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#KnitPicksforEwe - Grandchildren and knitting!

Well hi everybody, a new chapter has started for me this morning. Anybody who follows my #fabricfriday and #patternoftheweek blog posts will know we had a little addition to our family back in June. I say little, she was 9lb 3. This bundle of love is now 5 months old and her Mum has gone back to work part time and I (lucky me)  am looking after her two days a week. After working 6 days a week, sometimes 7 for the last 20+ years, this is my first grandchild that I can look after for two full days each week. I thought I would just start writing a little blog post about what I intend to knit, especially those projects for Emily. I've also managed to knit a couple of inches of a gorgeous throw I'm making for myself, with Emily asleep beside me!
Emily has so much pink, everybody has either bought or made her pink, especially me! Recently I bought her some little needlecord trousers, made by Liberty in the sale. I just couldn't resist them!!
And so the problem was what colour should I knit to go with them? I was immediately drawn to the little blue flower in the fabric and found a perfect match in our Hayfield Baby Aran Yarn. The pattern I chose was King Cole 3133 mainly because I wanted a hooded jacket but also because I loved the wavy edge on the yellow version. 
Many patterns now have dropped shoulders and it is so easy to 'tighten' the armhole when sewing in the sleeves. I've seen this happen so many times. It makes the top sleeve edge look 'bunched up' So I was really pleased to find that this pattern not only had raglan sleeves but was knit in one piece up to the armholes. 
It's looking like I will have enough yarn over to make a hat to match the jacket. I know that the jacket has a hood but I have always found hoods don't fit close enough and therefore the wind etc., will make baby cold. So hopefully by next week I'll have an update showing the finished jacket and maybe a hat modelled by the beautiful Emily.
Thanks for reading and hope I don't keep you waiting too long for an update!
Annette xx

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