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Fake It 'till you Make It - Part 2!

Hey Guys,
Yes I'm back with my first Part 2! I'm excited. When I started work on the Fake It 'till you Make It post, I completely underestimated how usable faux leather and suede were! So here's the second installment in the F.I.M.I. saga, how to work Faux Suede! Like I said in the first F.I.M.I. post, leather and suede are BIG in fashion right now and many of the suede trends blend so I'll do my best to categorize them for a quick go to guide!
Starting with clothing and a pretty solid staple. The Suede Jacket
Winnie (Scruffy Badger) on our Blogger Network did a wonderful replica of a jacket she had when she was a teenager and it is divine! She used KwikSew 3334 and our 60" wide Polyester Suede Dress Fabric Brown.
I really like the look of Butterick 6169 for our Black Suede, but I'm REALLY tempted by Burda 6800, I sense a lot of fun with contrasting on this one. Maybe the Stone and Cream... 
Another thing I noticed a lot of were Suede Skirts
Simple A-Line cuts, letting the fabric do the talking! The most adorned skirts I saw were button ups like New Look 6346 in Tan
If you want a slightly sexier look, Burda 6902 is right up your street with gorgeous Pencil Skirts! I love the double button look on View A!
Next on the clothing line is a suede shift dress
I could see a peep of a contrast zip on the back of one of my favourites (which I'm a huge fan of) so why not rock a Bold Metal Zip with Simplicity 1609
A surprising find for me was a boxy suede top! I didn't think this could be a thing, but it is and it's really cool!
Burda 6850 is a collection of loose fitting casual tops which I think would work with the faux suede as it isn't as heavy as you'd imagine!
Next on the fashion line up is a slouchy hobo bag 
Butterick 6011 is a great pattern for this. You can keep the straps as they are, shorten them for a high street look or swap them for handles for a true designer look.
I would absolutely LOVE to see Vogue 1311 in Suede!
Another bag I saw around the place, in suede particularly, was a type of drawstring bucket bag, not dis-similar to Burda 6961. It was often mixed with Aztec Weaving designs and so much fringing!
Which takes us swiftly into accessories and the big trend with suede; Tassels and Fringing!
 You can add them to anything for instant style and chic. Mix and match textures and fabrics with suede tassels on a calico bag for Boho vibes. Misty Spinny at Brit + Co has a great tutorial for Tassel Jewellery which can easily be tweaked to make great adornments for your accessories, or a quick and easy way to stay on trend (psst we sell Jewellery Making  supplies, too!)
Another quick and easy accessory comes from Eileen at Yes Missy who has a lovely tute for a DIY Bracelet with suede thonging woven in a cross style through the chain. Absolutely to die for! I might adapt into a headband for festival season!
For something slightly different we head over to Lil Blue Boo where Ashley has a great tutorial for DIY Suede Book Covers and Handmade Journals! How amazing would these be as gifts?!
So how did I do for my first Part 2? I thoroughly enjoyed myself as it got me right into the festival spirit! I'll be bouncing around an Island in the Danube River around the time this goes out to you lovely people! I'll hopefully have plenty of homemade Minerva fashion to share with you all on my return so stay tuned!
Be sure to share your makes, too! 
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Keep crafting!
Katie B xo

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