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New Prym Trouser Pocket Templates Review by Elaine

Hello again everyone, Elaine @laineemakes with another product review mission gratefully accepted from Minerva Crafts; this time I’m trying out the new Prym Trouser Pocket Templates. This is a set of very useful templates for making perfectly matching pockets for your jeans or other garments.

I immediately thought jeans when I saw these, probably as I have just ordered lots of Denim Fabric and I’ve got jeans on the brain, but really any garment to which you want to add patch pockets could benefit from these and especially if you decide to add some impromptu pockets to a garment that does not have them already in their life story.

This kit comes as a set of three pairs of different sized templates. Prym provide you with a large, medium and small set which although the pack says ”trouser set”, I think they could be used for jeans, skirts or jackets, or even shirts/shirt dresses.

The process works in two stages, following your pattern, once you are ready to add your pockets, choose your desired size. Remove the small cut outs which you can discard leaving a series of slots near the edge of the template.

Next place the template onto your fabric on the wrong side and using a Fabric Marker Pen, felt tip pen or Sharpie style marker, draw around outside of the template for the outline of your pockets, making sure to use a marker which won’t stain your fabric or show through on the right side. If you are not using a thick fabric like denim, you may want to use a coloured Dressmaking Pencil or something else that will not leave a permanent mark.

Then using the inner slots, mark a broken line which indicates where you fold over your edges.

Now you can cut out your pockets using the outer guidelines you drew.

Next phase - using the second set of templates, take a stroll over to your ironing board, lay your pocket on the ironing board and place the second template on top aligning it with the broken line you traced earlier.

Fold over the edge of your pockets and press in place. The pocket templates helps you achieve a really neat even edge.

Once you have done this you are ready to add your top stitching if you are making jeans or any other embellishment you want to add, then attach them to your garment.

Another use you could put these to is to use as templates for designing your own jeans motif. I made some jeans recently and I still keep giving the plain pockets the side-eye and wishing I’d added some decoration to them. Draw around your template and practice your design on these.

Total thumbs up for Prym’s Pocket Kit! This is one of those cases where something I didn’t know even existed has become something I think I really will use a lot. The symbols on the templates are really clear and they’re easy to use (I actually did all of this in a tent in France!) 

Obviously garments with intentional pockets will have them included in the pattern but if you are drafting your own or want to add pockets to a pocket free item this kit will really help you out.

You can also get the Prym Blouse Pocket Templates at Minerva too!

Thanks for reading,

Elaine @ That Random Madam

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