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Habico Mini Steam Iron Review by Emma

Today brings you some information about the Habico Steam Iron available from Minerva Crafts. Now, I have to start this review by saying that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I couldn’t wait for the end to say that…
Habico HSI Mini Steam Iron is a cute little handheld ironing product that packs a lot of power. It is only 13cm in length with a 40ml water tank and variable heat settings.  The steam function is also optional and can be activated at the click of a button. 
There is a base stand allowing it to stand upright and a neat neck which not only is really ergonomic to hold, but an excellent cable holder. It comes with a water jug as an added extra, has a lengthy cable and 2 pin plug – so folks in the UK you are going to need an adapter for this one. 
I could not believe my luck that the mini ironing board I’ve had hoarded in my cupboard has finally found its partner after all these years! Such a perfect pairing! This setup is absolutely ideal to have out on the sideboard or on the floor when you’re engrossed in a sewing project, without the need to go setting up your large ironing station. I had it set up and switched on the entire time I was making a shirt and it was unbelievably useful to just quickly press cuffs, collars, plackets, and even larger pieces!
To get going all you need is your UK adapter, plug in and go! The water tank opens at the front and the mini jug allows easy pouring. It doesn’t take much water but a little went a very long way! I got about 20 mins out of it before I had to refill.
Wait a couple of minutes for the iron to heat – the light comes on initially and goes off once the iron is ready to use. This took about 90 seconds to heat up to Max. temperature.
To set the steam function, simply click the middle button so it releases. 
Now you’re just going to have to take my word for it as taking photos of steam on a really dark January day is pretty difficult – but wow did this thing go crazy! I was incredibly impressed with how much steam was produced and how efficient the water consumption was considering how much was being generated.
The iron itself was excellent and glided right over the fabric, creating very sharply pressed creases. In this example the fabric strip was quite a thick twill and it handled that very well. All I would say is that if you are doing smaller work – watch your hands! I got a bit steam burnt making some binding as I held it close to the folds.
Another excellent feature of this iron that I discovered, was that given how much steam was produced, I could use it as an upright steamer! This is coming on holiday with me next time we travel – it’s small, lightweight and would make an excellent travel iron to pop in your suitcase. 
I tested this bad boy out at sewing class as well, it fit nicely into my bag and was easy to use on the regular ironing boards. I would say however that it does need a case for travelling due to it remaining hot for some time. In fact, next on my to-do list is making it a little carry case for travel purposes.
The cable wraps around the neck of the iron for easy storage, look how compact!
I thoroughly enjoyed testing out this product and can safely say that I would wholly recommend this as a little sewing companion. In fact, I liked it so much, it’s just a great little companion generally. I introduced it to friends….it went down well…
All in all, this little mini iron is excellent company.  I shall be taking it more places…sewing class, holiday, day trips…out for coffee…
Thanks for reading,
Emma @ Crafty Clyde

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