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#PatternoftheWeek - Vogue 9067

Scrumptious. Thats how I describe this pattern. It has been on my 'to do' list ever since it launched. I just love the casualness (is that a word I ask myself?) of each piece in the collection. And so Vogue Pattern 9067 is my choice for #POW this week...
The pictures on the front of this pattern and the fabrics used look quite stunning. We all come across this problem don't we? Where we fall in love with what is on the front of the pattern and then can't find a fabric match anywhere, even in this day and age when we have the internet to explore. On our website alone there are tons of black and white prints that could be used for these trousers. One of the beauty's of this pattern is you can use jerseys or non-stretch fabrics for any item. And so I thought I would look for something a little different...
My first choice would be in jersey. Similar design but in reds. Fantastic for on holiday don't you think! Our description says of this fabric "A beautifully soft viscose/rayon jersey with spandex from the 'Mambo' collection. This fabric is very soft and fluid with a show-stopping print. What an amazing maxi dress this would make! Perfect for summer holidays and easy-care clothing". Definitely suitable for either design trousers. I've teamed this with Revue jersey. This is fast becoming my favourite silky jersey fabric. It is described as "a  luxury knitted fabric from the Revue collection. It is a gorgeous soft, drapey and very stretchy jersey fabric. It is a medium weight with a good amount of stretch in all directions and would be well suited to sewing patterns that require an all way stretch fabric. It has a very smooth and soft texture and is washable by either hand or machine. Ideal for making slinky tops, skirts and dresses. Styles with lots of drapes and folds would really show off this fabric to its full potential" Just look at all three fabrics on my next photo.
Yes quite bright (remember holiday) but you could put black and white together for the top or all white or all black. Lots of possibilities! Now I am really buzzing about this next choice. For me this looks even better than version A/E on the pattern! 
This gorgeous viscose/lycra stretch jersey fabric has a beautiful abstract design and is ideal for all-way stretch knit patterns, for tops, dresses, skirts and more! The pink colour within the print really makes it pop! It is a medium weight with a lovely drape and handle. It is machine washable and relatively easy to sew, so great for anyone new to knit fabrics.
My photo shows this beautiful fabric with the pink colour in our cotton jersey fabric along with the white. These three fabrics feel good together even though the patterned one is viscose. It would be ideal to wear these say for day wear but if you want more of a slinky top how about our plain viscose jersey in rose pink. This is a slightly darker pink than the one in the patterned fabric but still matches well. And again use along with the white or how about black. Or a black back, white front and pink insert! I could go on and on.
Now my next choice of fabrics has been much admired here in the Craft Centre by our lovely customers when I was photographing it. This was the talked about photo! Remember the fabric does not have to be jersey.
The patterned fabric is a polyester print. I have matched it to two shades of Trieste peachskin fabric - jade and ivory.
The Trieste collection is a gorgeous soft and drapey peachskin. Not to be confused with microfibre, peachskin is the highest quality, very finely woven polyester fabric. Because this fabric is woven so finely (down to 0.001 denier) it means this fabric does not crease easily. Perfect for occasions when you need a fabric that will not crease such as travel wear or special occasion wear for bridesmaid dresses. It is a medium weight fabric that  is perfect for making lots of different garments but is particularly suited to loose unstructured styles such as Jackets, Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Trousers and more. Peachskin has a beautiful softness and drape whilst still retaining body and weight unlike any other fabric. It is very easy to sew (when you use a very fine needle) and comes in a wide range of colours for all occasions. I think all three fabrics look quite stunning together don't you agree?
Just before I returned these trieste to their 'home' I couldn't help but notice this next fabric. So I just added the navy trieste and voila another lovely combination...
Last but not least, I possibly would say this is my favourite combination. Only because this patterned fabric is high on my list to make a jumpsuit. Now I'm seeing it with these two other fabrics I don't know what to do!! It comes in red and fuchsia too but I absolutely love the turquoise.The fabric to go with this is a lighter weight than the trieste but otherwise quite similar. It is described on our website as 'A beautiful quality soft polyester dress fabric which has the most amazing drapes and handle. It is soft and floaty yet at the same time has a good amount of body and is not very see through. It would be perfect for making dresses, skirts and tops, but you could also utilise this fabric to make soft, drapey trousers and jackets. Because it is made from a synthetic fibre this fabric will be very easy case and require little or no pressing.'
Now back to the pattern. At first glance they all look the same top with sleeve variations. On closer inspection version C is totally different. 
As you can see from the drawing off the pattern, the seams within the tops are in different places. And you can tell more easily how you could work your colour combinations. When you look at the drawing of Top A you will notice there is a back seam with an opening at the top. 
The next photo shows how you sew that seam and finish off the edges of the opening- pretty easy and straightforward. 
The last photo for today shows the opening on top C. Now because there is no back seam, this opening has to be bound, a little harder.
You could easily change this to an opening as on version A. Simply get piece 11 upper back and where it says 'place on fold' add on 5/8" or 1.5cm on to this to create a back seam. This can be added on when cutting the pattern pieces out. Then just follow instructions for version A.
Until next time Happy Sewing
Annette xx

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