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Friendship Bracelet Maker Product Review by Teena

I love accessories especially bracelets, and now I have a little girl, Babybear, who shares the same love. So I jumped up and down very quickly when Minerva Crafts offered this Friendship Bracelet Maker (FBM) to test. The FBM is designed for age 6+ but please do not let that put you off thinking it’s just for kids. It’s most definitely for anyone of any age. 

The FBM itself is super colourful bright pink and green, which captured the eye of Babybear straight away. But this was MY toy! There are 2 sets of instructions: a small booklet which instructs on how to create different styles of bracelet; and an A4 leaflet which shows how to start a basic design. I obviously went with the basic design. I’m a newbie!

To access the threads you just need to slide the top section up, and hey presto! There are 42 threads - 3 of each colour, and there are 14 colours to choose from. Spoilt for choice indeed. Once you have chosen your threads, you simply need to follow the instructions on the A4 leaflet to get started. Start of by creating a loop with all the threads. There is a beautiful purple butterfly which is the clip to hold the threads together as you begin weaving and tying. Place the loop under the clip, there are only 4 little catchers so some catchers will have 2 or 3 threads, but that’s ok, it doesn’t affect the rest of the process.

The first pattern on the A4 leaflet is a diagonal pattern, which reminds me of the friendship bracelets I had when I was a youngster. That was a very long time ago. I would advise to read the instructions before starting the bracelet, especially understanding how to create a double right hand knot. Once this has been mastered I think the bracelet making is easy-peasy.

The instructions are straight-to-the-point with diagrams, for novices it can be a little confusing. However, it took me 5 minutes of reading and practicing the knots, I was ready to go. This is the first bracelet I made, not bad is it?

Although the packaging states for ages 6 + I thought why not try it out on a 3 ½ year old. Instructing Babybear on how to pass me the threads, we managed to get 2 rows completed. I don’t think that this product is restricted to children above the age of 6 years. Babybear and I had lots of fun. She enjoyed it so much that we made another bracelet together.

The FBM is a great size; it’s lightweight and has a smart little storage area for all the threads and bracelets. Babybear was able to easily transport the FBM around without a problem. There are no sharp corners or other bits, which made me feel at ease to allow Babybear to play with the product.

I have to emphasise that I was with Babybear at all times when using the FBM, she was never left alone with the product or threads. The product does specifically warn to keep away from children under 36 months. Babybear is nearly 44 months but I didn’t want her to mix and twist the threads because I am loving this bracelet maker, and will be making some bracelets for my HOLIDAY! I can already see gold, pinks, corals…OMG! I’m excited already for my next batch of bracelets. I may even make a matching anklet. Ok, I am super duper excited now. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep posted on my makes!

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