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Product Review: Prym Ergonomic Knitting Needles by Tina


Im Tina from Simply in Stitches and I am here guest posting on the Minerva Crafts Blog today. Minerva Crafts kindly sent me the Prym Ergonomic Knitting Needles to review - I requested to try the 4mm and 5mm in the 35cm length. They are also  available in a 40cm length in many sizes. On first impression they do look completely different from other needles on the market. I don't think I would have picked them up when shopping for needles. So I am really pleased  I had the opportunity to try them out. They come boxed so I think with an interesting yarn and a pattern they would make a lovely gift for a knitter who has everything. Crafters always like to try something new.

I have treated myself recently to the Stylecraft Knitting Pattern number 9357 and new Jeanie Knitting Yarn. I fell in love with the denim look jacket at the  Olympia knitting and stitching show where they had a sample made up. This is the project I wanted to start to see how these needles perform.

Prym say the needles have a hook tip but I think they are more rounded. When casting on my jacket I found the tips very effective at picking up and placing the stitches on to the needle. At first slight they look as if they would not be very easy to manage but I found them very easy to control. The needles feel very light and comfortable in the hand with the synthetic material. They feel so flexible that at first I thought they were weak but with use I realized that they are a lot stronger than they seem and I appreciated  the comfort the flexibility gave after knitting for several hours.

The Prym Ergonomics change from round to a triangular shape. This I only noticed to look at as they do not feel different in the hand. This shape is to help the stitches move more freely. I did notice the free movement of the stitches while I was knitting. Maybe this is why it is called a hook tip as it prevents dropped stitches because of the flow of the stitches.

At the other end of the needle are the click heads. These are to hold the needles together and prevent stitches coming off in your knitting bag. I loved this feature and used it every time I put away my knitting. Sometimes it took a few goes to line them up but it worked well and it was lovely to have a neat row of stitches when they came back out of the bag. 

I have a long suffering husband on the other end of the sofa trying to watch TV as I click away knitting. I'm always aware of this and try not to click the needles too much. These Prym needles are so quiet I can just relax and enjoy my knitting.

I am really enjoying these needles and will continue to finish my jacket with them. I will also be looking out for the Circular Knitting Needles in this range to arrive in stock at Minerva as I use circulars more than straight needles (however, you can pre-order them now). I am interested to try them as they have a steel cord that is said to prevent the spiraling effect that can be a problem.

Thank you for reading my review I hope you found it interesting and helpful.

Tina x

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