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Printed Felt ........who knew? by Love Lucie

Printed Felt ........who knew?

Who doesn’t love a parcel in the post; especially one from Minerva Crafts! This one was all the more eagerly awaited as I wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with the printed felt I was being sent to try out.

So a pack of Soft Printed Felt and Hard Printed Felt in a turquoise colourway and a green colourway landed.

The soft felt is what you would expect, soft felt.

The hard was like a stiffened version that could be manipulated just like a stiff paper.

So what to do? The patterns look a bit manic all together so I knew I needed to mix them up with some Plain Felt from my stash. I also knew that I wanted to craft something that I would find useful, beautiful, something I would be very pleased to receive or have on display. I’m not for crafting just for the sake of crafting and I didn’t want to just produce a load of Easter eggs! I’m also keen to craft from my stash of crafty items of which I have quite a collection but I’m sure all the things I’ve added features in many a crafter’s drawers!

First, an easy one, gift tags. This incorporated the hard and the soft patterned felt combined with some plain and some cheap brown parcel tags. I freehand drew some flower shapes, although you’ll find plenty of templates if you google, cut them out, played with some combinations, then got my daughter to glue them together with my glue gun. There’s nothing like delegation!

Next, some gift bags to go with the gift tags. The hard felt acts really like stiff paper so it can be folded and shaped into 3d objects. Gift boxes could be made from this, but I made bags.

I used my Glue Gun, but fabric glue would work just as well. I hope the next few photos explains the process better than words. I used a whole sheet per bag.

Note the overlap of about 1cm.

See the fold measures 3 fingers wide.

Just think about how you would wrap up a box. This is just after gluing down the folds.

The next few describe how to get the nice sharp corners up the sides of the bag.

You’ll need to manipulate the folds into place, pinching the folds with your fingers.

Then just trim the top, fold inside the top 2cm, use a hole punch for the holes and thread through some ribbon.

If you can’t follow all that, this Youtube video was really useful.

Finally, back to the soft felt. Do you own glasses or sunglasses that come in ridiculously large hard glasses cases? Yes, great for protection, but sometimes you need something smaller to slip in your handbag/craft bag.

Very simple to make, these are put together by layering a plain felt with a patterned felt and stitched using blanket stitch. No need for a sewing machine!

I used a sewn in press stud in the lime one.

And here’s the whole lot together. It’s a lot for your buck. I used a pack of soft and a pack of hard felt. Each pack of felt cost £5.99 and I’ve plenty left.

Can you just imagine using the green and red packs around Christmas time?

Love, Lucie x

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Fiona Pullen said:

Very clever ideas, those gift bags look amazing! · 3rd Jun 2018 09:59am