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Introducing Gohandmade Kits

Hi Everyone, I just had to write a post today to tell you all about our new range of Knitting KitsCrochet Kits and Sewing Kits from Gohandmade. They are absolutely adorable and we think, perfect for Christmas presents!
What makes this range special we think, is the people behind the company and the story they have created around each and every character. Their love for fairy tales is at the very heart of every little character they design and it shines through into their products.
From the designers...
"We are several (women) involved in creating our ranges – working together is quite inspiring, and we sincerely believe that our togetherness has meant that we have been able to develop something, which we ourselves think is a lovely range.
Once upon a time there was ... 
A time for fairy tales! Throughout the development process of our animals and dolls, it has been our idea to create the possibility of stories. I myself was born and raised in H.C. Andersen's childhood town of Odense, something which has always meant something very special to me and has been very inspiring in my work with all the animals and the dolls. Everyone knows fairy tales. These are some of the first stories we hear as children, and we all know what belongs to a true fairy tale. A fairy tale always takes the side of the weakest, and it is the poorest, who becomes the princess. A fairy tale always has a happy ending – good is victorious over the evil. Fantastic things happen in fairy tales, birds can speak and frogs may turn into princes. Fairy tales speak to our innermost thoughts and feelings – they can be about being alone in the world, overcoming incredible dangers, finding love or becoming a hero. The same fairy tales are told throughout the world in slightly different ways. With the super cute animals and dolls from go handmade, you can create your own fairy tales.
At Gohandmade we are doing things a little bit differently. Some people will call us nerds, because we have worked exhaustively to give our collection "that special something". We have wanted to create a collection that is unique and of a high quality, and at the same time, it's also important to us that our products can be sold at attractive prices. It is our great hope that you will also find that our needlework kits are something special and can surpass your wildest expectations."
We love this story here at Minerva and we just had to stock this range of kits! All of us here at Minerva HQ have our favourite character we want to make! Each character has its own little story we have fallen in love with and we would love to introduce them to you.
First up we have Emily and Ella, two mice girls and they are each other’s best friend in the world. 
They love to dance, are always happy and all the other animals in the forest are mad about them. 
They share all their experiences with each other. The last time they met, Arno the fishermouse was to show everyone how to catch fish with a fishing rod. A lot of fun was had.
Emily and Ella will soon be participating in the great “Mouse Ballerina Show” and therefore, they have gathered all their friends to show them their performance - but also because it is much more fun dancing when there is someone to dance for. 
With an audience, the two mouse-friends make an extra effort and their friends are also really good at applauding and giving them good advice. They enjoy this and everyone has a great time.
We love her friends Sara and Simba the elephants...
Julia and Lotta the Giraffes...
And Burt and Bart the Cats!...
Next up we have Hippo Helmut and his friends! 
Hippo Helmut and his friends often spend time together. They enjoy being together, have a lot in common and agree that there is no better place to be than with them. 
Even though they have a lot in common, they also each have their own exciting experiences from the big wide world, which they love to share with each other. Every time they get together, the day begins with a family photo and then they get busy telling their stories. 
The last time they met, Ili Pika and Junior were there for the first time. Ili Pika is a short-eared rabbit with the sweetest expression. 
Ili Pika became world-famous recently. There was great concern that his species had disappeared, but then suddenly after many years, he and members of his species appeared in China and pictures of them went viral. Everyone was unbelievably happy to see the pictures of Ili Pikas - no one can resist such a cute animal.
His friends include Fido the Dog...
Jonas the Dragon...
Helene the Sheep...
Jimmi the Monkey... (He's so cheeky!)
Plus Hillary the PigDorte the Cow and Gunilla the Giraffe!
Next up we have Lukas & Buddy the Elephants who are best friends with the other animals of the forest. They get together often and when they are not just playing a lot of fun games, they take turns telling fairy tales. 
Sometimes, if it is very exciting or almost scary, they move close together, so close that they are all in a huddle. Now, listening is the fun part.
Their friends are just the sweetest! Camille the Bear is the cutest little bear you will ever meet!
We also have Simon & Mats, the Cat and Mouse, Laura & Andy the cheeky rabbits and Luis the Mouse!
Our Duck family (which has to be my favourite!) has four members.
 Meet AndersDottiPeter and little Alfred as the youngest. 
Alfred isn’t always very happy! Mother Dotti crafted new sandals for the whole family, so on a lovely summer day they can comfortably head off with their towels and blankets. 
They can’t wait to get in the water, except for little Alfred, of course. He’s on the lookout for a sunny spot to slumber and soak up the sun.
Our next character for you to meet is Hippo Charlie who is a dear and kind hippo – and with his warm expression, he’s a popular guy. 
Here he is out in the wild with little birdie!
Little Birdie follows him whenever she has the time. Even though Hippo Charlie doesn’t understand everything she tells him, they love each other’s company.
Here's the whole bunch of friends...
Introducing Janus the Owl...
Felix & Buster the Cats...
And Mulle & Julle the Dogs...
And lastly may we introduce you to the Mouse Sisters!
All three are very loving and caring mice who enjoy being together. In the summer when the weather is nice and sunny, they live out in the countryside. None of them can do without either their pillow or their much loved teddy bear; and of course, they always sleep in their nightdresses.
Meet Cherry & Line...
Her best friend Joan with Buster the teddy bear...
Wih best friend Ida & Felix the bear to keep her company!...
Hope you enjoyed meeting these little characters and hope you love them just as much as we do! If you would like a world-class Danish needlework kit, then Gohandmade is something for you!
Thanks so much for reading,

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