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Prada Stretch Crepe Fabric Review by Elaine

Hello, Elaine @laineemakes here and I'm delighted to be product reviewing for Minerva crafts again. It's fabric time again. Minerva Crafts have let me have some delicious Prada Stretch Crepe Fabric to try. The name draws you in straight away, I'm thinking Quality, Glamour and Special Occasion Wear.

It comes in a huge array of bright jewel colours and looks very luxurious. The moment I saw it I envisaged a dream project for a slinky special occasion outfit.

The fabric washes well and I didn't notice much shrinkage although there was a little fraying at the edge as you can see in the first image.

It looks like a satin backed crepe but it is much richer quality. It's heavier than typical crepe fabrics and it feels gorgeous to the touch. I'm sure it would be comfortable to wear. It has two distinctly different faces, a matte one and a shiny one. Depending on the desired effect you can go Glam or even More Glam. Also, the weight and the finish mean there is no lining required.

This fabric is so beautiful that as soon as the Minerva package arrived I decided I wanted some more and ordered another 3 metres!

The pattern I've chosen is a very dramatic overshirt from a 1980s book I have in my library. It was a fairly easy sew but I thought it would really show off the fabric's quality. I had thought that this fabric might be a bit naughty and difficult to manage due to the silky finish, but it behaved really well and was easy to lay out and cut. It was not at all slippery and I found it very easy to manage.

I always use a rotary cutter for my sewing fabrics and this made easy work of this crepe. It leaves a clean edge and despite the fact I had noticed some frayed threads this did not seem to be a major problem while cutting.

It sews like a dream, no snagging and runs through the machine nicely. I used a rolled hem to finish but overlocking or some of the fancier finishes like a Hong Kong finish would be great (not that I know how to do one yet!) It even unpicks nicely as I discovered a few times, when I went wrong with the 'easy' pattern (my fault nothing to do with the fabric)!

A couple of things to be careful of; this fabric does seem to crease readily and when ironing do be careful, it will not tolerate high heat. I nearly had a bit of a disaster with this. Use the satin setting and preferably a pressing cloth.

Here it is, a different shape and bold design, seeking a special occasion.

The colour and sheen is amazing and the back has a lovely detail which is emphasised by the drape of the fabric.

I love how this fabric handles and sews and I now need to find an event worthy of it! I would definitely recommend it both for its looks and its overall user-friendliness. The full story of this is here on my blog. Thanks for reading and thank you Minerva Crafts for the chance to work with this beautiful fabric, I see more of it in my future!

Thanks for reading,

Elaine @ That Random Madam

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