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Machine Stars Wrap Around Skirt Pattern Review

My daughter has watched me sew for as long as she can remember. She's spent many a time sat upon a chair watching me redraft patterns, mimicking me with her own pen and paper, tongue invariably poking out in concentration. She's watched me cut out fabric and played at cutting her own from the scraps; she’s watched me pin, sew and twirl in the garments I've made and has often asked “when can I have a go?”

She now has own pink mini sewing machine, which sews steady and slow with a little foot pedal; perfect for little sewists. She's sewn line after line, perfecting her straight rows and has made blankets for her dollies; so when Minerva kindly gave us the opportunity to test the Machine Stars range of super simple Sewing Patterns for Children aged 7+ we jumped at the chance. 

We received their ‘wrap around skirt’; there is also a lovely little apron; a sundress; kit, book and sleepover bags and a room tidy in the range.

The wrap around skirt Sewing Pattern is designed to fit any child over the age of 7, with its ribbon waist ties – the pattern itself therefore simply consists of two pattern pieces, skirt front and skirt back, together with a sheet of instructions and a glossary of sewing terms. 

My Pixie Princess was so excited to open the envelope! She smoothed out the paper and she got to cutting out her very first pattern piece. My huge paper scissors were large and cumbersome in her dainty little hands and especially given that she's left handed, I quickly realised if she wants to carry on sewing, she's going to need her own range of equipment! But she persevered – the pattern pieces have extra thick lines to help little hands navigate the shapes! With only a little assistance, she did such a great job! We decided to trace one of the pattern pieces, the skirt front, as she needed to cut two plus she wanted to have a go. I was sooo impressed with how well she did.  She was tired with all that concentrating and it proved enough for session one!

Our next session consisted of pinning the pattern pieces to the Dressmaking Fabric (we used a remnant of beige shimmer twill I had stashed) and then cutting them out. She found putting in the pins quite tricky, and the paper is quite thick, but she got there in the end! I love how evidently proud of herself she was throughout! 

I decided to overlock all the edges of the pieces; it does say they could use a zig zag stitch to stop the edges fraying but I wasn't convinced she'd be able to do that yet. Plus overlooking neatened up the cut edges …. Shush, don't tell her I said that though! ;-) 

Session three saw her sat the sewing machine! She'd used Wonder Clips to pin skirt back and fronts together and then off she went! We had a few little wobbles but overall her seams were really good! I stood by her as she hefted the iron and pressed them flat and watched with pride as she ran into the other room to show Daddy what she had achieved!

Once the side seams are sewn (leaving a gap on one side to thread the ribbon through), you move onto creating a facing at each skirt front, hemming and attaching the ribbon. Then ta da! She'd made her first skirt!!! 

Is it perfect? No of course not but she thinks it is! She loves it! It's actually a tad too big - she's not yet quite 7 – but importantly, I really hope this will be something she always remembers; the first time she made something ‘all’ by herself. Do I think the pattern is worth the £8 price tag? Well, you could probably draft the pieces yourself but there is no denying just how special my little one felt in opening her own first pattern envelope, in tracing and cutting out the pieces and reading through the instructions. And, who knows; it may be the start of a life long passion and, as we all know, that truly is a priceless gift! 

Thank you Minerva for supplying the pattern in return for this review. It's been a great mother-daughter experience! 

You can catch more of my sewing antics over on my blog or as part of the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network.

Until next time,

Sarah xx

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veronica steadman said:

Well done. She's a lucky little girl to have a patient and competent mum. I remember I was about 7 when I made my first dress, could only just reach the treddle on my mums old singer machine. · 10th Jun 2017 11:59am

ANNA GUY said:

I have shown my 7 year old daughter this and she seems very eager to start her own project. well done to your clever little girl! · 10th Jun 2017 11:26am

Let's Get Sewing said:

It's a lovely little skirt, your daughter must be so proud! · 8th Jun 2017 07:02pm