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Prym Espadrille ‘Classic’ Pattern Review by Sally

Hello! I’m Sally from The Yorkshire Sewist and I'm reviewing the Prym Espadrille ‘Classic’ instruction DVD and Sewing Pattern

Now I have never made my own shoes before, I didn’t even know where to start but with the help of this DVD this project was fairly easy, so I’d definitely pop it on your ever growing to do list! Espadrilles are usually associated with a summer wardrobe but I thought I would get ahead of the game for a change and make a start on my spring/summer wardrobe!

The DVD comes in a packet with a paper pattern, which covers UK and EU sizes from a child size 8.5 to adult size 10.5. You could make some lovely gifts for all the family! There are three choices of style of espadrille that you can make.  As you have the basic shapes you can quite easily adapt the pattern and create whatever style you like. The soles which are sold separately come with a paper pattern but the one included with this DVD is much better and gives more options of style in my opinion. 

Upon inserting the DVD into my Laptop, The DVD opens with a screen showing three options for which pair of espadrilles you wish to make; a peep toe style, classic option and an open toe sandal. I decided to make the Classic option but in my honest opinion, I felt after watching it in full before I made a start that it didn’t give the shoe a nice clean finish. So I decided to make them as neat as possible where I will show you how.

First of all, you need to gather your supplies!!

Here's what I used:

Size 4 of the Espadrille Shoe Soles

Fat Quarter of Outer Fabric (Huge selection of the Minerva website)

Fat Quarter of Lining Fabric or the Prym Espadrille Lining Fabric

Guterman Top Stitch Thread as this gives a neater finish in my opinion or alternatively you can use Espadrille Yarn as shown in the DVD.

1 x Strong Needle that will pass through the fabric and the espadrille sole, your upper fabric and your Lining Fabric.

General Supplies:

Tailors Chalk



The Trusty Measuring Tape

When it came to the innersole of my shoe I’d thought I would add some of the fabric I used for the shoe itself as I felt that the inside could be a bit scratchy after a while, I’m all about comfort! All I did was trace round the soles and deducted 1cm from all around and then cut out the template. I then placed the template and then pin in place and cut out for each sole and the used fabric glue to secure to the sole. I left the soles to dry overnight to be on the safe side. 

So with the pattern pieces given, I added a 1cm seam allowance to allow sewing the outer and inner together and when it comes to cutting out your fabrics make sure to align the pattern pieces with the grain of the fabric too. 

I sewn them together using a 1cm seam allowance, just remember to leave about a 5cm gap for turning them out and then top stitched for decorative effect. 

Now to pin the heel in place first, just remember to angle your pins or your hand will end up like a pin cushion! With your thread doubled, you then stitch the fabric to the sole using a blanket stitch and then repeat for the front piece. This part is definitely the most time consuming! I am self confessed hater of hand stitching and it took me a lot longer than expected but I was social sewing in the living room rather than having my back to everyone I was sat on the sofa! You may find that you run out of thread whilst stitching around your sole but just remember to have your knots on the inside. 

To finish the side, all you do is try them on and pinning the sides to the toe fabric for a nice snug fit and stitch in place. 

It’s a nice kit if you are totally new to sewing as it gives you the material list and guides you through process of making them. The DVD is great at showing you the techniques to make them as sometimes it is hard to visualise instructions and you can stop/start at anytime.

Here are the final results! A funky pair of watermelon and kiwi espadrilles all ready for the nicer weather to return but truth be told I’m already wearing round the house!

Thanks for reading,

Sal @ The Yorkshire Sewist

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