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Calling all Mermaids to get some shimmer on with this easy to sew Sequined Fabric

Every shop I go into on the high street at the moment has either a sparkly dress, top or even cushion made of mermaid fabric. Mermaid Fabric is a wonderful creation of two tone sequined fabric which brushed one way creates one colour and the other to create another. For this project, I am using silver and pink but there is so many other choices on the Minerva site!

Here’s my five reasons that I really enjoyed using it –

1. It Cuts Really Easy

The fabric is a knitted fabric backing with a little stretch with a sequined front. I found that when cutting as the backing is so light I was just cutting the sequins. I would recommend cutting on a work surface (as I did) or a cutting mat and having a vacuum on hand to vac up all the broken sequins as you go.

2. It’s Lightweight To Work With

I was surprised with this one, the fabric was lovely and floaty to work with. I recommend making sure that all the sequins go in one way as you work then they will not get stuck in your sewing machine or you will loose a pin in the construction of the fabric. I’ve used it as a waistband on Miss.L’s dress but it would beautiful as a cape to really show off the drapablity of the fabric or as a homeware banner as you can literally write or add a design into the sequins. It’s like magic.

3. It Pins

Would you believe that I could use dressmaking pins on this fabric? I was amazed I could and it wasn’t a chore to pin the fabric. A little win here on that process.

4. It Sews Easily

I put a 90 needle in my machine expecting to need a 100 but I was so surprised it sewed easily. I used the cotton fabric as the under fabric to guide it though my feed dogs. My sewing machines liked it and I saved the time I’d planned in for fishing sequins out the machine. A real joy to stitch.

5. You Can Team It Up With Most Fabrics

Because it has a theatrical and drapey feel, you can pair it up with most fabrics in small pieces. Once you get to a piece over half a metre long it starts to get very heavy but small pieces such as appliqué, waistbands, shoulder straps can be teamed up with anything from a wool, denim or in my case a medium weight cotton.

A few tips I picked up whilst making up Miss L’s party dress –

Be careful where you put the mermaid fabric on your dress, we went around the high street looking at dresses and decided on the mermaid waistband. It is a very touchable fabric and very fun, but wearing a whole top or a skirt wouldn’t be advised, you might get the wrong sort of attention if you know what I’m saying. It would great on shoulder straps or waistbands.

Always brush it one way to sew, use a 90 needle and sew with a contrast fabric underneath to be kind to your feed dogs.

My next project is an appliqué cushion, it’s a very fun and addictive fabric to work with especially when I have a mermaid obsessed little girl!

Thank-you to Minerva Crafts for giving me the opportunity to sew with such a usual fabric! What would you sew?

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Frances Golynia said:

Thanks for all these tips! I'm ready to make a start now on my granddaughter's gift! · 10th Dec 2017 08:02pm