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Product Review: The Vilene Multi Bag Kit by Michele

Hi everyone,

I'm Michele and I am here on the Minerva Crafts blog today to review the Vilene Multi Bag do it yourself Sewing Kit.

If you are a quilter or a sewer that travels with all your sewing goodies, then this little bag may just be for you.

I wasn’t quite sure what it was when it arrived – apart from a cute bag! Only when I opened it and read through the contents and instructions did it become clearer that this wasn’t just a bag, but morphed into a little ironing mat as well – how exciting!

The contents of the kit include all the iron on pieces you need to complete the project. You will need to supply the fabric, ribbon and a couple of buttons if you use the button closure method.

From reading the packaging I had no idea what 272 Thermolam, Decovil I or Bondaweb T10 was, but as I read the instructions this too became clear.

Here we have the ‘bones’ of the bag/ironing mat…..

First you iron the board-like Viseline product onto the outer fabric – this gives you the shape of the bag. Add your layer of Thermolam and inner fabric.

Then using the narrow Bondaweb to iron on the binding and make the handles.

Once you have finished the binding and adding the buttons and loops – or ribbons if you prefer to tie it together in a bow – you simply stitch all round the board to allow the bag to fold neatly along the correct lines.

This project has very little sewing and should be managed comfortably by a new sewer. This is an ideal gift for the crafters in your life and can be very useful to carry bits and pieces to classes or retreats.

Mine was made in a piece of cotton for the outer I had in my stash, and a contrast cotton inner too. The ribbon and buttons were all from my sewing room so this can be a good stash busting project.

I now have my travel iron stowed away inside and when I go out, I can also throw in a few hexagon shapes, fabric and small notions to allow me to create and stitch on the go.

Mine will become part of my Handmade sewing group on a Saturday in our local coffee shop. It gives me another surface to iron on without the need for a heavy board or iron. Ideal when you consider how much other stuff we have to carry around with us.

I wasn’t sure about this project to start with, but now it is finished, it is really cute and will be very useful as a place to iron next to my sewing machine or in classes away from home.

A lovely gift for the crafty person in your life.

Thanks for reading,

Michele @ Swiss Army Wife

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