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Knit Pro Symfonie Knitting Needles Product Review by Karen

Hello all! It’s Karen from Hyacinth Bloom here again, and today I’m reviewing some Knitting Needles that the lovely people from Minerva Crafts sent to me.

These are the single pointed Knit Pro Symfonie Knitting Keedles. They are made from laminated birchwood, which is supposedly a stronger material than other types of wooden needle on the market. The Knit Pro Symfonie range includes not only these straight needles, but also Fixed Circular NeedlesInterchangeable Circular Needles and Double Pointed Needles. All of these different types of needles are made from the same eye-catching multicoloured wood. I will be honest and say that it was the colour of the needles which were a major selling point for me!

I learnt to knit using ordinary Metal Knitting Needles, because that was what both my mother and grandmother used. A year or so after I started knitting I bought a set of wooden needles in a post-Christmas sale. I realised then that I preferred the feel of wooden needles in my hands. I can’t quite explain why I favour wooden over metal needles, it’s simply the feeling of warmth and comfort I suppose. (They also don’t make that vaguely annoying, metallic clicking noise so characteristic of metal needles). The wooden needles I own are perfectly functional, but pretty ordinary and unbranded. These Knit Pro needles, however, are not only functional but also pretty to look at and admire in all their multicoloured glory.

Okay, back to the sensible part of the review. I received a pair of size 5mm needles that measured 40cm in length. As well as the different types of needles, the single pointed needles also come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 15cm up to the 40cm I received. And goodness me these are certainly some big needles! The 40cm length increases my wing span quite significantly, making these needles unsuitable for travelling (unless you’re willing to continually elbow your fellow passengers). I think I will probably always prefer a circular needle for travel knitting projects. What these straight needles are perfect for, however, is knitting large patterned garments. I chose to use my needles to knit an aran-weight jumper with a central cable detail. The long length of the needles means that you can spread your stitches right across and really see what it is you’re trying to do (without dropping or fumbling your cable needle like I normally do).

These needles were a pleasure to use (as well as to look at). The points are not sharp enough to damage your fingers, but they have enough of a point to work the yarn easily. (At no time did the needle try to split a stitch in half). The needles felt sturdy in my hands and I was never concerned about the needles breaking in any way. With the multiple layers of laminated wood there is, I suppose, a possibility that the needles could splinter (particularly perhaps on thinner needles such as 3mm). These Knit Pro Symfonie knitting needles are at the higher end of the market for wooden needles. They don’t necessarily do anything new or different to what budget, unbranded needles can do. Yet I do think the money is worth investing as they are a joy to handle and use. I will definitely be using these 5mm needles for future aran-weight projects and will almost certainly be getting more Knit Pro Symfonie’s in various sizes to add to my ever-growing needle collection.

Thank you Minerva Crafts for this colourful addition to my hoard of knitting needles and thank you all for reading!

Karen @ Hyacinth Bloom

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