square of the sequins the same size as my cushion inner (which was 16” square).  I was not entirely sure that the sequins alone would stand up to the wear and tear on a cushion, particularly one designed to be played with, so I cut a matching square of muslin and hand stitched the two together well within the seam allowances.  I then treated the combined piece as a single item.

For the reverse of the cushions, I used some off white Fake Fur Fabric; why not go for full on tactile while you’re at it?

I started with inserting the zip; I marked the zip length on the wrong side of the fabric, ensuring that length was centred, and then stitched from the corner to the mark on the machine.  I used a heavier needle (a 100) and it coped fine with the sequins and fur.  I also kept the speed down low so it wasn’t trying to race through the fabric.

If the machine had struggled, I would have removed the sequins from the seam allowance, but it was absolutely fine.  From previous experience, I would be very loathe to use the overlocker on this stuff, I just stuck to my normal sewing machine and a slightly longer stitch length than usual.

I then hand tacked the zip to the wrong side of the fabric, checked the appearance from the right side and machine sewed it in.  Leaving the zip open, I then sewed the other three sides of each cushion, right sides together, turned them out and inserted the cushion pad.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the finished cushions. They look so fun and both my daughters and my husband are mesmerised by them; there currently seems to be a deal that at least one of them will “draw” something in the sequinned fabric before they leave the house each morning.

The cat, however, is less than thrilled; every slight movement near the cushions causes them to sparkle and she’s desperate to find the source of the ever changing light patterns!

I have a little bit of sparkle left so I’m now in search of the perfect party top or skirt pattern to use for the remnants; it’s just too pretty to waste!

Thanks Minerva!

Becca @ Red W Sews

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