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Product Review: Prym Ironing Sheet by Simona

Hi Everyone,

We have had some fab new Haberdashery products from Prym in stock recently so we decided to send some off to our Minerva product reviewers to see what they thought! We sent the Prym Ironing Sheet to Simona from Sewing Adventures in the Attic blog for her to test and here is what she had to say....


About a month ago or so, the lovely people at Minerva Crafts have put a call out for crafty people that could help them test the products they want to sell on their impressive online shop. I thought this is a fun opportunity to test some products and looks at things from the point of view of the user and share this with others, so signed up for it.

I was asked to test the Prym Ironing Sheet for Quitling and Sewing which is described as a 'Multifunctional ironing underlay, with printed cm grid and angle markings as well as sorting loops and pockets, pin cushion and removable fabric bag. The perfect accessory for any crafter, quilter or dressmaker!'

This came right on time as I was thinking of ways I could avoid using my ironing board. It comes well packaged and it's light weight, although it looks a bit bulky in the package.

When you take out of the pack, it has creases from being packed. However once you start using it the creases come out and it lays flat on your table or the flat surface you want to use it on.

If you know you will be using a lot of steam, I suggest you use it on a surface that it is not affected by steam. This is because the steam travels through and can wet your table. I suggest you not to use it directly on a surface that is not suitable. To sort this issue one could use another layer of cotton or a tablecloth that could absorb the steam.

It is made of 3 layers one of calico, one of padding and one of heat reflective material all overlocked together . It has one removable fabric bag, 3 pockets big enough to keep all sort of haberdashery and a pincushion. All very useful.

I prefer to use the removable bag to keep my labels. However it is big enough to use for small pieces of fabric or threads you cut off while working, to keep the area tidy and off the floor.

The top layer has printed on it a grid that can be used to check small measurements and you do not fancy taking out your tape measure. It also has angles of 30, 45 and 60 degrees marked on it as well.

The pockets are quite big and I tend to keep spare needles, scissors, threads, my marking pen, zips or other supplies needed for the current project so I can have access to them quicker.

Just to warn you, that if you use the pockets you will then need to use your sewing machine and iron to anchor it to your table. Otherwise the weight will pull it off the table. This means you lose working space because of the machine. I would have loved to keep my items in the pockets permanently. I think a wider sheet with maybe pockets on both long sides would have solved this issue. The problem is solved if you skip on using the pockets and only make use of the pin cushion and use the ironing sheet only for pressing seams.

I tend to use mine all on the table, so I can only add a few items I need for the project I am currently working on which are not too bulky.

Because of its size (50cmx92cm) it is also suitable to be taken out of the house, where it would not be easy to take an ironing board (such as a sewing club in a Community Centre). I only need a Prym Mini Iron now to go with it.

Although I'd make some changes to make it perfect for me, I think it is a pretty nifty product, that could help those struggling with space and can't keep the ironing board up all the time, especially as sometimes you don't need a lot of space to press your seams.

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Lynsey Jane said:

Such a good product that I didn't know existed, I do quilting as well as dressmaking and can see this being useful. I'm trying to think of a way of attaching it to the table so it doesn't slide, great review. · 13th Apr 2017 07:41am