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#PatternOfTheWeek - Thread Theory Strathcona Henley

Hi to every sewist guy out there. Or to every sewist lady out there if you are thinking of making something special for the man in your life, possibly even for Christmas. (Yes, you do have time and yes I'm probably wishful thinking). 
Now do any of you lovely sewists read our blogger network? If you do you will no doubt have read Duncan Carter's posts, or if you haven't treat yourself to a read right now! 
Duncan (for his first blog post) chose a pattern from the Thread Theory range of sewing patterns which primarily design for men (just one for the ladies). I have chose Duncan's pattern to offer you as #patternoftheweek, mainly because Duncan made such a fabulous job of his top. The pattern is Thread Theory - Strathcona Henley.
And just to give you a taster of Duncan's finished top, here is one of my favourite photo's taken from his post...
His photo's are stunning as is his finished top don't you agree? Most of these patterns retail at £15.99 so at just £8.00 for this week only, this is a pretty good buy!
First of all I must mention the packaging, how manly is that? It is like a neatly made brown paper package all folded together and then tied in a contrast string. There are 5 needles printed on the flap and this shows how easy or how hard the pattern will be by highlighting some or all of them. The more needles that are highlighted the harder it will be. 
Now this pattern has two needles highlighted so is relatively easy. I just love the instruction booklet, a nice change from the fold out instructions on the 'big' pattern guys!
Although I said it is relatively easy the pattern suggests the skill level is beginner to intermediate. For beginners version 2 is perfect, I would class this as a round neck t-shirt with short sleeves. There is a self binding for the neckline and the sleeves and bottom edge are finished with a hem sewn on the machine. Now the pattern either suggests using a twin needle or a zigzag stitch. I would add further to that, use the stretch stitch on your machine (here's hoping you have one).
Version 1 has a 3 button/buttonhole placket opening. Duncan, for his top, chose to use poppers which give a fab effect, don't you agree? Easier than buttons and buttonholes. An even easier option would be to hand sew  snap-fasteners in place and then position some buttons directly over the top of the snap-fasteners and sew in place too. Now if you fancy going for the buttons and buttonholes but are still a little nervous, the pattern is suggesting using a woven contrast fabric for this placket. What a good idea! For me this is giving you the option of going a stage further without going too far. Hehe I hope that makes sense.
Now for some suitable fabrics, you've probably gathered from reading the above that this pattern is suitable for jersey fabrics. Don't forget the placket though!! I do think it is worth having a look through our Art Gallery Jersey Fabrics especially if you are making this for the love of your life for a special Christmas present. These designs are simply stunning and many of them would be most suitable for a man's t-shirt. Take a look at 'Dotted Boulevard'...
I can only describe this as a polka dot with an abstract design behind so to speak. Weird but wonderful!!
My next choice out of this amazing collection would have to be 'City Lights' (I'm limiting myself to picking just one more to show you, or else I'd go on forever haha!). How do I describe this? 
I will let our website do the talking... 
"From Art Gallery Fabrics, With an elegant palette of azure, marigold and black, Gramercy eloquently captures the magic of the city. Shimmering lights, aerial views and the beautiful circuitry underneath it all create a metropolitan enchantment that sculpts this collection."
How romantic does that sound?
And now back to Duncan, we have a little of the fabric he used left and one more colourway in stock (shown below) and when you see what a fantastic job he's made out of this Clearance Fabric here at Minerva, you will be even more pleased when I tell you it is now just £2.99 per mt.
I will end for today by saying I have chosen 2 of our more expensive jersey fabrics and one of our cheapest we have here at Minerva, but in the middle there is a World of Fabric Choice just waiting for you to explore. 
Happy hunting and thanks for reading.
Annette xx
PS. Take a look at Thread Theory Comox Trunks. Yes you heard that right, mens boxers in jersey fabric. I would love to know what fabrics you would choose for these and what fabric your husband/partner would choose. Will all the messages be printable? Haha xx

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