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Product Review: Prym Ergonomic Knitting Needles by Julia Hincks

I was rather intrigued by the design of the new Prym Ergonomics Knitting Needles. I’ve been knitting for over 20 years and have tried a lot of different brands and types of needles so I wondered if they really were a new invention. They come in an aesthetically pleasing box and as the information says, they are made from a ‘high-performance synthetic material,’ have hook tips, clickheads and are triangular in shape.

To give them a thorough testing I tried out three different sizes, 3mm, 5mm and 12mm.  

I had a few thoughts about the needles as I got them out of the box.  

1. Would they knit up to the same tension as my regular knitting needles, given their triangular shape?

2. Are the hook tips any good and do they really make it easier to pick up each stitch?  

3. Are they lightweight and more comfortable to knit with?  

4. How do the clickheads work, and will they stop my knitting from sliding off the ends?

I’m working on a yarn bombing project and have been tasked with knitting squares, so I thought I’d test out some simple knitted squares with my new fancy needles.  I cast on some stitches and began.  

In terms of the feel of the needles, in the smaller sizes, they’re lightweight and comfortable to use.  The triangular shape isn’t very noticeable when they’re in your hands and they feel almost the same as traditional round needles. However, as much as I love the feel of them, the largest size is a bit heavier than I’d like which could be a strain on my wrists over time. Also, in the smallest size they bend quite a lot when you’re knitting, which was initially a bit annoying and then I got used to it and the needles moulded around my hands, although they are now rather bent out of shape.  

One criticism of the 3mm needles is that there’s no needle size on them. Yes, I know what size they are and I could use a needle gauge, but usually the size is written on the ends. In comparison, the 5mm and 12mm needles have this written along their length for easy reference.  

One great thing about these knitting needles is that they are really quiet to use.  There’s not the usual click clacking as the needles come together while you’re knitting, in fact, they don’t really make any noise at all. I’ve heard stories of people being told to knit more quietly or choosing a certain type of knitting needle to lessen the noise, so these needles are perfect for anyone whose partner is driven crazy by the noise of their knitting!

I wouldn’t describe the tips as hooks, they’re certainly not shaped like crochet hooks or any other hook I’ve ever seen.  

I’d call them they bulbous ‘teet’ like tips but I guess that doesn’t have the same marketing appeal. However, they are rather good and do indeed make it easier to put the needle into each stitch and knit, especially in the larger sizes where it can often be difficult to insert the needle into each stitch with a traditional style knitting needle. I found them quite quick to use, owing to the tip shape and ease of control. The drop-shaped tips also stop the stitches from sliding back off the needle so another bonus! But for all their brilliance, sadly, whilst knitting away along a row using the 3mm needles, I managed to snap the end off the needle!  I wasn’t knitting particularly ferociously or tightly, or so I thought, but the tiny tip broke off.  

The tips of the 5mm and 12mm needles are much sturdier and I don’t think I’m going to be breaking those.

One of my favourite design features is the clickhead. The ends of the needles, next to the hook tips, are rounded before they become triangular and the clickheads click onto the round part. I’ve also found that once you’ve clicked the needles together, you can slide them together a bit further, to ensure a tight grip when you put your knitting to one side.

So, does the tension measure up?  To test these out fairly and scientifically, I made up a few squares on the 5mm Prym Ergonomic needles and a few squares using regular traditionally shaped 5mm needles. I’m impressed. They are all the same size!

My overall thoughts… I’ll not be using the 3mm needles again due to their bendiness but I’m really happy with the 5mm and 12mm needles. I’ll have to use the 12mm needles sparingly, due to their weight and my weak wrists but I’m sticking with the 5mm needles. They’re lightweight, quiet, comfortable, the tips allow for quicker knitting and best of all, I’m not going to lose any stitches when they’re clicked together in my bag. I'd really like to try the circular ones next.  

Thanks Prym – you really have reinvented the knitting needle!

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