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Mermaid Sequin Fabric Review by Sarah

I jumped at the chance to review this Mermaid Sequin Fabric. I love anything sparkly and I’ve been coveting this reversible fabric for ages. Be warned, you may spend longer playing with the fabric than you do sewing with it!

I’ve never sewn with sequins before and wanted to stick to a simple pattern without darts or multiple seams. I opted to make a simple fitted pencil skirt from the book ‘Gertie Sews Vintage Casual’. The fabric has a bit of stretch across the width and none on the length, ideal for something figure hugging. (Since this fabric doesn’t have a huge amount of stretch, you may need to size up. I can just about get this on and off but it involves an awful lot of wiggling!)

The pattern is really simple, with just two pattern pieces, a front and a back. I cut each piece in a single layer as cutting through sequins is not easy. A word of warning, tiny pieces of sharp sequin will fly everywhere. I managed to get a piece in my eye, thankfully without doing any damage. Through trial and error, I found the best method is to lay your fabric sequin side down and cut slowly. It really helps to minimise the amount of bits flying up. 

The aftermath of cutting two skirt seams. This stuff gets absolutely everywhere. 

Being a sequin newbie, I found lots of information online that says to cut away the sequins from your seam allowance before sewing. I started doing this, but it was so fiddly and time consuming I gave up pretty quickly.

Instead, I brushed aside the sequins each side of my seam allowance. This left a clear sewing line with no sequins. I also used a size 16 leather needle when sewing my fabric. It meant any sequins I did manage to sew through didn’t result in a broken needle. 

After my front and back pieces were sewn together, I flipped the sequins over and ended up with an almost invisible seam. 

The base fabric that the sequins are attached to is very see through and would most likely be very uncomfortable if worn next to your skin. I used a Stretch Lining Fabric in a beige/nude colour. Underneath the sequin fabric it’s not noticeable at all. It also means the skirt is easier to get on and off as the lining is very smooth and silky.

Once the lining and waistband elastic was inserted, I hand stitched the hem to the lining. Hand stitching obviously takes longer but it meant I could avoid sewing through anymore sequins.

I love love love the finished skirt and will more than likely use this fabric again. Yes, it is very time consuming but you definitely end up with a showstopper garment. If you’re looking to make an impact, definitely go for reversible sequin fabric.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah x

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