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Crochet & Knit Cardigan by Maria

Hi everyone! I'm Maria, a hobby sewist, crocheter and cross-stitcher :) You can read more about my work and other adventures on my blog, my BurdaStyle project page and my Instagram account.

I got the chance to test Sirdar Snuggly Tiny Tots Knitting Yarn in shade 932 named Snug which is a baby blue with white decorative thread with some “pop-corns” running along it giving it also some texture.

My first impressions when I opened my parcel were:

-              Oh! What a cute color! The color in real life is a bit brighter baby blue than what I thought it’d be looking at the webpage. Very subtle difference but it looks even better in real life.

-              Oh…I thought it’d be softer…The label says baby fashion, in my head this translates to soft, maybe based on baby wool vs. wool…I don’t know. But it wasn’t as soft as I expected based on other acrylic yarns I’ve touched in my life. I thought it might just be due to the white thread on top, so I cut a piece and removed that thread from it, but no, the acrylic itself is like that. I’m not saying it’s rough, just not “baby” soft. It’s kinda half way between towel and velvet.

The above brings us also to the next point: The white trim thread is simply wound around the main blue one, which means that if you stretch the yarn a bit tight or something, you might get uneven distributions of the white trim and hangings in some places. In some cases, it’s how it’s wound and it’s not even your fault :) Also because it’s loose, it can slip off the hook when you crochet and you get a similar effect of loose bits here and there so pay attention!

The next thing I did was to knit a sample. I used the recommended 4mm pins and knitted a rectangle of 22 stitches by 14 rows which was supposed to be 10cm wide, 5 cm high (label says 28sts x 28 rows is a 10x10cm square).

Didn’t match exactly what’s on the paper, but I’m a beginner when it comes to knitting so it’s expected.

My project using this yarn will be mostly crocheted, so I did a small sample in single crochet just to get the feel for how it’ll look. This was also using a 4mm hook, 22 stitches but I did only 3 or 4 rows. (And now you can clearly see what I do most...Hint: it’s not knitting :))

What I was a bit worried about is how it behaved if I had to undo/unravel some. The answer to this question is: Surprisingly well! The little white bulges don’t get stuck and are easy to get through stitches again, but the more you unravel the same bit, the higher chance you have of the white trim sliding about and sometimes even hanging off the blue yarn.

I decided to make this cardigan I found on which is mostly crocheted apart from the elastic around the cuffs and front opening/neckline which is knitted.

Working with this yarn wasn’t difficult as such, a bit of extra care was needed around the bulgy white bits as expected, but nothing dramatic and it looked good.

I did however keep getting the issue of that same white decorative thread sagging a bit here and there. Doesn’t show unless you look closely and probably not a bad thing since it’s not stretchy while the acrylic blue yarn is so the one compensates for the other, but still a tiny bit irritating. You can see a bit of that in the photo above if you look closely and a close-up on the next.

I absolutely love how it turned out looks-wise and I still think this colour is super cute, so this cardigan will indeed see a lot of wear throughout the Norwegian summer (after I've redone the front opening elastic to make it a bit longer so it doesn't curve up...).

All in all, the plusses are more than the minuses: The color is great, it’s easy to work with, it’s fluffy, seems to be warm enough and looks good crocheted and knitted but it’s not so soft, not of a natural fiber and the white trim hangs a bit here and there.

I like it but don’t love it and I’d chose a natural fiber yarn (wool or cotton) over this anytime.

Here’s the finished product :)

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