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Kinder Cardigan from Wendy Ward's New Book by Sophie

I was so happy to review Wendy Ward's new book “A beginners guide to sewing with knitted fabrics”. I’m not so experienced with knitted fabric, they tend to scare me. But as I read Wendy's reason for writing the book, that knits was previously described as fabric hard to work with and its tendency to do unknown shifting, and that she said it wasn’t as hard as people made it out to be I relaxed a bit more. This was my perception of the topic as well, meaning this book will help me demystify knits.
I read the book and it’s explains everything from different types of knits (and which fabric will be suitable for different types of garments) to set up your machine ready to sew knits. As the title of the book said it really is a good book for beginners to sewing with knits.
Throughout the book, you’ll learn different techniques and to put this new skills to the test there are projects which will be relevant. This book contains six projects with different variations to it. The projects are Peak T-shirt, Derwent wide leg trousers, Winnats tank, Monsal lounge pants, Kinder cardigan and Longshaw skirt. All the names of the projects in this book were named after Wendy’s favourite place, the Peak District, which is a national park outside Sheffield.
With all of the projects, it was hard to pick just one, but I’m so happy with my decision. In the introduction to this pattern Wendy wrote: “It’s such a great “between seasons” garment and I’ve worn the samples I sewed up when developing the pattern almost daily. (...) Make yourself one and it will quickly earn its place in your wardrobe as one of your go-to pieces.”
I’m of course talking about the Kinder cardigan. I made the long version both for the bodice and sleeves. To make this I chose to go for this amazing ivory floral scuba fabric. Minerva have sold out of this one now, but they always have loads of new printed Scuba Fabrics coming in all the time. To show you how well the pattern works for between seasons I tried taking photos of it in the coming months. The only problem is that I live in Norway - so January, February and the beginning of March seems just the same here, but take a look anyway!
January: Here I’m wearing the cardigan with my Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Pattern.
February: here is the cardigan matched up with some simple leggings and a knit top.
March: Cardigan paired with one of my newest Minerva Crafts blogger network makes. My Rosari skirt made with denim.
The one thing that I wish was better with this book was the pattern paper. The pattern comes on three sheets, front and back, and you have to piece some of the patterns together like I’m doing with this bodice piece for the cardigan. Where my ruler lies is where the two sheets meet. There is no option to cut the pattern. Trace, trace, baby! I was making the long version, so I had to add 26 cm to the cardigans front and back piece also since the pattern on the sheet only goes to the hip length.
On the other hand, it’s one small thing that makes me instantaneously like a book or a pattern much more. And that is the fact that it has both metric and imperial measuring system, makes it more appealing in general for me. As a Norwegian, I’m all about the metric, and I love the fact that this book has it!
I can’t wait for spring to come in full swing here so that I can use this cardigan as a perfect coatigan outdoors. This really brightens up my day these days.
Thanks for reading,
Sophie @ Sopbac

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