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Product Review: Clover Pompom Makers by Lucie

Hi Everyone,

We are huge fans of the Clover Pompom Maker Tools here at Minerva HQ so we decided to send some off to our Minerva product reviewers to see what they thought and to see what creative ways they could come up with for using pom poms! Here is what Lucie from Love, Lucie Craft Blog had to say....


The fad for pom poms shows no sign of fading. Adorning bags, shoes, necklaces and home decor, the pom pom looks here to stay for a little longer at least.

My daughter had seen some pom pom garlands on Pinterest so when Minerva Crafts asked me to review their Clover Pom Pom makers I knew just what to make.

I was sent 2 sizes, small and very small. Together these make pom poms from 1 ½ inch to ¾ inch.

The beauty of these pom pom makers is that it takes all the time out of making the pom poms. I made this lot in just an hour, one evening.

They are sturdy little gadgets too. Snuggly fitting together and coming apart just easily enough to release your pom pom.

My tips for making pom poms;

  • Wrap more yarn around the maker than you think. Then you get a firmer fuller pom pom.

  • To really tightly tie your pom pom’s centre, holding it together, use string or cotton. The acrylic or wool blend tends to have some give in it and you need to tie it really tight.

  • Trim your pom pom after making to get a lovely round even shape.

  • You’ll need small sharp strong scissors to cut the yarn when making the smallest pom poms.

The garland was very simple to make. A child could easily make one of these. Just make your pom poms, these are using the 1 inch pom pom maker, and thread them on some cotton string using a large eye tapestry needle. The pom poms tend to stay where you place them at so there is no need to knot your string to keep them in place.

For the star I bent a wire coat hanger into a star shape and tied on my larger pom poms using the string that I had used to tie the pom pom centre which I then trimmed off. I secured the pompoms to the coat hanger with a glue gun on the back of the star. This stopped the pom poms twisting around to the rear. I then added the smaller pom poms to the front, just using the glue gun.

Then just add fairy lights! I chose to use ‘ice cream’ colours to match my daughter’s room but bright primary colours would be great too.

At night it looks like this.

Perfect for a teenagers bedroom.

Thanks Minerva Crafts for sending me these ace Clover pom pom makers to review. They were great fun!

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