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Product Review: Clover Pompom Makers by Sarah

These Clover Pompom Makers are so much fun to use, all you need is some wool and a few spare minutes to whip one up. And honestly once you start they are completely addictive! I had four different sizes to try out; the 20mm and 25mm from a pack labelled as ‘extra small’ and the 35mm and 45mm from a pack labelled as small.

Each bobbin maker has two sides that slot together with a pin in the middle. On each side there are two curved arms which you pull out, and holding them together you slowly wind the wool around the curves, keeping the thread taut and close together so that when you have gone from one side to the other you can’t see the plastic underneath. Pushing the arms down you then repeat on the other side. I found that the best pom pom resulted in winding the wool several times around and around the arms. The denser the wool is packed means you get a fluffier and rounder pom pom.

Once both sides have wool wrapped around them then you can cut through the centre of the wool, between the arms on each side.

Taking a piece of the same yarn you then need to tie the threads together so that when you pull the pom pom out it won’t fall apart. To do this you pass the cord through the centre of the pom pom maker and tie a knot. At this point you can then pull the sides apart of the pom pom maker and the pom pom appears!

And here it is, a fluffy pom pom! All done in a couple of minutes whilst sat in front of the TV. I found I needed to give mine a haircut to get it properly round but all in all it was super easy to make. I love the little ones especially. I was imagining making a colourful string of them as a Christmas decoration to pin up on the wall or wrap around the Christmas tree and aside from putting a pom pom on top of a woolly hat you could also embellish clothes, think of them as ends of ties maybe on shirts or a little line of them around the edge of a nice scarves etc…. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah from Sewing Beautifully

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