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Fake it 'till you Make it!

How often do you go out shopping, see something and think "...I can make that!" Well I had this in a big way the other day. I'm jetting off to a music festival in Budapest this August so I've been searching around for some clothes and accessories to take and on my travels around various shopping outlets I noticed a significant amount of faux leather and suede, often in the strangest places! Bags, yea sure, but leggings? Tank tops? I'm serious! I have to say they look amazing so I wondered how much of this high fashion could we crafty lot make ourselves? Turns out, a fair amount! So here's my run down of how to Fake It 'till you Make It with faux leather and suede!
Let's start with the obvious, a bag. Probably one of the most iconic leather fashion accessories at the moment is a Satchel, which upsets be a little bit because I've wanted one FOREVER and now everyone has one haha. Vogue have a great Satchel Sewing Pattern which would suit out Fire Retardant Leathercloth Faux Leather in brown down to the ground. The leathercloth has the structure to carry off such a classic pattern, and the brown gives that perfect vintage touch.
Another classic making a comeback is the 90's mini ruck sack! The 90's revival is hitting some of us in the office pretty hard as this is the first time we've seen fashion we remember first time around (eek!) but it does mean we get to re-live our youth and these tiny bags are softening the blow. Butterick 4583 has the trend down with their "utility bags" and I feel our Wine Vintage Effect Marble Faux Leather is bob on!
Going slightly more fashion forward, Liz over at Say Yes has this uber-fashionable fold over clutch tutorial which is amazing. It's so simple and you could easily whip it up for a night out! I'm also in LOVE with the contrast zip. Divine!
I spy this in our pre-quilted faux leather me thinks!
Why not add an accent to your fold over? Cherie at You and Mie has this marvelous Faux Leather Accent Foldover Clutch tutorial that is to die for. You could easily rock this out of a fat quarter of quilting fabric, too! Or maybe a calico with your own design in fabric paint? The world is your oyster!
Moving on to clothing, you're really looking at more fashion than utility, so our Soft PVC Faux Leather is going to be the place to go. I've whipped up a dress in the stuff and it is a-maz-ing to work with. Easing in the sleeves was a dream, and I'd never done sleeves before!
Nicole of The Felted Fox has a great tutorial to revamp and old sweater using Faux Leather! Her Faux Leather Sweater DIY is so simple to follow, and I really do love the result! Much better than anything I've spotted off the rack. I love the structure in the shoulders, and because of the nature of the faux leather there's no hemming! 
Carrying on with clothing and the no-hemming style is Cotton and Curls with a great DIY for a Faux Leather A-Line Skirt. A classic with a twist? Right up my street. I think I'd go a step further and maybe rock out our Navy Blue Soft Faux Leather!
The great thing with faux leather is that it doesn't need hemming so you can really rock the grunge look, or use hole punches and/or an awl to create detailing around the hems. If you're not a fan of the unfinished look, you could easily polish it off with a leather bias binding. I used the brown as a contrast to the burgundy faux leather on the dress I mentioned earlier  and it really finished it off.
Whilst we're on the subject of dresses and contrasts, Simplicity has a great pattern in the form of S1314 Top, Trouser Pants & Dresses which is made for contrasting texture, colour, all sorts. What's also great is it's designed for "leather like fabrics", amongst many others, so you can really go to town with experimentation. 
Another big fashion item of late is Leather Leggings. Not trousers, leggings. I know, I'm confused but I have to admit they are very stylish and look more like the jegging trend than anything. Fashion forward as ever, Burda has this covered with their 6855 pattern, Skinny Fit Jeans in 3 Styles
Yet another reason to love the  Soft PVC Faux Leather is that is actually has a bit of stretch to it! Similar to how standard woven fabric has give across the bias, the Faux leather gives and takes when worked, making it really comfy to wear and work with and it's perfect for this Burda Pattern. What's really interesting about it is that the back of view B is designed to be made in a different fabric to the front. A stretch fabric. 
So you could easily create a really fun contrast with a standard black jersey, for example, or you could utilize a Coated Jersey like our PU Coated Double Jersey.
Match made in heaven much? 
The contrasts on View C would be a great way to use up your scraps from other projects, too. 
Now whilst we're on the topic of scraps, there's a lot of accessories to be made from your leather project off cuts. Natasha at Tasha Delrae has this wonderful tutorial for a No Sew Faux Leather Peplum which is a great staple to keep your wardrobe up to date. Great for holidays, too, to keep your looks fresh! 
Moving onto smaller scraps, Christina of DeSmitten has a great tutorial for a DIY Celine Bracelet with some strategic scrap gluing and a round buckle. Tres stylish.
Stylish storage solutions are always a winner, and Luisa of Why Don't You Make Me has a lovely tutorial for DIY Cord Tacos a neat, stylish and crafty way to stop your headphones or charger wires getting tangled in your bag. Perfect for those about to take on an adventure, or those like me who have a TARDIS of a handbag! Another excuse to personalize with fabric paint, too.
More nifty storage solutions from Autumn at It's Always Autumn in the form of a DIY Card Holder. Now she's designed these with trading cards in mind, but I totally have enough store cards and memberships to fill this bad boy and I'm sure I'm not the only one! I also have a deck of Magic the Gathering trading cards soooooo may need to make two!
Heading back towards fashion over function with this AMAZING DIY No Beading Beaded Bracelet by Honor at Home Heart Craft. This tutorial has really got me into the festival spirit and I may need to dig out my leather scraps and pick up some Dylon 3D Paint and Snap Fasteners to make this!
My all time favourite DIY I've found is for a DIY Leather Lunch Bag. There are many designer versions of this item, Jil Sander and Michael Kors to name a few, but who really has £460 to spend on these? I certainly don't so this is a true Fake It 'till you Make It make! The best tutorial I've found for one is by Le Fanciulle. I love the pinking detail on the top!
So what do you think of the Faux Leather Craze? Works for you? Bit O.T.T.? Let us know and be sure to share your makes! Stay tuned for Fake it 'till you Make it! Pt. 2, Suede!
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Keep crafting!
Katie B xo

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