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Product Review: Clover Pompom Makers by Liz

Hi Everyone,

Today we have a review of the Clover Pompom Maker Tools for you from Liz who is a crochetaholic! You can find Liz on her blog over at Creative Corner. This is what she had to say....


I have always wanted to make perfect beautiful little Pom Poms and the Clover Pom Pom Maker is the ideal tool for the job. I have found them so easy to use.

The sizes are so varied, I have two packs, the smallest is only 20mm and the biggest size 45mm. I couldn’t wait to give these a whirl, so many ideas to try but first I decided to start with the basic Pom Pom just to get to know how to use the Clover maker so I followed the photo instructions on the back of the pack which were straightforward.

I have just finished a Corner to Corner crochet Baby Lap Blanket and to complete it I decided to make four two tone Pom Poms for each of the corners. Baby’s love something to grasp and twiddle especially on comfort blankets, so these make a perfect addition to my project. Using the 45mm maker and wrapping one half in the lighter blue yarn and the other in the darker yarn, I trimmed them to neaten then and secured each one safely at each corner of the blanket. They look so cute and really put a nice finishing touch on my project.

So, what to try next, let’s give the smallest maker a whirl, again another recently completed project that was crying out for a little pretty finishing touch. The small maker was just perfect for these size 0-6mths baby booties. Again using two colours to compliment the colours of the Booties.

Feeling inspired and gathering a few bits and pieces I formulated an idea using the 45mm Pop Pom maker, an Old Fashioned Wooden Peg, some beautiful pink and green Yarn and my Crochet Hook.

Firstly, making two Pom Poms in the pink wool. The colour of this wool reminds of my pretty Fuchsia Plant in the garden. Flattening one side of each Pom Pom, I glued them on to the wooden peg using a mini hot melt glue gun, just in the centre until I had a nice extra big fluffy Pop Pom surrounding all of the peg.

Next I started to trim and cut back the yarn to represent the shape of the Fuchsia flower using a very sharp curved scissors. This took a little while, to get the right shape, leaving a dense area under the flower petals to show them off. Next I crocheted a few green leaves and used a darning needle to thread the yard down through the Pom Pom and secured them underneath, cutting away the green yarn inside the pink Pom Pom, so it couldn’t be seen. The leaves were positioned above the Fuchsia petals curving over nicely. Can you guess where I’m going with this make?

To finish I wrapped green yarn around the peg above the pink Pom Pom to suggest a bodice and crocheted some arms and a little hat using the green and pink yarn and attached those with hot melt glue. Finally, I used a large pink button and glue to hold and secure the peg in an upright position, and Voila! Introducing - ‘Little Miss Fuchsia’. How pretty is she! I can feel a ‘Little Miss Rose’ coming on next… the list is endless.

I took some scenic shots of her in the garden to show her off.

I was so happy with my two sets of Pom Pom Makers, that I just had to invest in in a few more sizes, I have so many ideas to try out with such a versatile product. For me Clover Pom Pom Makers are easy to use, they are sturdy and come in a great range of sizes. A must have for any crafting store cupboard.

Thanks for reading,

Liz / @lizjart1

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