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Clover Cord Maker Review

I’ve just spent the last few days playing with a Clover Handy Thread Twister, it’s a nifty little gadget for making cords from whatever type of thread you fancy. I must admit that if I’d seen it on the shelf I’d have thought, well I can make cord anyway, so why buy another gadget. Having tried it, I love it! It’s quick, it’s easy and it makes beautiful cord.

My old way of making cord was hooking the threads over my spool holder on the sewing machine, slotting a pencil through the other end to twist the thread with, once it was over twisted I could fold it in half and watch the cord form. The disadvantage was that it really didn’t work with two different colours, you didn’t get that neat twist of alternating colours.

Having just finished two little cross-stitch pincushions, I needed a co-ordinating length of cord to finish them with, so I decided to try the thread twister.

The instructions are very straightforward, I found the hardest part was working out which way the thread was twisted, an S twist or a Z twist as this affects which way the cord is twisted. I decided in the end that DMC thread was a Z twist and Anchor perle thread was an S twist.

The fiddliest part of the whole procedure was tying the threads to the hooks. Once they are secure the instructions suggest holding one end in one hand and the twister in the other. You hold the thread taut and turn the dial on the gadget a suggested number of times depending on the length of thread. I found it easier to hook the end over my upright sewing machine spool holder so I could hold the gadget with one hand and turn the wheel with the other.

The instructions suggest the number of turns required, about 150 turns for a 60cm length of thread. I was making nearer 1m lengths so I just kept turning until it twisted on itself if I loosened the tension.

Once it was fully twisted I could just let the gadget hang down, let it gently spin and watch the cord take shape. It took just a few minutes to make a length of cord!

My first try was with two lengths of DMC thread, it was lovely and even, but too fine for what I wanted. It would be perfect for gift tags or tying presents, book marks.

For my next attempt I used a double length of each colour of DMC, this also made it easier to attach as I just folded each thread in half, slotted the loop end under the hook and threaded the ends through the loop, securing it nicely. This made a perfect width of cord for my mini cushions.

I stitched it round the cushions, forming a hanging loop or a bow and covering the join with some buttons. They look great.

I then started to play with different types and weights of threads, metallic, perle, wool, trying to discover what worked, what didn’t, what was a little different…

I tried with Anchor Perle cotton in bright pink and green. I had to remember to twist it in the other direction as it’s an S twist, not a Z, but it made a very pretty smooth cord.

I tried with a thick slubby wool to see how it coped with thicker threads, apart from having to make sure the two lengths of wool didn’t stick together during twisting it was fine. It made a nice chunky cord, though the neat twist was a bit lost in the wool. I think with a more even wool it would make a good textured cord.

I tried a fancy metallic thread from a mixed pack and a standard embroidery floss. I had to choose two threads that twisted the same way, but it makes another pretty cord

I tried two shades of DMC gold thread. I was very surprised how well this came out as I really don’t like embroidering with it, but it makes a gorgeous cord! This was a double length of each shade of gold thread. It’ll be great for Christmas decorations.

So having started slightly sceptical, I’m converted, I think I will be using this twister a lot. It will finish my crafty makes off beautifully

Thanks for reading,

Margaret @ thecraftycreek

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