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Product Review: Prym Ergonomic Knitting Needles by Wendy Stitch

Hi everyone,

It’s Wendy here from Wendy Stitch, here to test out a new knitting product for you.

Introducing the new Prym Ergonomics Knitting Needles – a redesigned knitting needle that will apparently help you knit faster and will feel better in your hands. Knitting big talk!

I have been knitting since I was about three years old, and as part of my job as a secondary school textiles teacher, I have taught literally hundreds of children how to knit. So I consider myself to be fairly experienced.

I opted to test two pairs of single pointed needles, in a size 4mm and an 8mm.

Straight from the box they do look different from your traditional knitting needle. They are made from a synthetic material and are really quite flexible, they have a curious little hook on the end and have a triangular body. Also the heads click together, which I imagine would be useful if, like me, you are prone to throwing your knitting in your bag only for several stitches to drop of the needles.

So how do they knit?

I must confess that I don’t particularly like any single pointed knitting needles. I am what is known as a ‘picker’ when it comes to knitting and favour double pointed needles (DPNs) or circular needles for most of my projects.

Here I am attempting two colour brioche knitting with the 4mm needles. Anyone who has ever tried two colour brioche knitting will know that you really need to use DPNs or circular needles for this. However, this was the project I was working on at the time so I thought I would stick with it and give it a try.

It meant I had to slide the stitches back and forth across the needles, which was a little time consuming, but I could still gauge from this an opinion of how the needles perform.

So, bearing in mind that I don’t actually like any single pointed needles, I have to say that I am equally not a fan of these needles. I found them to be too light, too long, and too bendy (particularly the thinner of the two sets). That said, I am very tempted to now try the Prym Ergonomic DPNs.

As this is hardly the basis of a solid review, I also asked my lovely mother to test the needles for me. I am the daughter of an extremely prolific life-long knitter – of both the hand and machine variety – who is now in her late 70s. My mum has very painful arthritis in her hands and now struggles to knit for any length of time because of the pain she experiences.

I got her to try both sets of needles and this is what she had to say:

“The size 4mm needles are very bendy. I feel like the needles have too much give. And I am not too sure about the bobble on the end. I think I might prefer it if it tapered to a point. However, they feel very comfortable in my hands and I’m not feeling any pain from the arthritis.

“I love the size 8mm. They feel great and I would definitely buy them. They feel a lot stronger than the 4mm needles. I do think I can knit faster with these than with regular needles. Again, I have no pain in my hands when knitting with these.”

So there we go. A knitter who does not really like to knit with any single pointed needles was not keen on these at all. A highly experienced knitter, who does like to knit with single pointed needles, absolutely loved them. So much so that she has kept the needles for herself and I doubt I will be getting them back anytime soon!

Oh, and just a side note - my cat, Daphne, also had fun ‘testing’ them!

Hope you enjoyed this honest review.

Thanks for reading,

Wendy from Wendy Stitch blog x

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