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Named Ailakki Jumpsuit Sewing Pattern Review by Amy

Now I normally love a good challenge and usually take the skill levels on sewing patterns with a pinch of salt. The Named Ailakki Jumpsuit Pattern however is appropriately labelled. This had to be the trickiest sewing project I’ve ever done. From sewing trousers, to inserting zips to getting my head round the cross over front generally this isn’t a project you could do on low amounts of sleep or caffeine. I became best friends with my picker regularly.

That being said I thoroughly enjoyed it once I got into the swing of things. I used Minerva's textured Jersey Fabric (I know is says do not use stretch fabric but I just loved the feel of it) With good reason they suggest non stretch fabrics, it took a lot more effort to ensure that the fabric didn’t stretch, especially when using cotton for the lining which had no give in it what so ever!

The top of the jumpsuit is beautiful and I can’t wait to try it again in a different fabric and maybe even throw together a skirt instead of trouser bottoms. This pattern is so versatile that once you’ve got in your stash, there are really no limits to the garment you can create with it.

The hardest part of the top had to be the squared edge on the back, side panel. All seemed fine until it came to turning the top the right way round and that’s when I discovered that the angle and sewing was going to create a problem. It took several attempts to get that part right. I’d suggest marking the fabric with chalk before hand (lesson learnt for next time).

These bottoms were a breeze in comparison to the top half, they are beautifully tapered and super comfortable once you wear them. I have the added bonus of super long legs so I adjusted the pattern an inch at the hip level and a whole 5 inches at the knee level, both areas had pre-set markers for adjusting the length. The standard length is 29inch inside leg and with my super long legs that would have practically been ¾ pants! I was worried that it would look odd adding such a length to it but they really turned out lovely and just like the top half, I can see me using these bottoms with an alternate top half for a different look.

I did find that the waistband ran slightly shorter than the top half and it took a few attempts to get this to sit right. Then came the dreaded zip! Now I’m not a fan of zips in the first place and I had considered swapping the exposed zip for a concealed one. Thank goodness I didn’t because exposed zips are so much easier and this was tricky enough. I did find that the 13inch zip didn’t leave much wiggle room in terms of length and I wish I had bought a longer one just to allow for the stopper to be well covered by the fabric.

All in all this is one of the trickier patterns but I look forward to making it with different fabrics and using the pattern to make alternatives. Without a doubt I am so glad I have this in my stash and anyone looking to challenge their skills or looking for a comfortable evening jumpsuit this is your pattern…although if you don’t fancy your top half being accessible you may want to throw in a quick stitch to secure the cross over section.

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