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Go Handmade 8 Knitted Animals Book Review by Teena

"8 Knitted Animals" by Go handmade was the dream Knitting Book when I saw the opportunity to review this product. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love knitting, and I absolutely love knitting something for my girls, which I haven’t done in a long time. And what can more cuter than knitting a little cuddly.
This was the first time I had knitted a toy, I have crocheted Christmas tree decorations but this was definitely a new skill. So I needed a book that was beginners with easy to follow instructions. There are 8 animals to choose from, and immediately when you look at the front cover you just fall in love with them. Each one just makes you want one no matter what age. 
The first page is a great guide. It helps to set the expectations for knitting. And the bit I like the most: “All kinds of yarn can be used.”
This was the best line I read in any knitting pattern, because if you’re like me, there are always plenty of odd balls of yarn lying around the house. Yep I mean house. 
What’s also great about this first page is that it really does advise, like the length of the ball of yarn, and what consumption you will get. So for beginners I think this book does offer a fantastic start. 
My favourite page has to be pages 4-5. Why? Well look below:
It just takes me back to a fairy tale and the animals suddenly personify, even more reason to get knitting. Page 6-7 there is more advise about tension and the different types of stitching involved. 
The book is lightweight, easy to pack away on your travels if you enjoy knitting away from home. I may take mine to the office for a lunch-break knit. The whole layout and pictures are so aesthetically pleasing, I can’t stop flicking through even when I’m not knitting. 
With confidence to begin, it was down to Bear to choose which animal she wanted. Great minds think alike, because she chose Lukas the bunny. There was something Scandinavian, minimal and gender-neutral about this character. I was delighted.
Now down to knitting. I read the pattern thoroughly before I began knitting any swatch. I would strongly recommend this because if this is your first toy knitting or even your first knit (brave or what!) then you should familiarise yourself with the stitches, techniques and equipment involved. I have never knitted using Double-Pointed Needles (DPN) so this was a little scary, but I wanted to try.
After a few trials knitting a round using the DPNs I finally got to grips with the pattern. It really was not as scary as it seems. Because of the size of yarn I chose (3mm 4ply) I did find I worked slower than my usual pace, but that’s ok. I want this bunny to be perfect, so slow knitting it is.
So as I continue to knit the head and body, I must say that this book is a great one for new knitters. The pattern is super easy to follow. There are little hints too. In the future, I can see more animals being knitted, perhaps as gifts/keepsakes for friends’/families’ children. Meanwhile don’t forget to follow my knit on Instagram @thatmakesher

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