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Lucky Dip Fabric Bag Product Review by Simona

Hello again,

The lovely people from Minerva Crafts this time asked me to test for them one of their Lucky Dip Fabric Bags. I had a choice of which bag I could pick. After being overwhelmed with the bags on offer in the end, I chose to go for the Viscose Fabric 5mt bag, a bag of viscose and viscose blend fabric remnants in assorted colours!  

Each lucky dip bag is chosen at random containing fabric from ranges that Minerva have stocked in the past, where they only have small ends of rolls left. The description on their webiste reads...

"Each fabric piece in your pack will be at least half a metre long and your pack can contain any number of pieces in various lengths and widths to make up  the total amount of metres.  I.e. you may receive 10 half metre pieces, 1 five metre piece, or anything in-between. There are no seconds or soiled fabrics in these packs, they are all as you would buy them per metre in a shop, except because you are buying blind you save hugely on the price! Every bag may be different so you can order more than one bag and get a great assortment of fabric! They are great for dressmakers and crafters looking for good quality fabric on a budget. They are also great for people new to sewing as you  can experiment with a variety of different types of fabrics without going to the expense of buying lots of fabrics by the metre."

Once ordered, I just waited for my parcel to arrive. I was really excited as I did not know what exactly I would get, how many pieces or how long will they be. This means I could not do any pre-planning as I did with the previous fabric I tested before (here is a link to my previous review). As usual the parcel arrived really fast and in no time I put the fabric in the wash, waiting for it to dry.

My bundle consisted of two fabrics one of one 1 metre (back background with flowers) and the other one of 4 metres (olive/brown Aztec print).

Finally, I could start thinking what to make! From my 1 metre piece I decided to make the Juliet Blouse from SimpleSew Patterns. As I only had 1m of fabric, I shortened the sleeves and made the ties out of a different fabric as well using ready made bias tape to finish the neckline.

With the second piece I made a Butterick Sewing Pattern no 5889 (I made view C) and a Kimono with a tie (the pattern for this was free with one of my sewing magazine subscriptions). Again for the tunic I used ready made bias tape for the neckline facing.

With the top and the tunic I used the overlocker to finish the exposed seams (shoulder or side seams).

For the kimono, I decided to do a French seam to have a clean finish inside. Then to finish the hem on the black top I chose to turn .06 cm and then again 2.5cm. Because the fabric was moving a lot I ended up using a zigzag stitch to make sure the hem is secure.

When I made the fabric belt, after trimming the seam allowance, I found it easier to use a ruler to turn it to the right side and it prevented from rolling around. Obviously you need to use a ruler that's smaller than the width of the belt you want to turn.

Later I pressed it and stiched the opening shut.

My tips when working with viscose:

  • consider using Fabric Stiffener to temporary stabilise the fabric, so it is easier to handle

  • staystitch the necklines and/or armholes inside the seam lines to prevent them from stretching out of shape

  • take your time, do not rush, consider tacking the seams in place first before sewing them together

  • press seams as you go along

Although viscose can be a pain to work with, it is so soft against the skin that it is well worth the pain working with it. Here are the three items I made with my Lucky dip bag:

Simple Sew Juliet Top

Butterick B5889 view D

The Kimono - free with a very old issue of Sew Magazine.

Although with Lucky Dip bags it is like playing the lottery, I love them, because so many times I end up with fabrics I like, but I would have not picked them otherwise. So if you want to get yourself out of you comfort zone I think they are quite a fun way to either try new fabrics or prints you would not normally pick yourself. If they do not turn out the way you want them, you won't cry over it, as you did not spend a fortune. I also tend to use the fabrics I get in my lucky fabrics to make wearable muslins as well.

We would love to hear and see what you have been making with the fabrics you got with the Lucky Dip bags you got from Minerva Crafts. Please share your makes with us. Tag @minervacrafts on instagram and twitter and use the hashtag #LuckyDipBag.

Like always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my review and happy shopping!

Love Simona


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A crafter said:

I've not actually heard of the Lucky dip bags - what a good idea. I usually think things like that you'd end up getting all the rubbish fabric the store didn't want. After seeing what Simona has made I'm impressed by the amount of fabric and what can be made from it. I'm off to give it a look! · 8th Aug 2017 11:47am