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#PatternoftheWeek - Marcy Tilton's Vogue 9254

Yet again Vogue have released some fab New Sewing Patterns. None more so than Vogue Pattern 9254 and I am pleased to offer this to you as our #PatternoftheWeek which is 50% off for this week only!
This dress is full of panels with an unusual shape. See the line art...
The following photos show some of the 'weird' shaping within this dress.
The above photo looks like it could be the start of a pocket but nothing is mentioned about a pocket on the pattern. It says "The shaping/extensions are designed to give depth and dimensions to the dress".
Look at the shaping on this next piece. I love this sort of 'odd ball' shaping.
If you choose to do version B this is all in one colour and takes from 2.6 to 2.8 mts but if you decide to opt for version A (my favourite) there are actually 4 fabrics involved. The main fabric and 3 contrasts. 
The following photos show these contrasting fabrics. On the first photo I am pointing to the main fabric which is piece 5.
Piece 4 is cut from contrast 1, this is the right front.
The following photo's show the back view. 
Piece 1 which is the right back is cut from contrast 2, this fabric is also used for the neckband. The last photo in this section shows pieces 2 and 3 which are cut from contrast 3. These pieces are the left back and the right side back (where I am pointing to on the above photo)  and also used for both armbands.
Phew!! glad that's over. Now you can just see peeping out of the left side on version A (on the pattern front) a diagonal stripe. As you can see from one of the above photos, pieces 2 and 3 are cut on the bias, now this is purely and simply for the visual effect of diagonal stripes, not in any way for how the dress will hang because on looking at the cutting layout of version B they are cut straight down the grain.
Before I finish talking about the pattern I must mention the neck and armbands. The pattern gives pretty indepth instructions on attaching these bands. Remember you are using 2 different fabrics for the armbands and the neckband and these will no doubt react differently so this instruction is helping you to see the differences and how to sew them on. 
Now for some fabrics. My old favourite Plain Ponte Roma Fabric would be the obvious choice for Contrast 1 and for the main I would use this Ponte Roma Fabric which is a small dog-tooth check. For the back I would choose this Ponte Roma Knit Fabric which is a black and white stripe and wait for this my last choice would be this Fabric, which is actually a diagonal stripe ponte roma so you could use this as it is!! 
I couldn't help but notice we have some lovely navy ponte roma's in stock and decided to show you these as well!!
From left to right these are Spotty FabricThin Stripe FabricWide Stripe FabricPlain Fabric and last but not least Leaf Fabric.
I hope you like my selections for today, a little different don't you think? Thanks for reading.
Annette xx

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