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Animal Print Slash Stretch Jersey Dress Fabric Review by Simona

As you probably know by now, the lovely people at Minerva Crafts have a team of crafty people that help them test the products they sell on their impressive online shop, to make sure they are of a good quality and to give sewing inspiration. I am proud to be one among some really talented people chosen to be part of this team.

For the second product I was asked to test this Jersey Fabric called 'Animal Print Slash Stretch Jersey Dress Fabric', which is described as;

"This wonderful devore jersey fabric has a trendy leopard skin print design perfect for all ages! The fabric is contrasted from two layers which are attached together so you treat them as one fabric when sewing. The top layer features the animal print design which is attached to the plain base layer of fabric to give this burn out devore effect. Perfect for making tops, dresses, skirts and more."

It comes in four colour combinations: Blue & Black, Cream & Black, Grey &Black and Pink & Black. I chose to go with the Blue & Black combination.

As usual the lovely Minerva Crafts team did not disappoint, the fabric was beautifully packaged and sent over really fast (it could be because I live quite close to their head office and Royal Mail takes less time).

This is how it looks right after it is taken out of the package.

It has a very soft feel. I kept stroking it for a long while. Originally I believed the base layer is a solid. However I discovered it is a see through mesh. When I saw the fabric I wanted to make a dress, but because it is a bit to see through and the project I intended to make is not lined, I changed my plans and made the tunic version of it.

This is how it looks from the wrong side.

I started working with my fabric without washing it. However as suggested it is safer to pre-wash your fabric before starting your project, to avoid disappointment. I've made a loose fitting tunic so, even if it shrinks in the first wash, the tunic will still fit me. Yes I know it is a bit cheeky of me to do, but I think it will not shrink so I'm taking the risk.

I pined my pattern pieces to the fabric and used my scissors to cut the fabric. I expected the cutting process to be a bit cumbersome, as in the past when using 3D/ layered fabrics sometimes it was hard to cut through due to having to apply different pressure as the thickness of the fabric changes. It wasn't the case with this, although at times you could sense the change in thickness as you cut the fabric.

For this fabric I used super Stretch Machine Needles and attached my walking foot to help the fabric go through evenly. Testing stitches proved that my machine works better for this fabric using a small zig-zag, rather than the lightning stitch. I've tried to show this in the picture but, black thread on black does not show.

Once the seams were stitched together, I used my overlocker to finish them. But if you don't have on the fabric does not fray, so you can just leave them like that.

I used the same zig-zag stitch to hem my tunic. Just made it a bit wider than on the seams (this one shows off better as it's not all black on black).

I followed the same process for the facings of my tunic, topstitched the them in place.

I found the fabric easy to handle and by using the correct needle and the walking foot sewing it was a breeze. However, when sewing with it, I do advise you go slow, especially when doing the hems to avoid waves. The fabric feels so soft against the skin. It also looks pretty modern due to the print and cut outs. I'll be wearing my tunic with leggings or skinny jeans.

What would you make with this lovely Fabric? I have a little bit left over (due to me not making a dress as originally planned) which I plan using in making a top. I love this fabric so much.

If you get this fabric please share your makes, I'll love seeing what you make.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so.

Simona @ Sewing Adventures in the Attic 

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