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Product Review: Clover Pompom Makers by Maddie

Hi there!

Let me introduce myself, within the sewing community I go by the name Thimble Bee, but you can always call me Maddie. I run my own blog dedicated to all things sewing, but I am also a third year Psychology student, so finding time to fit in all the sewing I desire is hard (partly because all I ever want to do is sew).

Anyway, the product I am reviewing for you today is these lovely little Pompom Makers, now if you’re like me and love pompom’s, you’re probably going to want to get some of these. But, first things first, let me take you through my thoughts and feelings I had when I was using this product.

When Minerva Crafts sent these over to me, I opened the parcel straight away and started examining. I was somewhat disappointed by what I thought were the instructions on the back of the packet. They were brief, the pictures didn’t really correspond with the words and I felt like they missed out a few steps. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find full, detailed instructions on how to use this product when I opened up the cardboard on the back. 

What I really did like about this product, even before I used them, was their colours and the look, after all, it’s really all about the look. The colours in each pack match each other and I think they will be very cute if you had them out on display in your sewing space.

Then off I went, I pulled out my wool from my stash and started winding, making sure to follow all instructions on the packet. And, before I knew it I was surrounded by various size pompoms. The only thing I found a little tricky was cutting the wool towards the end of the process, particularly on the smaller pompom makers, as the wool is so tightly wound it’s somewhat difficult to get your scissors up in there. But I do understand that this is probably down to the nature of the process rather than the pompom makers themselves.

One other thing I did find a little annoying on the two smaller pompom makers (the purple and bright pink ones) was that the size isn’t clearly written on them, and after a day or two, I couldn’t remember which one was the bigger size and they are so close. But, after about 5 minutes of a weird type of staring contest with these makers they lost and I finally found the number indicating their size on one of the arms.

Overall, I really, really, enjoyed using this product, and I look forward to using them again. Most of the problems I identified were soon resolved either by taking them fully out of the packet or just by staring at them for a long time.

But now, it’s on to the fun part, the tutorial!

For this tutorial, you will need your pompom makers, wool, string of some kind and some kind of scissors (I found my little thread scissors were very helpful)

This tutorial is for a pompom garland.  I seriously love mine and I personally think it looks FAB.U.LOUS on my wall.  

This is a really simple tutorial, all you do is make the pompom up until the point you would tie round some more wool in order to keep it all together. Instead of using a small piece of thread, you use a long piece of the string, tie it round like you would normally but just don’t cut it.

Now, when you go on to make your next pompom instead of using another, different piece of thread like you would normally, you just move along your string a tad and use that. 

Now all you need to do is turn on your favourite T.V. programme and continue to make all the pompoms along this one piece of string until you're satisfied with the length.

Then you can have the pleasure of finding somewhere to hang it, stepping back, and admiring your work. 


I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to find me on wordpress or instagram.

Ciao for now, happy crafting! 


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