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Product Review: Clover Pompom Makers by Cynthia

Hi Everyone,

Today we have another review of the Clover Pompom Maker Tools this time from Cynthia, a creative fibre artist from the Needle and Thread Shed blog. This is what she had to say....


I recently had an opportunity to use the Clover Pom-Pom Maker from Minerva. I had the pack of small and pack of extra small which between the two packs gives you 4 sizes (45, 35, 25 & 20 mm)! They're both cute and colorful little gadgets, and so easy to work with to make your own Pom-Pom's. Why on earth would I want to make my own Pom-Pom's? Surely I can buy any kind of trim I want, right? As we all know many times the exact shade of the color accessory (in this instance the Pom-Pom) of pre-made trims may not be an precise match, and though you search high and low in the end you're better to match to yarn or maybe even embroidery floss than to pre-made. As a sewist, maker and fiber artist, I am more inclined to want to create my own pom-pom's versus buy pre-made. And given how easy these tools are to use, I can even include my little grand-niece in the fun! The possibilities are endless - garment construction trim, home decor trim, tiny toys.... I find these tools to be useful, easy enough to use that even a child can work with them, as a maker the possibilities of use are limitless - open your creative mind and use them in as many different ways as you can imagine!! And have fun!!! Here are a few samples: A key chain (made with low gauge yarn)

A home deco trim similar to a tassel for a hutch door key (made with embroidery floss)

A little animal (sheep or lamb) for a farm scene that Madeline my 5 year old grandniece and I are working through (after she decides which animals will be on our mini farm!)

And one of the many projects that I have underway in my studio is a crochet caplet that I am working on the finishing of currently (made with high bulk variegated yarn). Here are some photos of the step by step process to make 1 pompom;

Thanks so much for reading and I hope I have inspired to have a go at making your own pom poms. If you have any more ideas on how to use them in your crafts please leave a comment below!

Cynthia x

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