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Double Faced Velour Review by Elaine

I like lounging but I hadn't until now made any sportswear or casual loungewear. There's a new name for this stuff: Athleisure and it’s big this year. I'm surprised it took so long but now it’s on my #2018MakeNine list and fortuitously came when I had been given some fabulous material to play with. I’ve been lucky enough to try out some more fabric for Minerva crafts. Opening my parcel was a sensory delight. I got this double faced Velour Fabric in this black and burgundy colour-way. This fabric is just so soft and cuddly, I momentarily thought I'd just throw it on my bed and snuggle in it forever but clearly that would be a cop-out.

The fabric feels so luxurious, it's very soft but heavy and I thought it could be used for the aforementioned throw, cushion covers, something tracksuit-ish or even a coat. However, I had to actually make something with it and it could only really be something luxe but comfy.

I've got enough fabric to make two things. The first is a pair of lounge pants. I've got the perfect pattern from a 1980s book I have in my library. To make use of the double faced aspect I'm making a pair of leggings in the burgundy with a side panel in the contrast black side. I hacked it to add pockets and an elastic waistband and it doesn’t need a zip as this fabric is stretchy enough to be pulled on and off.

Being a heavy weight velour be sure to lay out your pattern pieces all on the nap or pile or you could end up with it looking like different fabric on different pieces. I always use a rotary cutter when cutting out garments and this went through the fabric like butter, it's soooo soft. It does create a ton of fluff though so be ready with your vacuum cleaner or broom if you're that way inclined.

Due to said fluff I'm going to overlock all raw edges before I start sewing up the garment.

Due to the pile you need to take care when prepping this fabric. The fabric does move about a bit when sewing so I’d recommend basting to hold pieces together, but don’t pull that basting too tightly as it will mark the pile. If you have to unpick be ever so careful as you can easily put a whole in this fabric as it cuts so readily.

However, despite the fluff, the fabric actually seems quite stable once cut and sewed up easily both with the overlocker and the sewing machine.

My finished lounging pants are really comfy and reallllly warm and work perfectly at… lounging.

My second item is a bit of an adventure. As simple as the first item was I seemed to feel the need to up the ante and make something a bit more involved. I’ve been seeing a lot of oversized faux fur and fleecy aviator style jackets and thought that this fabric could do something like this. I hacked a pattern for a moto style jacket from the 90s and went from there.

Again the fabric sheds a lot when sewing but does sew up nicely, there is a bit of stretch so you may need to stabilise it somehow to stop rippling which I had when I was inserting my zip. If you have a walking foot, this is its moment. I used the Knit foot that came in the 32 piece presser foot kit I bought recently.

I wanted to get that kind of raw edge that you get with sheepskin so I overlocked on the outside to give it a kind of rough and ready look.

With patch pockets that have the raw edges exposed and inverted seams I think I’ve got the look I was after. I like the asymmetric style of moto jackets and the side zip gives that effect. I think my furry moto style jacket is a snuggly cuddly success.

Thanks for reading,

Elaine @ Diary of a Random Madam

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