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Lady McElroy Zephyr Dress by Ruth

When Minerva offered me the opportunity to review this Lady McElroy tropical print Ponte Roma Fabric I actually jumped for joy. The photos of the fabric were gorgeous and the ponte roma gave me endless opportunities for what I could make with it. Although I normally stay away from floral fabrics the print was beautiful and I fell in love with it immediately.
When it arrived the first thing that crossed my mind was ‘don’t rush it!’ I am not one of these sewers who spends a long time restitching and perfecting my garments. No matter how hard I try I always end up getting carried away and rushing to finish a project so I can wear my clothes as quickly as possible.
But in the spirit of new year’s resolutions I wanted this item to be perfect. I loved the fabric so much that I wanted to make sure I did it justice and didn’t ruin it with mistakes. When it arrived I even smiled opening the parcel! It’s black and floral but with a quilted effect it really brings the print to life.
I decided to choose a pattern that’s been on my wish list for a while - the Deer and Doe Zephyr Dress Pattern. It’s ideal for knit fabrics and I thought the floral would be great for my upcoming honeymoon. 
The fabric feels of fantastic quality and was easy to work with throughout the project. Despite being a summer fabric the quilted effect adds a weight to the fabric which provides a gorgeous drape. And even though my overlocker decided to give up the ghost halfway through I managed to keep to my own promise and didn’t rush the project. I even did a toile before cutting into my precious fabric!
The project was quick and easy to make and I didn’t have to make any sizing changes whatsoever. As expected Deer and Doe’s instructions were a bit vague, especially when assembling the v-neck on the dress. I found during this process the fabric was very durable - especially as I had to unpick the same section six times to get the v-neck right! I’m not still sure I mastered it completely but for my first v-neck I thought it was the best I could do.
Even though this fabric feels very similar to scuba it does definitely need finishing after every seam. I did find when correcting my (many!) mistakes that did fray when handled from time to time and when pulled a little too much it started to pull the print apart, but the majority of this project can be completed on an overlocker.
I’m really proud of my finished dress and it makes me smile just catching a glimpse of it in my wardrobe. By not rushing my project I can wear my dress without focusing on the mistakes but looking what what I’ve achieved instead. The Fabric surpassed my expectations and the drape is gorgeous for a summer dress. Even though it’s snowing outside now I already feel more summery and can’t wait for the warm weather!
Thanks for Reading,
Ruth @ruthofford

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